this & that

1.  i love living in LA. but seeing pictures like these make me wish id live in places like that. sure, you can drive to it out here. but living in it im sure is a different experience.
(i just saw that she also has a this & that. i swear i named mine on accident. how cool!) 

2. Isn't this awesome!? beware hipsters! 

3. ive been wanting to do something like this! i found that post randomly online through
something simple though. not tooo big like the Marilyn she did in her post.
i love the way wiseman & make.ably came out. the colors too!

4. I love Wendy. This look further proves my point! shes always dress reeeallly classy and nice but when she can dress it down like that, swoon! 

5. if i ever have my own teeeeny tiny little place, i would love THIS!

ill do 5 at a time so i can start posting more often!
lets make this a weekly thing.
okay try!

thanks for reading!

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