Happy birthday Sister! ♥ {10.3.13}

Oh man. Shes 18. Here come the "I'm old enough to do what I want" bullshit. Guess what u ain't bc when u turn 18 u gota wait til 21 to have fun . When you turn 21 u have to wait to be 26/27/28 to win that awesome prize for free (like a trip to hawaii) & then u gota wait til ur 65 to get a dope ass discount at dennys or sumshit. But its k. This is just the beginning. Don't be In a hurry to grow up because guess What it sucks just as much as its fun! I just wana say happy birthday to my sister. welcome to 18. Welcome to a little beginning of all the big things ahead of you. I'm proud of u and how hard you're working to become a better person. Don't ever stop and don't ever let anyone tell u otherwise. Because if anybody's guna fuck with u its either me or Tony. Like Louise said "making fun of tina is a privilege....if you didn't come out of mom u don't have a right!" YOU ARE MY TINA Haha (I ♥ bobs burgers!) Heres to one here's to many more and here's to u finally getting a job haha! H·A·P·P·Y·B·I·R·T·H·D·A·Y!!!!!! Wooohooooo!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

(sorry for the late post. busy day at work, celebrating at home and wasting ink on the sunshine edition cards! (: will post pictures later on this weekend!) 

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