Sunday Hike

i know its been a while since I've posted a Sunday hike post but i mean truthfully, that's kinda hard when a-hiking one does not go. 
considering it was one my resolutions i have been failing miserably. 
with my stupid ankle to this weird fear of hiking unexplored territories by myself! (I've been to this place several times and trust me being the chicken that i am, i wont go there past 5pm even though the sun goes down at like 9pm!)  
BUT!!!! although i have not been hiking every Sunday, i have been running at the beach twice a week which in my book is a-okay! because isn't the goal itself to just be active and healthy!? 
i think its a good trade off.

the good thing about going to bed at like 9 on a Saturday is that i was up by 8 today (Sunday) so i had enough morning time to get up and go hike and beat this weird heat/windy drama going on. 
even sweeter, i got good parking! (kind've a mission at turnbull canyon!) 
i wont lie, this hike sorta kicked my butt even though Ive done it a couple of times. 
maybe the not stretching before going for it was a factor in that! 
as you can see up above, they've updated their little art!
i love it. 
and below i leave you with a photo of a nice view. 
enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening. 
I'm watching the last harry potter movie and moms cooking smells delicious. 
cant get any better than that. 
au revoir

Snapshot Sunday {83-89}

oh Sunday, how i love you so. 
saw this at the beach on one of my weekly runs! 
i love Lucy!!!
waiting for mon to get home so we could leave. 
woman took forever! but look at how cute my bookmark is! (: 
i know Ive been quiet on the book front but Ive picked up books that have not held my interest. 
this one is kinda working. 
my first baseball game!!!
angels vs dodgers. 
it was sooooo much fun! 
i definitely need to go more often! :D
as you can tell Ollie is not having it!!!! haha
what a cutie little chess is. 
i love finding him outside sun bathing! <3
new mini coopers no. 
old school ones YES!!!! <3
i had said waaaay earlier in another post (i cant remember!) that i wanted this book and i found it yesterday (a post on that coming up!) eeeekk!!!
it sucks that i found it almost in April but better late than never!!!
I'm still thinking if i should make this a weekly post with the questions. 
I'm just soooo excited! :D
have you guys been feeling all the little (and bigger) earthquakes!? well in California / la habra area mostly
i felt my first one while i was at the dodger stadium! 
great, i could've potentially died at a dodger game. i don't even care about the dodgers. last night after falling asleep at 9pm on a Saturday (way to party les!) i woke up at (I'm guesstimating because why look it up and verify right!?) 2-3 am to a freaking earthquake!!!!
my mom was passed out next to me so my next thought was run to gis' room (my sister) and save her and the dogs! and then i was like what about my brother!? ahhh. 
i freaked out and it eventually passed and i went back to sleep. 
the weird thing is is that we were just swaying side to side. 
it kinda felt like it was rocking me back to sleep. 
what does this picture have to do with any of that!? 
i don't know, shes just a cutie and she's definitely on my "to save" list! 

my hike is done, my room/the bathroom is clean and the laundry is currently under way. 
great Sunday!

thanks for reading guys 
i hope you had a great weekend and an even better work week ahead! 

this & that

DIY Pop-Up Message Balloons
i LOVE Kelly!!!
this pop-up message balloon diy is the cutest....
i already know what i can use it for!!!
DIY leather bar and drink tags
this is a  pretty neat idea for grown ups who like to have grown up parties involving grown up drinks!
I've NEVER loved a look on her more than i do this one!!! <3
looking for extra storage in the kitchen!? 
this is a neat idea!!! :D
i wonder if my mother would let me do this!? 
such a neat idea for a quick make an album DIY! (: 
don't you just love couples!? 
its better to be a unit than to be a unit with someone new every other week. 

gotta love LA. (photo cred Jeff Mindell!)
Little Easter Egg Planter DIY //
cute idea for the plant lover in your home. not just for Easter but any time really! 
        Image 1 of French Connection Dress in Summer BarkThe d'Orsay Flat
this dress and these shoes!
the price; not so swoon! :( one day!

thanks for wandering along with me! 

DIY: customize your own board.

im exhausted guys!
like ready for a nap, the best sleep ever exhausted nap kind of nap. 
(well Les, thats what happens when you work!) 
its tuesday, 1230 and since 830 ive been moving files and boxes and im wiped out!

anyways!!! its been a while since ive been here for a DIY!!!
here's the thing, im my opinion (because this is solely how i work), when the DIY bug bites, IT BITES!
i start with one and it leads to seven more. 
i managed to knock one out (this one), i had another one in mind that didn't quite work out well (i HATE hanging up frames!) and well, since my brother and i might switch rooms, i really dont want to start another because i dont want to leave holes on the wall and have to patch them up later. 

any who, let get to it with this awesome DIY!!!
i first saw this idea over at Anne's blog and i immediately fell in love. 
ive even asked her to give me hers but she's not ready to part with it! :( 
(maybe when my brother and i switch rooms i can make a larger version like hers!)
(and the fact that she even replied to me! WIIIINNN!!!!)

its a real simple, easy to do DIY that took me all of 1 hr and maybe under $10 to make. i think the most expensive thing here was the fabric ($6.99/yard but oh so pretty-ly worth it!) and well the staple gun ($10) but my momma bought me that and its a gift that will keep on giving!!! :D

lets get to DIY'ing!
1. fabric of your choice. (i got this one at Ikea! available in stores but not online)
2. cork board of your size choice (got this one at Hobby Lobby) 
3. staple gun
NOT PICTURED HERE (but below on other pictures) 
1. push pins of your liking
2. yarn of your choice (unless you plan to hide it like mine then it wont matter)
3. hammer

super duper easy to do steps!
cut the fabric a tad bit bigger than the board so you can cover it completely. 
because you won't be seeing the back, it didn't really matter to me if it was cut super perfect! so you can cut it as straight or as crooked as you want. just dont leave A LOT of fabric so it won't be super chunky in the back when it comes to stapling. 
(you see that stripped fabric? i was originally going to use that but id rather save that for a bigger board! lets be bold!)
i started folding my corners in first so they wouldn't be bulky and sticking out and then i just started stapling from there in no specific order. since it won't be used to place a lot of heavy stuff just movie stubs and bills and stuff like that it didn't really require much. 
if it looks like a lot of staples, well, i was just having fun with the staple gun! :D
it looked fine by itself but to make it look uniform to my other board (since its different fabric) i went ahead and used the same method with the pushpins (can be seen here #10).
on my other board the pins are more inside than here and that's because the other board still had the wooden frame around it that i didn't want to take off. 
this board was rather soft so i didn't really struggle to push the pins in but i still used the hammer here and there when some pins overlapped each other. keep that hammer handy because your thumbs will hate you if you force push them in! (learned that the hard way last time!!!)
once you've gone all the way around, you're ready to staple it so you can hang it up. 
i was intending to have the yarn show like it does on my other board but then i decided against it which is why i said the color of yarn doesn't matter. but thats completely your choice. 
once you are done, it should look something like this. 
you can use a ruler to make sure they are even. (my other board leans to the right a liiiiiittle bit because i just went ahead and took a leap with it! but its not super noticeable that it drives me crazy.) 


here is the finished product!
i still havent hung it up because failed diy idea #2 didn't work out but i am excited to use it. 
with school and work and all that going on during the week, im waiting until the weekend to find its home!! (also so i can clean up a bit!)

just some notes: 
-for my other board (of bigger size and because i saw that Anne did it) before i laid the fabric down, i sprayed the board with fabric adhesive to make sure it would stick well. now, i know why she did it. it was a big board but i did it just to be safe you know. however for this board i did not use it since its actually a smaller board. i actually completely skipped that step because i had completely forgotten about it. 

-pushpins come 250/pk. you can buy them at the 99c store or Walmart. depending on the size you should for the most part be good with just one box!

- just to throw it out there: BE CAREFUL WHEN USING THE STAPLE GUN! no incidents please! and the push pins also. getting stabbed by one of those it no fun!

-i wasnt really picky about the pins being in a straight line. the more homemade looking the better, amiright!? no? okay well, i cant really give you much advice on that. all i can say is be careful that you dont stab the same place several times otherwise you will just create a huge little hole and your pin will be doing the macarena dance in that same spot for the rest of its life!

hmmm. i cant really think of anything else. 
except that i really love my little board!!!

make one for yourself or for work or as a gift!!
random Leslie fact #23 I LOVE TO PAY BILLS (like house stuff and all the usual stuff, no cc's AND on time!)  so being organized with this board is just an added bonus to my weird love for paying my stuff on time and being on track!

if you make one leave me a comment with a link!
(or if you already have!
this was loads of fun!!

thanks for reading and ill try to be here more often with DIY's! 



i get a random text from my sister (whose name is Giselle just fyi!) 

"Beyonce Giselle Knowles, I could be Beyonce."

yea dude. 

Happy Monday!

Snapshot Sunday {76-82}

i keep waiting for the day when i mess up my numbers....eeeekk!!
i know its kind of late but hear me out. 
i was spring cleaning up my room!
Hellooooo Spring! (: 
here are this weeks pictures....aaaaand away we go!
last Sunday, after not having a freaking decent meal all weekend (i cant cook to save my life!) i made a huge life decision and went to Pho. and it was the best life decision i had made that day!
i love pho. 
st. pats day at spent at school. 
i didn't mean to have green nails for the holiday, it just happened that way. 
5 years after turning 21 and to this day i still haven't had any green beer.
one year, one year. 
oh man. 
i just HAD to take a picture of this. 
im sure "BEN" LADEN isn't very fond of his "location" 
guys!, i have been sticking to running at the beach. not as much as i should but i have been and i love it. 
and this is what i get to at the "almost" end of my run. 
i love it! (: 
i finally went to a dave & busters (chuck e cheese for grown ups!) and it was so much fun! 
jaydeen HAD to take a picture of me because she said it was cute how hard i was concentrating!!!
studying for my monday french test on a saturday with my friend george!
lets do this french! lets do this!
sister is at burgerama so i get her room for the day! 
this is me drinking tea cuddling with the babes watching movies. 
stupid cramps! :'(

since my sister spent the night out there because of her concert i started watching Deeds or whatever its called by Tyler Perry. it was cool. i then saw (well today in the morning) that one other movie of his, Temptation. 
that was almost 10 hrs ago and I'm still thinking about it...i mean how did you not see mr K (i forgot his name) was the abusive type!? ggrrr...i actually really liked that movie. 
i also finally saw frozen. cute little movie but the singing...gaaahh!!!
i think my favorite part about the movie is when whats his face instigates Anna for choosing to marry whats his face after only knowing each other for 30 minutes. (dang, i  have horrible memory!!!) and that in the end SPOILER its her sisters true love that saves her and not the kiss of the dude that she really loves. 
way to go Disney! steppin it up!
i think im going to see it again!
(also, this is the first time i think i post a snapshot Sunday in chronological order!)

any who, i hope you had a greeeeaaat weekend and a great week ahead!
i have a super duper simple easy to do diy coming up tomorrow!

have a good night!
off to study some more for french! 

this & that


you can burn color pencils in substitution of candles!?
(apparently no wax required but you could dip em in wax to make em last longer. *MAGIC*!!!)
Make a Dot Wall with Potatoes! | Oh Happy Day
i want this wall!!!!
Using PostalPix Photo Prints in Your Business 1
i love PostalPix! (and doggies obviously!!) 
so this post is just the sweetest thing ever! <3
oh Wendy, i will forever love you and your style!
what an awesome idea!!!
make hearts on yo pants!
will try that next time my Levi's crap out on me! (:

DIY - Movie Stub Pillow
cutest idea in the world!
i  would love to do this especially since I'm always saving my stubs for everything! <3
uhhm, i want to go HERE for a vacation!!!! doesn't it look amazingly lovely!? 

okay so i know above this i said i wanted to go there but i really want to go here!
Boulder Colorado. 
look at how beautiful this scenery looks!? I'm so jealous!!

lets make this! :D

isnt it funny how things happen. 
im taking this french class and everything is turning up french!

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