Snapshot Sunday {62-68}

i know I'm late on my snapshot Sunday post, but i got back from Vegas at 4, ate, passed out, woke up/showered and passed out again. my computer is soooo slow that it didn't make sense in my slow working after Vegas mind to turn it on and type up a post (and we all know blogger mobile sucks for typing up your life away.) ("why didn't you turn it on while you were in the shower les!?" you know, i didn't think of it!)
any who, here are this weeks pictures! <3
leaving my run last week in long beach and i saw this palm tree all decorated. 
people should do this more often. i love it!
breakfast lunch & dinner at Ikea $7.50
i LOVE that place!!!!
lately, Ive been catching my brother cuddling with chonch!
its the cutest thing EVER.
(im not sure if ive posted these already! oops!) 
(not cut out that's just how it was shot: Chester's butt!)
chester's nose peeking!
eeek!!!! <3
someone was cold. 
went to go buy Pharrell's cd at best buy and Bob's Burgers dvd was on sale for $10. 
another one of the pups!!!!
i mean how freakin cute are they!??
i just wanna eat em up!
<3 <3 <3
got some new accounts at work so this is what making packets looked like for me last week!

once again sorry for the late post!
i have a couple more coming this week. 

& also my prize! 

thanks for reading. 
have a lovely "hey it's earlier than usual" monday. 
friggin' time change. 
i should still be asleep right now. 

love ya!, 
(ps. my signature is acting up thats why its m.i.a sometimes)

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