kimbra // mikky ekko at el rey

ya didn't think i'd go to her show and NOT snap a hundred pictures did ya? 
well you're sorta right cause i only got a few. 
since i was car less at the moment i had my sis drop me off and of course she took her sweet time so i was too late to make it anywhere near the front!
luckily, there were steps so i was at the very top with a good view. that and i was more about watching the show vs capturing it all on my phone. 
Mikky Ekko being just about the best thing ever!!! <3
i love love love her weird outfits!
im not even guna lie, im jealous of everyone that caught her at Coachella and im mad that i had to work the one weekend she was in Vegas!!! ggrrr. 

till the next time K <3

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