Viva Las Vegas!

family drinks
last weekend i had the pleasure of going to Vegas with Mon and her friends to catch Steve Angello at XS in Vegas. 
Vegas for a day is probably the best thing ever! 
there weren't really many pictures caught but we went for one reason and that reason was to get Angello to sign Mon's shirt. And you best believe i made that happen!!!!
Esmeralda, Tony, Mon & I.
Mon kept wanting a group picture. this was as close as we got to it haha. we were to busy, well i was to busy yelling at SA.
as always, a gigabillion phone pictures!!! 

Steve and his wife Isabel. 
man! i got his autograph and blew her a couple of kisses!
total love fest!
as soon as Steve threw my back the shirt (the crowd went wiiild!) the photographer asked to take a picture of us. so we all squeezed in. i was actually looking on the website to see if i could find the picture but had no luck. then Mon sent it to me with the message "you can barely see us. the photographer was like lets block out those ugly bitch*s!" bahahaha youre crazy mon!
i lightened it up a bit using picsay pro. 
but its okay! because i took a better picture and Mon gets to keep her autographed shirt!
not to toot my own horn, but i am awesome!!!!
these two of course were taken professionall (obvs Les!) 
i just grabbed em because you can see Mon & Tony (i was either getting a drink or going to the restroom with Esme.)
and of course a Vegas selfie you know. 
just because. 

im usually all hyped for a Vegas trip and then instantly regret it once im there. i dont know why. 
but this was by far the best group i've ever been to Vegas with. No drama, super cool, amazing time! 
ill definitely be going with them again!
and specially to catch Aoki and Angello again!!!

thanks for reading! (: 
have a great rest of your week! 

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