the one and only by emily giffin

published: 2014 // 413 pages
isbn: 978-0-345-54688-3
read from: 3/29/2015 - didn't even bother finishing

what the what did i just not even finish reading!? 
i love me some Emily Giffin but this was just woah. nooooo! 

lets cut to the chase. ill write about what i know but just fyi, i only got up to page 102 before i decided, wait, let me cheat. and then i read the last paragraph and then i read this goodreads review and i decided to call it quits. (which, FYI, I NEVER (okay hardly) ever do!)
i myself could not have said it any better than Stephanie (review linked above) already did. mostly cause i didn't finish it but still because she covered everything that you need to know about this book in a 2 minute review. that way you don't spend several days reading it and then a couple of hours hating yourself for reading it. 

so Shea. 
well Lucy and Coach (Lucy's dad)...the book starts off with the death of Lucy's mother and coaches wife. 
then we meet Shea who is like a sister to Lucy and daughter to coach and the wife. 

you know how they tell you to go with your guts? always trust your guts? yea, i should have trusted my guts cause this book went in the exact same direction i knew it was going to go.
that and Shea's huge admiration for the coach like hes my idol, hes the best man out there in the entire world admiration TOTALLY gave it away. 

super mega spoiler because ya know...why not. 
Shea and the coach end up dating. like they slept together Lucy finds out Shea calls it off but they still end up together dating. 
there's also Ryan, big Dallas Cowboys QB that is in love with Shea but turns out to be a violent kind of guy. 

basically, read Stephanie's review. she gets it down right to the T. 

I'm so glad that i didn't waste any more time reading this book (although, i wont lie, i was finally starting to get in to it before i cheated. bust mostly cause she was finally getting in on some action with Ryan). i had actually just renewed it at the library but ill be turning this in soon. 
and yes i know, its messed up that I'm judging the book based on the review given by another person but trust me, I'm not the only one and there's a couple of other subjects i left out (cause you know i love to only half spoil stuff for you guys!) that are a little bit harder to read on. 

what. the. hell.  

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