snapshot sunday 14

hey guys. 
sorry i missed last week buuuut i didn't really have any pictures to post. 
nothing crazy has been happening. actually nothing has been happening. 
I've been so busy with work and school or work and work that at this point I'm not even sure what day it is anymore. 
i seriously thought last night was Friday. 
i need a break. insert exhausted emoji. 

took this last night. seriously thought it was Friday night so i was about to say "this is my kind of Friday night" buuut well ya know. 
ahhh! i love street art! and i love adventure time! 
I've lived in LA all my life and this is the first time i see the LACMA lights! can you believe that! soo pretty!
Kelly and Jeff had a studio sale and i bought all sorts of stuff!!!
loved the donuts and loved the wall.
babe! <3
momma got herself a new car and this is me being all proud and happy that i hit 100 miles. 
(which didn't even take that long) 
study date with George before our math test (which sure enough, i hella failed) 
we ordered grandes and got ventis cause they had ran out of cups!
hooray for free upgrades

sorry for being MIA buuut ya know. life happens and life right now is just work and school so ya know. 
have a great week!!! <3

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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us. I enjoyed the entire article and keep rocking!


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