Snapshot Sunday // 12

hey guys!
how was your weekend? 
after my Thursday, my weekend was the best! and i didn't even do much. looove it!

flowers in my moms "garden"
<3 <3 <3
hes SO cute when hes calm and quiet!
i LOVE when she lets me mess with her! i cant believe she lasted long enough for me to take several pictures of her! <3
we are almost 4 months in in to the "new year" (im over it, its not so new anymore) and i FINALLY went hiking. solo trip to turnbull canyon as always. love that the tower always has new stuff when i get up there. 
a) loving my new hair. specially this day. looks oily but its actually not. 
b) white gel nails. FINALLY!!!
c) i 100% this case is a jinx. this was on my phone the first time it broke (when it landed on concrete) and it was on my phone the SECOND time it broke. in my purse. i ordered a new phone and now the case is hanging up on my wall. there's NO WAY in hell that im putting this on my new phone. 
loving the sunsets! <3
drinks with moni! <3
we hit up my friend Nelson's house after saddle ranch. i dont know why but i wanted to do a handstand. after being up for -2 seconds, i fell over and i found this human sized slinky. it looks like a little regular sized one but nope! i can fully fit (although i have yet to try) Chester in there!!! eeekk!!!
sooo itty bitty! cutest thing ever!!!!

kk, i have to study for a test tuesday (helloooo spring break next week!) and im not even guna lie, probably binge watch broad city and/or Cheers. I LOVE YOU HULU!!!

have a good weekend guys! <3


it finally happened. 
not that i was like waiting for it, countdown and all. but still ya know. 
i got in my first car accident yesterday. 
i haven't had a good cry like that in a while. 

when they say it happens in a flash, they really mean it. 

stupid burger place in the corner that causes traffic to leak on to the street that ends up creating even more traffic. 

its funny because i was juuuuuuuust about to pick up my phone while at the stop light but then i said no because it could cause an accident. 
not even 5 seconds later. 
it happened. 

I've been driving for 10 years and yesterday was my first. 
no one was hurt. 
the person i hit, a guy, was so nice and I'm so thankful for that. 
absolutely NOTHING happened to his car. however mine, i don't know. i guess wells see. 
not sure. they said it looks like it can be fixed but i don't know. then again I'm not a car repair man person. 

crying so hard the cop told me to calm down. 
how often does that happen?
my sister took me to get ice cream (hence the picture) afterwards to cheer me up. 
she ordered a berries ice cream minus the blueberries and that set off another set of fresh tears. 
"its okay. you're in shock." she says which made me laugh cry even more. 
cause when it comes to stuff like that, she's very good at it. (saying random shit i mean)


and even though that happened, it still wasn't a bad Thursday. 
it was still an okay day. it takes a lot more than that to knock me down. 

and then today after i get to work from picking up the rental i get a call from my sister. 
"when i left the house, was i wearing any shoes?" 
that's what you get for rushing me in the morning. 
its a good thing she only went to the beach. lulz


Uganda be kidding my by chelsea handler

isbn: 978-1-4555-9972-1
published: 2014
read from: dont remember but it took me 2 days

I cant even begin to describe to you how much i love this woman,
Actually, maybe i can.
Let me put it to you this way. I worked the Khloe & Lamar wedding. 
(4:22 in. short hair, pink bangs. what the hell was i thinking!!!!)
A) the Kardashians were there (!!!) (I could give 15 rats asses about them but you know how people  get over em)
B) a shit load of Lakers were there (coming from LA that's like 99.9% the dream; to be that close to them) &
C) i was asked to walk next to Kobe Bryant just to make sure no one was snapping pictures. I saw the man do the robot with his wife.
I told Kim she had dropped her silverware (which she gave NO shits about) I bumped in to Rob and he grabbed me by the shoulders and said sorry. I heard baby face (was it him?) sign their first song. Heck, i even caught the guy that was on the hit list (how? i don't even know) and ya wanna know what i geeked out over?
Meeting freaking Chelsea Handler!!!!!
I saw her in person and that was my highlight of working the Kardashian wedding. (We also worked Kim's wedding to Chris but i did not work that one)
So i think that should just about tell you how much i love this woman.
Shes so raunchy i love it!
If i had to pick a favorite style of writing  it would be this. The raunchy all in your face your face can you believe they said this?! writing (think Tucker Max)

anyways, as most of her other books, this is all about her adventures. 
and just when you think "there's no way in hell!" boom! there's a picture to prove that yes, yes it did happen. 

it starts with a trip to Africa and meeting/trying to bone 'one dead tooth' Rex. 
the shit she gets in to i swear! how do you go 8 days without pooping only to majorly crap yourself in the Bahamas? (also, who flies from Africa back to LA to go back to the Bahamas?) 
how do you consume that much alcohol and function? 
how do you take that many pills and survive?

-how do you get someone to straight up bring you so much weed!? 

“Well, then I guess he’s not a prostitute. What Rex should really be doing with his life is working in Thailand teaching all those teenage prostitutes that their body is their choice and that the word No is an option to use with their johns.”

she talks about tearing her ACL and the trip and gah! what a hot mess! 

in this chapter she talks about her dog Gary or well yea. 
i just love that she bought her one armed gardener a house so he could keep the dog. 
basically anyone that buys anyone a house no strings attached is the shit!

"my dog walker, Oscar, cried the day Gary left. “I really love that crazy dog,” he told me. So a week later, when Molly returned Gary, citing similar damage to her house, I asked Oscar if he would take him. “I don’t have a yard for him to run in,” he told me. “I’ll buy you a house with one.” “What about when I’m here walking the other two dogs?” he asked. “We’ll send him to doggy day care.” “Where will the house be?” “Wherever you want. I don’t care. Please, Oscar. I’m begging you.” And that was the end of Gary living at our house."

in my defense she still pays for the dogs, well, everything so hey!

this is probably my favorite chapter in the entire book. 
mostly because the way she talks about hooking up with that random stranger and the way she feels about it. 

there's not a lot that i can spoil for you cause its not a story per say but just a bunch of little anecdotes.
her other books have been a bit more out there but i liked this one. 
any other book she puts out, you best believe ill be reading.  
she's like the crazy adult human i hope to half be some day! haha. 

have you read any of her other stuff? 

Snail Mail Bunch!

did ya think I'd start a new series and forget?  never!

i purchased ABM's Happy Mail the month of Jan as a trial thing. i got Feb's on accident (because YOU have to call and cancel! -.-) so i signed up for 6 months for the month of March. 
and then, the other night, i emailed em and signed up for a year cause lets face it, this stuff is TOO cute to even think about missing out. 
that and a year cost $15 a month vs $18 for 6. 

aaannyyyways, let's get started!
this one got sent to my cousins wife.  I LOVE HER! that dude mega scored! 
this is actually a card from Feb but as soon as i saw it i thought it was perfect for her. 
i posted these on facebook and she asked for one. she said all she gets in the mail is bills so Edwin knows not to open up any invitations lol. 
im pretty sure ill be sending her a card once a month!
i love the gold foil but what i love the most is that this can be framed or washi taped up on the wall! 
gotta love multi tasking cards.
my cousin Vera is going to school to be a nurse. 
that takes guts cause God knows i cannot even think about taking care of another human. she's always up studying til like 3 am and shes up and kicking ass at 545 (snapchats prove it!) 
this is the perfect card for her. 
Charlene: sending her a hello card from Puddleduck. i just asked her to cook for me. haha
allison: i used to work with her at Nissan and we're trying to get her a job at Kia. 
perfect card to say hi & send good wishes!
ABEL: !!!! 
isnt this card the best?!
im sending this to him and its the best because he's never grumpy! haha. 
(crap! did i put a stamp on his!!!??)
i dont know them personally BUT i found out about Kierra through an ABM instagram post and well, long story short, her daughter was born with a heart defect. well, read her blog. she'll explain it better than i can ever try to. 
her daughter, Evanna, will be turning 1 on 4/29 and she will be spending her birthday in the hospital so Kierra asked that her readers send her daughter birthday cards. 
you know i had to jump on that!
so i sent Evanna a card and i decided to send Kierra a card as well. just a little reminder that everything happens for a reason and that i admire her for showing her strength when she could easily look the other way. 

please hop on over to her blog and if ya can, send a card!
address to send cards to: 
 Evanna Irvine 
231 McKenzie Towne Link SE 
Calgary, AB Canada T2Z 1C9
dont ya just love the colors!
i was a little subtle with these. 
i packed everything to get them together to send out at work aaaaand i forgot to pack the washi tape! gah. oh well. 

cant wait for next months snail mail!!! 
thanks for reading!

About Me // Hello Guys!

beer. this gal's best friend!

hi hi guys!!!
sorry for the radio silence but life hasn't been that inneresting since well the last time and so you know, i don't wanna bore you with nothing...i am reading a couple of books so that's coming up soon. as far as concerts go, my first one is next month! (Kimbra <3) and unless i win Coachella tickets (which I'm not even trying to), its gunna be quiet on that front as well. but that's okay.

so my monthly resolution for March was to a) update my blog (DONE!) and b) do a little about me post (currently happening) so yaaay! lets do this!

thank you to all you new followers! (and definitely those who have stuck around)
so, HI! my name is Leslie. I'm 27 and i live in Sunny (can we please get some freaking rain NOW!) California!
i started my blog because i am an avid reader. that and i wanted a way to track what i read and include some spoilers because i forget faster than god knows what!
ever since 9th grade thanks to my teacher, i have been in love with reading. it started with Dean Koontz and its lead to a bunch of new authors thanks to my nook! (and the kindle app and the Googleplay store) i will always LOVE a physical book but if its on sale in e-book format, i ain't gonna say no.

i had originally started this blog about 3 years ago but i didn't keep up with it and everyday i beat myself over it because, can you imagine how many books I've read in that window of time!? A LOT!
but hey, I'm here now!

along the lines, in 2013 when i started back up, i finally started living it up and doing concerts, shows,a couple of raves, some trips, and just a bunch of random stuff and so i started to document that as well. so i guess you can call this a sort of a lifestyle blog ? iduno.
im not doing this to like have my future kids look back on this or something. its just something i like to do....i think having your own little space where you can jot down your thoughts is always a good thing and there is no better place like the Internet; where everyone can see what you're all about.  

i don't want to make this longer than it should be so lets just jump to some basics!

1. i HATE taking pictures. that being said, the one above was taken by Moni at you guessed it, Anarchy
we were actually trying to convince our friend Abel to meet up with us there (through snapchat.) this is one of those accidental pictures that just turns out to come out great. 
but i HATE taking pictures! seriously hate it. 

2. i used to be a cranberry vodka girl and then boom! beer. all i ever get is blue moon. i love that stuff! 
I've always wanted to reach a point as a grown up where i could enjoy a sandwich with a beer and not think "gross, beer." dream big guys! dream big. 

3. i still live at home and have no plans on moving out anytime soon. not until I'm like in a super committed relationship or marriage. not cause I'm all ultra religious or anything (because I'm not) but mostly cause i hate depending on people when it comes to money. I'm always early on almost all my payments. I'm straight up all into handling bills and all that stuff. balancing books, MY GOD I LOVE IT! 

4. i am not allergic to anything :( and i have never broken any bones in my life (thank God!) however, i apparently get along with stitches REAL well. i have had them on my eyebrow, my upper lip, the back of my leg and i forget where else. but you get the point. 

5. i am obsessed with Bob's Burgers. as i type this, i am listening to it on my phone. 
i cant even tell you how many times i've seen/heard the dang thing. 
other shows i love: Parenthood, Gilmore Girls & The Nanny.

6. i LOVE snail mail!!! seriously. lets be pen pals!

7. i believe i am meant to live my life in phases with things. 
examples: at one point i was all about earrings. then necklaces. then bracelets. then everything the ABM girls released. then jackets. then a bunch of other crap i cant even remember. and at this moment, its snail mail!
am i the only one? 

8. i don't hold grudges. i don't care to stay mad at you forever but when I'm mad, I'm MAD. so don't piss me off. i guess its the Salvadorian in me. iduno. 

9. im a homebody all the way. while ive definitely been going out more if you let me pick or if i had it my way, id stay at home all the time!

10. my favorite food is soup. SOUP!!!
all i ever want is soup. give me the option, soup. 
soup soup soup!
what kind? 
my moms chicken soup. her beef stew. pho. ramen. wonton. soup soup soup. 
i love me some soup. 

anyways, that was some random stuff about me. 
how do you you an about me always writing all sorts of random things and thoughts over here already so, ya know. 

just want to say thanks for reading and sticking around!
you are awesome! (: 
and of course, anything you wanna ask, ask away!

thank you for reading! <3
have a great rest of your LIFE!!!!
(cause it shouldnt just be the one day ya know!)

Snapshot Sunday 10 // 11

this is what happens when you skip a week. a butt load of pictures!

love catching the sunset from my house. 
the funny thing is, when i took this picture, i was trying to get a picture of the hippo jumper across the street. this is better. 
loving all these shots
a coworker of mine left and she gave us all a tulip. 
it lasted about a day. 
I'm thisclose to winning a butt load of cash or a tesla. ill take the cash thanks!
im also watching Superbad while trying to make some free money!
bought myself a fitbit!!!! :D 
killer. the way he stretches makes me laugh SO hard!
Mon bought me M&M's and then i proceeded to make it rain all over the floor! ._.
finally got a haircut!!!
a grown up haircut! those haircuts that cost about $100. but it was a gift so haaay!
this months ABM happy mail!!! ahhh! ive already written the ones im going to send out. just needa photograph em out and ill send em on their way!
babes! <3
have you ever found a pen you just click with? you love the way they write no matter what! or where!
these are it for me!!! my coworker got em for me!
i find it so funny that they're wolfgang puck pens and that bic makes them haha. 
i texted her as soon as mine died and told her to stop the presses and get me more. she got me a handful! im a happy camper!!!
Hollywood roaming. im also very happy that these shoes are still clean! 
this past Wednesday we switched it up and hit up Hollywood for drinks. 
it was so much fun! those drinks were SO yummy and only $5! cant beat that. 
and of course i had to decorate the receipt while they were waiting to pay for their tab. 
(and yes, those $20 include a nice tip! my bill was pretty low. i HATE when people dont tip!) 
pretty pretty flowers
we made it to Anarchy Library for St. Patty's day right at midnight. meaning 3/18 ._. 
homegirl fell asleep on me. she called me when i was buying stuff to make a sandwhich. talk about a cockblock. 

thanks for reading!
have a fantabulous week!!! 
hugs and a bunch of keesies

this weekend // 3 things

i promise ill get to Snapshot Sunday as soon as i get home from school!
i just wanted to blog this because i don't want to forget what a hot mess this weekend was. and i mean that in a good way. 

as usual, ended up at anarchy with Monique. 
this girl has mega game and while i wont get in to detail on here, this  night was a fun hot mess. 
1. a "friend" of mine asked me if i was going. i said yes, he said he'd meet me there. read that again, he asked me. i did not invite him. anyways we meet up with him, have him pretend to be mon's brother to avoid some annoying guy. then we leave to the bathroom and i drag him with me but he told me he wasn't going to go. cool. i meet a guy there (total random dude) and we started dancing! now, i know I'm always there but i always only dance with Mon and then I'm trying to hook everyone up afterwards. so long as i have a beer I'm cool.  he texted me to go back and i think i messed up in not going back to him when he asked me to so for that im sorry buuut like i said, i had some sort of grove going so why...specially when i had tried draggin him with me in the first place. 
its safe to say that he's no longer my friend :( not because i told him to get lost but actually because he said and i quote "never hit me up again les." okay. ill miss ya man buuut i wont beg anyone to be my friend. we've lost touch before maybe well meet up again. i do not hold grudges. (and yes i did apologize. i said i love you and im sorry and all he said was, im glad you think this is funny. i wasnt trying to be funny!) 

2. so that annoying guy from above. 
well, so we leave the bar, i go get my car from Mon's and go back to the bar to pick up the dude i was dancing with (no we did not hook up. ill tell you below in #3.) while i was waiting for him, the annoying dude (we call him NASA) just opens my door and gets inside my car in the back seat. 
hes all "are you my uber?" and I'm like "i don't uber at all."
he gets out and goes towards the front of my car. i ask him where he lives he says Carson so i tell him for $10 ill take ya home. 
okay cool. 
long story short, i made $40! wooohoo!!!! haha. 
(while i can see some people sorta freaking out about taking a stranger home, it was okay. the great thing about going to the same bar all the time is that you eventually run in to the same people. and he was the guy were were trying to avoid earlier but had met a couple of weekends ago. had it been some random ass dude i would've been like Hell to the no!)

3. after dropping off that dude at home, Odd (the dude i was picking up. not his real name but that's what i call him) had the brilliant idea to go to the beach! to know me is to know that i LOVE the beach. at night!!!
we were there for about i don't know 2 hours. just talking about random ass stuff. 
i don't know if ill ever see him again (again, same bar so maybe but if i don't its all good) but i was happy to be laying in the sand on the beach in the dark listening to the waves!

1. at home having breakfast when my mom walks by talking in a high pitch voice (she always does that to me when were on the phone.) i didnt think anything of it. then she comes back and she told me someone had called her pretending to be me saying that they were kidnapping me and taking me to TJ. 
i guess she found it funny because i was sitting in front of her and because she says it sounded like a guy pretending to sound like a girl. 
later on she said she would have freaked out had i not been home. 
i wonder who that was. 
and actually, that's not the first time my mom gets a call like that. back when i was idk maybe 16 or something, my parents got a call saying that my pregnancy test came back positive. think Mean Girls style. 
they woke me up (it was like 1 pm and i was on vacation) and they told me. my parents were sooo mad! they had already made plans about what was going to happen to the baby when it was born and about my school and work. 
all this drama from i don't know who, i don't know why. 
i have never wished to have my period so bad in my life like i did then so i could just get them to shut up! (and no there wasn't any chance of me being anywhere near being pregnant at that time. heck at 27, there still isnt!) 

2. anarchy 2 nights in a row. 
saw odd there again and we hung out but mostly i was on babysitting mode. which was like a blessing in disguise because who should i run in to? a gang load of my ex's friends. not that its any of his business what im up to, but you know. 
anyways, we then head on over to Cocktails, Anyone? and meet up with my friend Nelson. that guys is highlarious. 
we then head to Denny's and odd buys me pancakes. lol this was after i had bought him mc donalds the night before. 
(and frank, if ya still even read this..., yes, i saw you at anarchy with your girlfriend but i was already on babysitter mode. haha)

3. no biggie but  i finally got a haircut! by the beach! so pretty!!!! (the beach. my hair looks cool i guess lol) that, and somewhere in there i broke my stupid phone again. ugh. im just guna get a new one. im over it!

1. spent the night at mons because i did not want to drive home. the sunrise looked sooo beautiful. (see above) 
so beautiful that even though i was slightly hungover i wanted to go hiking RIGHTAWAY!
however, lets be real. i passed out in my sisters bed. 

2. we (my sister and i) decided to go hiking around 12 but it was freaking hot so we switched it to the doggy beach. it took a million tries to get there because i had to go back and give my mom my car so she could go to work and we forgot the towels when we switched cars out. anyways, we made it finally and the dogs had a blast. it was sooo much fun to see all these dogs in the water! 
i got Chonch first and just threw her in. of course it was cold but she was okay with it, i mean she did keep going back in. then i got Chester and he loved it! we have a natural swimmer in the family! i love him so but seeing him swim made my heart grow even bigger. 
Chester has never been one to be on a leash. while we never let them out on to the street and we cant walk our dogs like other people on the street (without a leash but always by your side) hes always been good about staying by us and if my mom or sister are there, then he wont leave. 
it was all fun and games until Chonch decided "screw you bitches. im making a run for it." so she ran. my sister went after her. Chester went after my sister and i went after Chester. 

what i love the most about this is that Chonch would get so far then stop, turn around and look at my sister and look at her like "when are you going to catch up?" then when my sis was close enough, boom, she'd take off running. 
im taking her again but shes staying on a leash! ggrrr

3. slept all day from 6pm until 1 am! 
woke to some chipotle and a new episode of Bob's Burgers. 

pretty great weekend if i say so myself! out having a good time and more time on/near the beach than in a long while. 
what were you up to? 

thanks for reading! 

A Walk In The Park by Jill Mansell

published 2012
read from 3/6 to 3/10 2015

how exciting!
my last book got so many views! well not many like in the hundreds...but more than others!

any who, i meant to read this book about 3 books back but you know how it goes in book life; you see it on sale or you see a nice cover and then you get distracted and forget the reading order you had set for yourself! at least i know i do so here i am a couple of books later.  

this is one of the main reasons im SO mad at myself for not keeping up with my blog when i had originally started it because this is actually the 9th (!) Jill Mansell book i read. gotta love ebooks.

so lets get to it!

first off, JM is all about chick lit. at least thats the best way for me to describe it. 
its always based in London (more often than not) and its always a love story and it usually always happens at the end. so i just sorta gave you a breakdown to all her stories but ya gotta love it cause who isnt a sucker for love. i know i am! 

A Walk in the Park is based on Lara and Flynn...but mostly Lara.
at the age of 16 Lara fled Bath and moved in with her aunt Nezzie and wasnt heard from again until 16 years later. 
her father dies and she returns, reuniting with people she's left behind. some old, some new. 
there's also always other characters (no duh Les!), what i mean to say while she and Flynn are the main characters i liked that she gave everyone else their own little story which ends up all tying up. 


Lara fled Bath because 1) she was pregnant and 2) her father kicked her out of the house (without knowing she was pregnant) she was kicked out because of curfew. and lets face it, he HATED her. i know its a strong word but its true. see, her stepmother used to work for this man James. James was IN LOVE with Lara's mother but with them, it never went past, i dont know holding hands. however when she got word that Lara's mother was pregnant she ran and told Charles that the child his wife was expecting was not his but James. all because she was in love with him and she couldnt stand to see him in love with Lara's mom (James not Charles. and i will say, while it does make sense, i didnt not see that reason coming!)  Charles being an idiot believed her and basically hated Lara since day 1 but it wasnt until her mother dies that he was open about it so to speak. (and what a little b that woman! ruining Lara's moms life and then marrying her husband. talk about a catch 22!)
shes pregnant though, why didnt she tell Flynn? 
well she sorta tried but something about a ski trip came up and idk, she was just afraid i guess. not that im out there sleeping around but if someone fathers my kid, hes guna know! just saying! so while i see her logic (yes i know its a book!) she, i think should have still said something. 

anyways fast forward 16 (?) or was it 18? (curse you memory!) years and shes back in town to attend her fathers funeral. 

after the funeral she runs in to her best friend Evie who doesnt know anything about Gigi (her daughter) and who is about to be married but of course doesnt because the man she's due to marry is a total man whore. 

theres Harry who makes and sales shirts. long story short with this guy, he WAS married to Lara but is actually gay and the little short story that plays in there with Enjay is pretty funny because well a) when would that ever happen (i mean the reality show stuff) but b) i guess the end part of them both is something that probably happens more often than not (but not like a lot. at least i dont think.)  anyways, while he does have an ending in the story its not the best...i mean the bar ending anyways. Enjay and him,  to me were a good ending. it was just the after that. 

Gigi of course falls in love with her dad. there was no reason to believe she wouldnt. 


theres SO much more that i left out but i mean if i wrote it all, id be here for another 3 hours!
this was a super quick read (just took a while cause school and work and sleep!) but i liked it.
such a quirky little story. 
as always, while i did dish out spoilers, i still left out a lot! so i recommend this book! (: 
but of course only if ya buy it for like $2 tops. i got it on sale. im not saying its not worth the $10 that the ebook costs but at that price, you might as well buy the actual book. and well, what i love about this woman is that her books are always on sale (on kindle and nook) how'd ya think ive read 9 so far!

let me know what you think if you read it!
thanks for reading!

this & that

my mother has banned any new glasses from entering the house. 
but wouldnt these be lovely to make!? 
New Beginnings-9
woman crush FOREVER!
huge photobooth style family photos.
diy at its finest!
This is Bhargav Narasimhan.
im pretty sure im still working on mine from when they first came out but 5 in 1.29!? this guy's crazy talented!
Understandably, the excitement of finally meeting Adam Levine proved to be a bit much and Christopher had a panic attack. So Levine and the rest of the band decided they'd just chill out on the ground with him.
i like Maroon 5. they're pretty cool. but this just made them that much better! <3
DIY Emoji Easter Eggs
emoji Easter eggs because you KNOW you need them!!!
this might be obvious to most but since i hardly (read: NEVER!) do my hair, this look has me wanting to try it!
DIY // Easy Concrete Vase
i kinda wana buy all the flowers possible and display em like this!
DIY brushstroke coasters & how to style a table with paper plates | sugar & cloth
i was just thinking the other day about how i need some coasters in my life!

confetti balloons! yes please! <3

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