date night with the kids

i took the day off yesterday from school. 
i had geography class but i got out of work late and so i just took the day off. first one the entire semester (for that class anyways) so i don't even feel bad about it. 

my sister and i ALWAYS talk but lately our schedules have been everywhere so this was also some nice catch up time. 

we were going to go eat Chinese food buuut our spot is closed on Tuesdays and we wouldn't have made it to Pho on time so off to KBBQ we went. 
kind of like a late "happy birthday bro" dinner. hr named it not me. but hey! 2 birds 1 stone. 
my favorite mistakes! <3

my sister then treated us to Snow Monster and we played a very intense game of Uno. i won!!!
only because i had one card left and my brother threw in his cards. 
Hey! ill take it. 

also, yes. yes i was out with those cat ears. 
i wont lie, i had forgotten i was wearing them about half way through. 

my phone camera is actin' up which is why the pics look super grainy but oh well!

it was nice to have a date night with my kids even though i should have been at home studying. oh well! 

happy (holy crap! its almost May!) Wednesday!

this & that

i want this bracelet!!!!


now why the heck didnt i ever think of that!? 
SUPER easy to make diy side table


Flutter-10 Gladiator-1
i think its safe to say she'll be on this & that every time i make a post on interwebs stuff. 
but i mean how could i not include her? i love basically everything she wears!


None of these creations will last forever. Byles simply borrows from the natural environment, knowing that within time it will take back what it rightfully owns.
mother nature art for the win!


How to marble with shaving cream and ink! (click though for more details!)

have  you tried marbling with nail polish only to find out it suuuucks!
here's another method....seems like this is way better to work with!


DIY Ladder Shoe Shelf
mega heart yes for this shoe storage organization!!!!
too bad i don't have shoes like this and lets face it, i'd use it for books!
also, i just found this blog and i looove it!


Make your own hanging rope  shelves
and then there's this method!!! <3


spice up your shoes. a super ridiculously easy DIY!



DIY flamingo macarons | sugar & cloth
flamingos are the new pineapples. and donuts. either way, someone make these for me! please and thanks!

the girl on the train by paula hawkins

published: 2015 // 323 pages
isbn: 978-1-59463-412-3
read: 4/18-24/2015

i literally just finished this book and i couldn't wait (not that i ever really do) to post it!
holy smokes!

love love LOVE it!
i think I've been reading YA a little too much cause this book had me all sorts of everywhere emotionally in a very different way. 

have you read this? 
i keep hearing that its very similar to Gone Girl but i honestly cannot compare them since i have yet to read the book / watch the movie but i think that's going to be my next library check out. 

any who, lets get to it. 

The Girl on the Train (review from Amazon)

The “girl on the train” is Rachel, who commutes into London and back each day, rolling past the backyard of a happy-looking couple she names Jess and Jason. Then one day Rachel sees “Jess” kissing another man. The day after that, Jess goes missing. The story is told from three character’s not-to-be-trusted perspectives: Rachel, who mourns the loss of her former life with the help of canned gin and tonics; Megan (aka Jess); and Anna, Rachel’s ex-husband’s wife, who happens to be Jess/Megan’s neighbor. Rachel’s voyeuristic yearning for the seemingly idyllic life of Jess and Jason lures her closer and closer to the investigation into Jess/Megan’s disappearance, and closer to a deeper understanding of who she really is. And who she isn’t. This is a book to be devoured. -Neal Thompson

now, let me SPOIL it for you cause ahhh!!!!

Tom left Rachel for Anna because basically she was an alcoholic and treated him like crap. they were trying to get pregnant but the IVF treatment didn't hold and basically Anna lost it. 
she went crazy and he eventually strayed and had an affair. 
they divorce, he marries Anna they have a kid and Rachel, well being the alcoholic that she was still goes around to where they live. harassing them so to speak. trying to win him back. 

"I will never begrudge him happiness - I only wish it could be with me." - Rachel

Anna wants to leave badly but Tom always tells her that he's got control of it and that she isn't harmful at all. it never really crossed my mind to think why he thought that until the end. 

Scott and Megan. 
married and in love but she strays. and he knows and he tries to trust her but ya know. 

every day from the train, Rachel can see them being happy and in love until the one day she sees Megan being happy with another man and it drives her crazy. 

long story sorta short...Megan winds up dead and no one knows how or why she died. 
of course because of their history everyone thinks its her husband. because of what Rachel saw, they drag her therapist in to the situation but he gets away scott free (hey hey! no pun intended there!) 

lets make a long story shorter....again.....
if you've read this far and still want to turn back YOU CAN!!!!!!

Tom kills Megan. 
they had hired Megan to help care for their daughter a couple hours a day and it started from there. 
while i am spoiling all of this away, i haven't completely thrown it all out there (cause whats the fun in that?) buuuuuut, they started having an affair and what happens with Anna is what Megan eventually wants. 
she lets him know that because of their affair she is pregnant and while i don't think he meant to kill her (i mean like he obviously didn't plan it. at least not for it to happen then), he kills her. he hits her with a rock and i think she still had some fight in her but he finishes her off. 

no one would have suspected it. he would have gotten away with it but Rachel starts remembering things then, she finally connects the dots and boom!
the reason she couldn't ever remember being the "crazy" one ever was because she never was. 
Tom was this psycho, complete control freak. he'd go abusive on Rachel and while she was already drinking because of the failed pregnancy, this just drove her more to it. besides being a complete psycho i guess he kept her around for fear or her remembering something and turning him in. 

tsk tsk tsk. 
everything always comes to the light. 


i gave away like the one huge thing yes. BUT, i did not completely spill it all out. 
there's still some stuff i left out. 

i don't think I've done this in a while but I'm DEFINITELY recommending this book! 
go get it from the library, borrow it, buy it. if ya don't like it you can sell it to me and ill paypal you lol!

have you read this book? 
what did you think? 

thanks for stopping by
have a good Saturday.

kimbra // mikky ekko at el rey

ya didn't think i'd go to her show and NOT snap a hundred pictures did ya? 
well you're sorta right cause i only got a few. 
since i was car less at the moment i had my sis drop me off and of course she took her sweet time so i was too late to make it anywhere near the front!
luckily, there were steps so i was at the very top with a good view. that and i was more about watching the show vs capturing it all on my phone. 
Mikky Ekko being just about the best thing ever!!! <3
i love love love her weird outfits!
im not even guna lie, im jealous of everyone that caught her at Coachella and im mad that i had to work the one weekend she was in Vegas!!! ggrrr. 

till the next time K <3

snapshot sunday 14

hey guys. 
sorry i missed last week buuuut i didn't really have any pictures to post. 
nothing crazy has been happening. actually nothing has been happening. 
I've been so busy with work and school or work and work that at this point I'm not even sure what day it is anymore. 
i seriously thought last night was Friday. 
i need a break. insert exhausted emoji. 

took this last night. seriously thought it was Friday night so i was about to say "this is my kind of Friday night" buuut well ya know. 
ahhh! i love street art! and i love adventure time! 
I've lived in LA all my life and this is the first time i see the LACMA lights! can you believe that! soo pretty!
Kelly and Jeff had a studio sale and i bought all sorts of stuff!!!
loved the donuts and loved the wall.
babe! <3
momma got herself a new car and this is me being all proud and happy that i hit 100 miles. 
(which didn't even take that long) 
study date with George before our math test (which sure enough, i hella failed) 
we ordered grandes and got ventis cause they had ran out of cups!
hooray for free upgrades

sorry for being MIA buuut ya know. life happens and life right now is just work and school so ya know. 
have a great week!!! <3

the one and only by emily giffin

published: 2014 // 413 pages
isbn: 978-0-345-54688-3
read from: 3/29/2015 - didn't even bother finishing

what the what did i just not even finish reading!? 
i love me some Emily Giffin but this was just woah. nooooo! 

lets cut to the chase. ill write about what i know but just fyi, i only got up to page 102 before i decided, wait, let me cheat. and then i read the last paragraph and then i read this goodreads review and i decided to call it quits. (which, FYI, I NEVER (okay hardly) ever do!)
i myself could not have said it any better than Stephanie (review linked above) already did. mostly cause i didn't finish it but still because she covered everything that you need to know about this book in a 2 minute review. that way you don't spend several days reading it and then a couple of hours hating yourself for reading it. 

so Shea. 
well Lucy and Coach (Lucy's dad)...the book starts off with the death of Lucy's mother and coaches wife. 
then we meet Shea who is like a sister to Lucy and daughter to coach and the wife. 

you know how they tell you to go with your guts? always trust your guts? yea, i should have trusted my guts cause this book went in the exact same direction i knew it was going to go.
that and Shea's huge admiration for the coach like hes my idol, hes the best man out there in the entire world admiration TOTALLY gave it away. 

super mega spoiler because ya know...why not. 
Shea and the coach end up dating. like they slept together Lucy finds out Shea calls it off but they still end up together dating. 
there's also Ryan, big Dallas Cowboys QB that is in love with Shea but turns out to be a violent kind of guy. 

basically, read Stephanie's review. she gets it down right to the T. 

I'm so glad that i didn't waste any more time reading this book (although, i wont lie, i was finally starting to get in to it before i cheated. bust mostly cause she was finally getting in on some action with Ryan). i had actually just renewed it at the library but ill be turning this in soon. 
and yes i know, its messed up that I'm judging the book based on the review given by another person but trust me, I'm not the only one and there's a couple of other subjects i left out (cause you know i love to only half spoil stuff for you guys!) that are a little bit harder to read on. 

what. the. hell.  

This is how you lose her // Junot Diaz

published 2012 // 213 pages
isbn: 978-1-59448-736-1
read from: 4/3-9/2015

"Okay, we didn't work, and all
memories to tell you the truth aren't good. 
But sometimes there were good times. 
Love was good. I loved your crooked sleep
beside me and never dreamed afraid. 

There should be stars for great wars like ours." 

-Sandra  Cisneros                            

i must admit it was that damn first page that got me. 
id seen it in several instagram pages and i was all about it! i mean it says it all. 
that, and the cover. 

i went to the library to check out girl on the train to no avail and then i remembered this one. 

This book is based on Yunior (Junior) and basically his story. from cheating on his morena and losing her even though he never thought he would. 
he cheated on her with x amount of chicks and he got caught because one of them wrote and sent him a letter detailing everything. 

of course they try to make it work but you know its gone to shit. i mean you can only care so much right? 

i will admit because of my history, the first few pages hit real close to home. not the cheating but the wanting to make things work and then not knowing why two people cant make it work no matter how hard they "try."

the one part that stuck out to me when they went on their trip to Santo Domingo (i think that's where they went. I'm telling you, horrible memory!) is when Yunior goes on a drive with the Vice President to this super secluded area where they hang him by the ankles in to this pitch black hole and he just starts thinking about everything and then
"and that's when i know its over. As soon as you start thinking about the beginning, its the end."

as far as the rest of the book, its just about his family and his brother and the cancer and how it takes him basically like 5 years to get over her and even then.

i will say that he does not end up with anyone. 
but he does i guess finally realize the idiocy that he created and how stupid he was in all the cheating he did while he was with her and so on and so on. 

i want to say this book was good but i personally wasn't crazy about it. the hype around it wasn't it for me. 
but its still a good book. 

have you read it?
what did you think? 

Currently listening to: Mikky Ekko

its been a while since i've done one of these. yikes!
so i had the Kimbra show this past week and wooah! 
its rare (to me anyways) that the opening act can be SO MIND BLOWING that you buy their cd right there from the merch booth on the spot and you swear to yourself that you will catch them any and every time they are around!

this guy blew my miiind!!!
so so good live!
YouTube, facebook, instagram him. eveeerything!

first off, he came out in the best mustard velvet jacket coat kinda jacket thing and it was seriously the best ever!
his voice!, he reminds me of Jason Mraz-ish with some One Republic mixed in there but soulful and spunky on his own. 
just great!

Time is my absolute favorite song. 
he closed the show with Smile and it was just all around amazing energy. U is another good song!
also, this would explain a lot on why he covered said song! good looking out Rhi! Ri? Rih? idk, whatever. (we have the same scar on our upper lip!!!)

seriously, check him out as soon as you can!
another bonus? (i havent confirmed yet!) hes playing music for, ahh i hear this as i type it actually, yep. on Papertowns!!! (if you don't know about Papertowns, i cant help you meng!) 

seriously, check him out. 
let me know what you think!


after the Kimbra concert last night, i ran to the LACMA lights exhibit. and i saw this on the way. 
love it. 

just wanted to jot some things down because, well isn't it crazy how things happen? 

so, lets backtrack. 

car accident happened on a Thursday, miraculously i had that very next Friday off of my second job and that weekend, i had a rental (that i regret getting!) 
that very Monday after, i had my moms car but i missed class cause i just wasnt feeling it. i only went to my Tuesday class cause that teacher is strict about attendance. 
so week 1 i had my moms car to survive off of. 

then she got the hibbie jibbies and sold the damn thing! ._.
of all the times! 
oh well. 
this past week, ive been living off of rides from my sister so that's been pretty cool. its nice to get driven around. that and i'm on spring break this week so i super lucked out. 
that and i only work at my second job today. so it hasn't been a hassle. (and im off this weekend so haaay!!!!)

that and i might be getting a car today!!! :D
its funny because i had a 2009 Honda civic in blue and im probably going to be getting something similar to it again. (but why les? when you can get a new car!? not crazy about the new Civic body and i don't need all that fancy shmancy stuff!) 
i will say this though, NEVER BUY A CAR AT NIGHT!!!!! 
while i did like my car, that purchase was a super stupid spur of the moment, that one looks okay lets not even bother looking at other cars kinda purchase. and i honestly feel (and yes you can laugh!) like maybe all this happened because it was meant to because baby jebus knew that while i liked my car i wasnt in love with it!!! (and how funny that someone would trade in the car that i want in to my job all within the same time line!!!)
the car that im getting is the one used car i was originally looking for and while its not high tech, it definitely has more than my other one did. 
God works in mysterious ways!

its crazy how everything lines up. 
life, you are crazy and i love you! 
(and thank you for letting me survive that accident even though it was not that crazy bad! but still!!!!) 

the lady that lives in front us. 
she was in the car with her babysitter (months back now) when the babysitter backed up in to Susu's car (the lady that lives with us.) my mom was watering the grass and saw the whole thing happen. heck, even the neighbor to the right of us saw it and was willing to be a witness. so my mom went to go talk to her and the lady flat out denied it all! 
even though a) my mom and neighbor saw it. b) she was in the car as it happened and c) as the paint of her car was on Susu's car and vice versa. 
she denied it all and was kinda a mega bitch about it. 
we didnt press charges or involve her in the insurance for personal reasons. 
but! she didn't offer to even help out and was a total definition of a bitch about it so you know, KARMA. (im a HUGE believer of Karma) 

sometime last week, as i was leaving to work, there's a car accident at the corner of my block so i take the alleyway to avoid the mess. 

turns out one car hits another car and that car somehow hits her car. 
thankfully she's okay (so is everyone else i think) buuuut her car was totaled. 

moral of the story, dont be a bitch when you mess up. Karma will take it's sweet ass time and it will get you!
and trust me, you never want to be at the receiving end of it. 


what a crazy month, well couple of weeks. 
im just kicking back for now. 
just kind of wanted to jot this all down cause its kinda of a trip when you read back on things. specially things like this. 

anyways, hope you had a great week and hope you have a great weekend. 
grab life by the balls and live it up! 

Snapshot Sunday //13

hey guys!
thanks for hanging around with my spotty posting. 
some weeks i post every day, others I'm like meh and i don't post anything. 
Ive been stuck in this weird, i wouldn't call it a rut, but i don't know. 
sometimes its just best to be quiet and have some peace to yourself. 

if it helps, this Thursday, im seeing Kimbra again! and this is my weekend off so yaaay!!!

look at that chicken leg! 
ugh! I LOVE HER!!!!
forcing her to cuddle! <3
my sister picked me up from work (btw, its nice to be driven around for once) and Chester has to sit on her lap like our life's didn't depend on her getting us home safe. 
last week after i got the call and i went to go get the rest of my stuff, i saw this billboard on the freeway. its was a nice pick me up! (@thrashbird13)

i haven't done a street art post in forever! if my sister is off this weekend, IMO making her take me to Venice! 
jay bought me this cup for my birthday and i just realized how pretty it makes my drinks look!
there's a detachable penguin globe inside which is why it gives it that effect. 
yes, i already own all the harry potter books in a box set but i saw these in Target and mega heart eyes emoji!!!!
creepin at work with Mon. 
celebrating my brothers birthday!!! <3 <3 <3 
we get this ice cream cake for everyone. soooo goood!
this baby turned a year last week!!!!! cant believe I've been answering for a year. you might have noticed i stopped posting a a little bit shy of a year but it was just aahhh!!!
(if ya wanna look back, you can here!)
my sister went to Comicon out here in Anaheim and got me these buttons!!!
love em!

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