Snapshot Sunday ♥ {10.13.13}

1} I just finally decided to start watching Bobs Burgers. I'm hooked! This is me on lunch at work catching up last weeks episode because I passed out when I got home from Disneyland. With that being said....
2} I got these awesome postcards on etsy from [word to your unicorn] $5 for all 3 and that includes shipping! Eeek! Just need frames! :)
3} a little something I'm working on. I just don't know what yet! Haha. I do like how thy came out though! MEOW!
4} I never shop at Marshalls. The one day I go in I see this and I went crazy! I wanted them all!!!

5-6} ahh!!! pumpkins! oh how i looove them!!!! this was by a CVS. i've yet to go to an actual pumpkin patch! i already have so many! i cant wait!n i scored these little white ones $1 each. kindve a rip off considering i found some like 2000x's this size for $.69 at Luckys but its okay. i love em!

7} we then went to another pumpkin patch and i liked that they had this going on. haha! the only thing is that should have been their whole lot. their pumpkins sucked!
8} we've lived in our home for about 4 years now. this is the first time we put up curtains in the living room! how odd! i love the feeling of it. so serene! 
9} my sister donated blood at her school. they gave her a bunch of snacks but she was most excited about this shirt. my lil brother wants to donate now. all for the shirt. 
10} i LOVE reading. and i also love reading type-o's. loooook for it and you'll find it. this was on a medical marijuana mag. go figure. 

its my last day at Disneyland! 
ahhh!!! :( 
words cannot begin to describe how sad i am. 
buuuut.....the walking dead is back!!!! :D
have a good rest of your weekend! 


{ pictures on emans birthday coming up in a bit!}

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