Happy Birthday Eman (and etc..)

man, october is only 14 days in and i feel like ive celebrated more birthdays this month than any other and i swear this is sposed to be a reading blog but i feel like its just all birthday!

any who, happy birthday Eman!!!
met this dude through Jaydeen at Forever when i used to work there and we've since partied here and there.
hes my fave Philippine  (not sure how its spelled!)

Jay planned to hit up No Vacancy in Hollywood, and WOW!
the bouncers were horrible their service was horrible.
their whole service was HORRIBLE!

never again!
this reminded me why im a total homebody.
i hate the club scene. to me, its ONLY acceptable in in Vegas and Vegas is only like a once a year thing.

anyways, sorry this is about emans bday! (sorry eman if you ever read this!)

so we left after like a stupid hour wait.
we were supposed to be at one bar and ended up for another.

im a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason.
so maybe making line for forever was a good thing because as soon as we got to the final choice of partying the tab went up pretty quick! haha!

heres a few pictures of the night.
Left to Right: Johnnie, Carol, Jay, Me, Andy & Main Bday man! Eman (not pictured tony!) 
the birthday guys! all October Babies. Eman (10.13)//Johnnie & Tony (10.4)//Andy (10.20) (top picture)
first round of shots (for 4 of us) lick my chile. its an oddly good drink
birthday boy taking horchata shots (im not sure what theyre called)

this guys kills me.
my name is earl much?

next weekend is andy's birthday!
cant wait!

thx for reading
<3 Les

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