Hello April

hello everyone!
I'm sitting at work waiting for this system to work so i can continue working buuuut its taking forever. 
i am hungry so maybe i should just go have breakfast. 

anyways, APRIL!!!!
1 year ago, HIMYM ended (lol i just read last years post) and i sill have not seen the finale. ill get to it eventually!

i meant to do this post yesterday but it was a really weird day. 
i got the call; my car is officially dead. they aren't going to fix it so its a complete total loss
i got most of my stuff out but i had left a few things in there (some teddy bears) so i had to go pick up everything else i had left in there. it was SO weird to see my car just there, dead. 
i know, i have a weird attachment to my car. I'm hella sentimental about random things. 
the upside! a) no one got hurt! b) i have an awesome bruise on my chest. its small and its like greenish yellow now. & c) no more car payments!!! :D
buuut lets face it, i need a car so here goes the hassle of trying to not over pay for a car again. ahhh! i hate it. well, that's if i even get a car. i like the idea being car payment free. id rather use that money towards adventures. let's travel instead!

'kay, nuff about that. ill miss ya car and rest in peace. you were amazing to me while i had you. like 20,000 miles in a year good! (that's a lot!) so yea hope you're happy wherever you go! <3 <3 <3 

I'm sitting at my desk listening to Bob's burgers (as always) and i just saw that they have season 4 on netflix now! im sooooooo excited. (its the little things!) like you cant even believe how excitedly happy i am!

last months goals was to update my blog (done thanks to Crissy) and do an about me post. done and done. 
for this month, i don't really have anything set in stone yet. maybe just work out more (first i should start) and hike more often. we'll see where i end up. its been a weird start to April....

and last but not least, 

Happy Birthday Broham!

i told this dude growing up for the longest that we had the option of getting a dinosaur or getting him at the supermarket and that i begged my mom for the dinosaur but she settled for him. 
the funny thing is, he believed me for the longest!!!
so so funny!

anyways, i hope April started off better for you and that you pulled some pranks. 
here's to April getting better! 

off to work now. 

have a great Day // Week // Month // Year

hugs and keesies

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