after the Kimbra concert last night, i ran to the LACMA lights exhibit. and i saw this on the way. 
love it. 

just wanted to jot some things down because, well isn't it crazy how things happen? 

so, lets backtrack. 

car accident happened on a Thursday, miraculously i had that very next Friday off of my second job and that weekend, i had a rental (that i regret getting!) 
that very Monday after, i had my moms car but i missed class cause i just wasnt feeling it. i only went to my Tuesday class cause that teacher is strict about attendance. 
so week 1 i had my moms car to survive off of. 

then she got the hibbie jibbies and sold the damn thing! ._.
of all the times! 
oh well. 
this past week, ive been living off of rides from my sister so that's been pretty cool. its nice to get driven around. that and i'm on spring break this week so i super lucked out. 
that and i only work at my second job today. so it hasn't been a hassle. (and im off this weekend so haaay!!!!)

that and i might be getting a car today!!! :D
its funny because i had a 2009 Honda civic in blue and im probably going to be getting something similar to it again. (but why les? when you can get a new car!? ....im not crazy about the new Civic body and i don't need all that fancy shmancy stuff!) 
i will say this though, NEVER BUY A CAR AT NIGHT!!!!! 
while i did like my car, that purchase was a super stupid spur of the moment, that one looks okay lets not even bother looking at other cars kinda purchase. and i honestly feel (and yes you can laugh!) like maybe all this happened because it was meant to because baby jebus knew that while i liked my car i wasnt in love with it!!! (and how funny that someone would trade in the car that i want in to my job all within the same time line!!!)
the car that im getting is the one used car i was originally looking for and while its not high tech, it definitely has more than my other one did. 
God works in mysterious ways!

its crazy how everything lines up. 
life, you are crazy and i love you! 
(and thank you for letting me survive that accident even though it was not that crazy bad! but still!!!!) 

the lady that lives in front us. 
she was in the car with her babysitter (months back now) when the babysitter backed up in to Susu's car (the lady that lives with us.) my mom was watering the grass and saw the whole thing happen. heck, even the neighbor to the right of us saw it and was willing to be a witness. so my mom went to go talk to her and the lady flat out denied it all! 
even though a) my mom and neighbor saw it. b) she was in the car as it happened and c) as the paint of her car was on Susu's car and vice versa. 
she denied it all and was kinda a mega bitch about it. 
we didnt press charges or involve her in the insurance for personal reasons. 
but! she didn't offer to even help out and was a total definition of a bitch about it so you know, KARMA. (im a HUGE believer of Karma) 

sometime last week, as i was leaving to work, there's a car accident at the corner of my block so i take the alleyway to avoid the mess. 

turns out one car hits another car and that car somehow hits her car. 
thankfully she's okay (so is everyone else i think) buuuut her car was totaled. 

moral of the story, dont be a bitch when you mess up. Karma will take it's sweet ass time and it will get you!
and trust me, you never want to be at the receiving end of it. 


what a crazy month, well couple of weeks. 
im just kicking back for now. 
just kind of wanted to jot this all down cause its kinda of a trip when you read back on things. specially things like this. 

anyways, hope you had a great week and hope you have a great weekend. 
grab life by the balls and live it up! 

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