Monday Tidbits

its currently 9pm. everyone is in their own rooms and its so peaceful that were all in bed this early.
even if bed means my mom and sister with the dogs barking at each other watching some sort of anime show, my brother screaming new inventive curse words over the head seat since he's playing some video game on the ps4 and me laying on my bed doing homework yet procrastinating. 

i thought i'd stop by and write about that because it just seemed so perfect. 
the weather is cool so i can sleep with leggings under the blankets. its almostokaysitsalready pumpkin season and also, to talk about a few highlights. 

  • last night, i realized that i do NOT belong in the kitchen (i mean i already knew). case in point: i was asked to make tea. i panicked. all i had to do was boil water. eventually i got over my baby picnic attack and made that damn tea. then i proceeded to pour said boiled water in to the cup and managed to burn my last two fingers with steam!!! luckily, the pinky being so small survived. the right side non ring finger finger, well that one, it looks cool. nothing too crazy but i mean who the heck burns their fingers pouring water!!!!? (someone find me stats that state im not the only one!)
  • more proof that i DONT belong in the kitchen: i woke up late today for work. instead of panicking, i hit snooze, slept another 20 minutes. then i got up, got ready and still, didn't worry about being late so i made scrambled eggs and a bagel. im sitting at the table minding my own "oh who cares that im an hr and a half late to work" business when Tess walks by (she's a freaking kitchen genius!!!) and she says "you made those eggs there?" all i could do was laugh. i haven't laughed that hard in a while. you had to be there. 
  • not funny but: last night at like 5 am, the stars. wow! beautiful!!! i could see them clearly. simply beautiful. living in polluted with lights LA leaves you with loving eyes when you do see them
  •  once i left to work, i saw a lost dog walking the street. cue sad music crying eyes scene. i wasn't going to go after it because well, that meant a trip to seaaca and while i was already late i couldn't lose another 2 hrs. i saw that it had a collar with a tag but i still left. i turned one corner and i couldn't deal with it so i went back. i managed to get real close to the dog and i was about to grab it with a towel. but it side swept me and i just followed her til she would let me grab her. she never did but i chased her just to make sure that she didn't run in to the street. she never did! :) she turned in to an apt complex and ran inside a house that had their door open. i asked this little girl if the dog was hers and she said no and i went into 'oh shit' panic mode trying to get the dog out the house without going inside the house. ....long story less long than it already is, the dog was theirs. wooohoo!!!! saving one dog at a time. 

no better way to start a Monday huh? 
let's see what this week brings!
i cant believe im about to say this but im dreading this weekend. so future Monday hurry up! (i mean you're already going by fast help a sista' out!)

hope you have a great rest of your week! :*

Q & A {9/20 to 9/26 2014}

Friday was work and Ikea and building stuff and then norms even though i wanted soup and only soup but heey! what mother wants mother gets. 
Saturday i was at the LA County fair with my mom, sis and cousins and by the time i got home i was ridiculously exhausted. pretty kick ass weekend. 

were waiting for Tess to wake up so we can sing happy birthday and im not even going to lie i want some ice cream cake. but its okay. i can wait. im full of soup! (: 

lets do this!

September 20, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: whats your favorite television show? 
A: Gilmore Girls (currently watching as i type this!) // the nanny (adopt me Fran!!!) // and Parenthood (why NBC WHYY!!!!????) 

September 21, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: where do you think your road is going? 
A: i don't know and i guess for now that is okay. 
this whole "when are you a grown up" thing is a mystery but why fight it. just go with the flow. 

September 22, 2014 {Monday}
Q: what shocking news have you recently learned? 
A: hhhmmmm.....nothing crazy. life is pretty steady right now. nothing to crazy. 

September 23, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: write down a quote for today. 
i had today off. i called out of work, well technically i had it off because i worked on Saturday. i woke up late, went on a nice drive to DLTA, got me a delicious donut!!! drove all over Pasadena and ended up at Target and got me some new bed covers and other junk. pretty amazing Tuesday! (: 

September 24, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: when was the last time you went dancing? 
A: Saturday at Anarchy with Mon & Danny. :) 
great night!

September 25, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: do you plan, or are you a flying by the seat of your pants? 
A: flying by the seat of my pants. 

September 26, 2014 {Friday}
Q: today was amazing because ____________.
A: i was denying myself an IKEA trip yet i went and ended up finding everything i did need but could have waited. 
oooh, IKEA. 
i love you IKEA!!!

im stuffed with soup and cake. chonch and i just played about an hour of basketball. 
chonch is my dog so you can imagine that game. pretty cool. gave her a shower, took her for a walk and now im finishing this up dreading the fact that Sunday is almost over. 
and i also have some homework to lets get to that. 

hope you had a great weekend and you're ready to kick this week's butt. 
thanks for reading! :*

Snapshot Sunday {265-271}

hello Sunday! (: 
i love you so. 
woke up late, did some birthday shopping (for Tess!) and now im watching Gilmore Girls (im on season 6 so you wont have to hear much more about that i promise!) and waiting for my mother to get home and finish her soup!!! curse you Ross for being so close! bahaha
lets get started!
265 // 
finalizing some placement for things in my room. decided to clean up my boards so i can find them homes. 
cleaned this one up and made it my "concert board" (!!!) can you believe it?! this is in a 2 year span and im still missing some on here that i have framed up. 
several concerts // several raves // several festivals. 
life is great!
266 // 
this is what its like to be one of my books. 
i loooove tagging pages!
267 // 
i love all this pink going on. 
....and its not even my favorite color!
268 // 
found rick james in my sisters bed. 
269 // 
"leslie! we're on fire! run!" 
she then proceeds to sit in her car for 10 minutes as i leave for school. 
oh mother. 
270 // 
socks should never match. specially not on a Friday!
(also, i lost their other halves so ya know! ;)
271 // 
mk. so im doing this pen pal thing with a few of my blogging friends. this is from Joleen. 
can i just take a moment and say WOW!!!!
this is amazing!
i love it! 
im still working on yours J. those 5 places are a mission lol 

thanks for reading. 
enjoy the rest of your weekend :*

TMI....or not enough!

me wearing said blazer backwards although you cant really tell.
also, someone gift me new (old school) iPhone headphones for Xmas or my bday. the old ones not the new ones that go in to your brains!

you know i looove these! just found this here and thought i should just go and play along.
here are some more Leslie Fun Facts!

What are you wearing? 
-my blue work shirt. my blue blazer backwards, jeans and chucks! (: casual friday at work rules!
oh! and as always, mismatched socks! (: 

Ever been in love? 

- yes.
one simply does not bite in to a white chocolate stripes donut and NOT fall in love. 

Ever had a terrible breakup? 
- i think at the moment you are living them, they're all terrible. but luckily nothing too crazy. 
im still here kickin' butt! ;)

How tall are you? - i think im 5'2  but some say 5'0

Any tattoos? 

a star and a music note on my wrist // 4 stars on my wrist //4 on my waist // a sparrow on my left side rib cage. 
i had a star phase as you can tell but the way it started was; my cousin Vera has a star on her wrist. i wanted one but the dude who tatted me said no because of work blah blah so i got the one on my waist. a friend of mine Alan, gifted me the one on my foot. the one on my wrist, i was watching LA ink and i said screw it im getting my original tattoo. STILL another artist said no. so we went higher and i added a note. 
the sparrow. kids, this is why that saying exists "cheap tattoos are not good and good tattoos are not cheap." of course i intend to fix it but im not in a hurry its been years so its obvious im not. im guessing because its hidden and no one sees it. ill eventually fix it buuuuut.....

Any piercings? 
- just my ears. i had the that's what its called? i took care of that sob but it hurt to sleep on it. 
girls gotta make choices. so its gone. 
i wanted to get my tongue pierced but i didnt. 
moral of the story is....ALWAYS WAIT!!!! if you're so sure, you can wait. it wont make a difference.  

OTP? (i had too google this. apparently it means one true paring!) 

- considering im a love of lover i don't know. but if i had to say: 
elsie & jeremy 
emma & trey
grace & darren 
jen & kev
yea i dont know them personally but based on their instagrams and blogs, you can tell they truly love each other and i love that. 
thats what i mean about love. but she rocks!

Favorite show? 

- Gilmore Girls & The Nanny. a lot of other great shows but those two are and forever will be my favorite. 
oh and Parenthood!!!! gah! 6 seasons and its over. curse you NBC!!!

Favorite bands? 

- The Strokes
and a lot more....but lets get a move on ya know. 

Something you miss? - chili cheese fries at jacks! (curly fries with chili cheese on em) do you remember those? gah! my childhood! then they were gone. they came back just to leave again. curse you jack! maybe i should tweet them but i don't have a twitter so therein lies the dilemma. 

Favorite song? 

- Monsoon by Jack Johnson
"you tell me time never waits, well that's okay cause i don't wait for time." 
believe it or not, i want to get that lyric tattooed. 
i actually have been since i first heard it in 2008 but I've waited this long because its forever so i want it to be great. 

How old are you? 
-26 and 9 months

Zodiac sign? 


Quality you look for in a partner?

- trust. honesty. loyalty. 
and dudes gotta cook. because i cant. but i will wash the hell out of all those pots, pans and dishes. 50/50 ya know! ;) 
and be funny! 
Favorite Quote? 

- like i said above "you tell me time never waits, well that's okay cause i don't wait for time." its not a quote per say but i looove it. 

Favorite actor? 

- actress. Fran Drescher. 
the say i met her was the day my life was complete. 

Favorite color? -green. 

Loud music or soft? 

-depends on what im doing. i like it all. but im not a huge fan of country or that screamo stuff. 

Where do you go when you're sad? 

- on a drive. usually along the beach. i love the beach. 
specially at night. 

How long does it take you to shower? - i hate showering!!!! because it takes me for freaking ever! a body shower can take me like 45 minutes. i don't know why. i try to cut it down but i cant. once im in i don't want to get out. 

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

- im  not a girly girl so not that long. maybe like 10 - 15 minutes. 

Ever been in a physical fight?- yes. it didn't last long though. she kept trying to hit my boobs so i was covering them the whole time. i think the only one time i took a swing i somehow got my finger stuck in her spaghetti strap and necklace so when i pulled my hand back i ripped her stuff off and her boob came out. 
haha. karma. 
but seriously im a lover not a fighter. 
that's my one and only time!

Turn on? 

- intellectual conversations about books or life or just a passion in something in general. if i don't know something and you teach me something new, man!!!

Turn off? 
- misspelling basic shit. your you're // too to two // than then (although i am guilty of that one) // there their the're. ahhh! i know i miss stuff here and there but that bugs me. also, don't be a cheap ass when tipping. you can afford a $100 meal but not leave a good tip? (I've never experienced that 1st hand but i just HATE BAD TIPPERS!!!!)  

Fears? - spiders. and being away from my family if anything huge where to happen like an earthquake or something of that nature. 

Last thing that made you cry? - Gilmore Girls. 

im hooked. i know, i need a life. but when Luke told Loralei that he couldn't do it anymore, JESUS! if you didn't cry then you have no heart!

Last time you said you loved someone? 

-i i dont member. probably chonchies. im always telling her and she just looks the other way .

Last book you read? 
- you're not doing it right by Michael Ian Black. 

The book you're currently reading? 

- perks of being a wallflower. 
JESUS! so far, i think i prefer the movie. 

Last show you watched? - Gilmore Girls by dvd choice and House Hunter on HGTV  by tv choice

Last person you talked to?- phone call: this lady from Lowes. text: Marco. 

The relationship between you and the person you last texted? 

- friend. 

Favorite food? 

- soup. pho. wonton. egg soup. miso. you name it, im down. i love soup. if there was one category of food i had to eat for the rest of my life, it'd be soup. ALWAYS!

Place you want to visit? 

- big sur. and i really want to go back to New York!!!

Last place you were? - at home in my room getting ready for work. 

Do you have a crush?

- not at this moment. 

Last time you kissed someone?
-haha. last weekend. unexpected and awesome.  

Favorite flavour of sweet? 

- i dont know. im not a huge sweets person.  

What instruments do you play? 

- none but i used to know how to play the accordion. and i would love to learn how to play the drums!!!!

Favorite piece of jewelry

- i don't think i have a super favorite one but if i had to chose I'd say that $2.99 bracelet i gold bracelet that had a diamond shaped cut out on it. im not describing it well but its kinda like this. except with no bling and a straight band. 

Last sport you played? 
- running. does that count? lol because if not then legit-ly, id say volleyball in high school. if not then basketball with my brother. swimming not that long ago. 

Last song you sang?

- Joss Stone on Spotify. currently stuck on her so pick any song on there and i was probably singing along to it. 

Favorite chat up line? 

- i like that (insert whatever the person is wearing) you're wearing. 

Have you ever used it? 

- yea. this dude had an awesome shirt with sunglasses on it. it wasn't a pick up line i was just being honest but ya see what i mean! ;) 

you're welcome. 

Last time you hung out with anyone? 

- Jaydeen, Andy and i went to snow monster! (: 

Who should answer these questions next?
-anyone who wants to. but leave a link on my comments if you do so i can read it! (: 

thanks for reading along! (: 
...and if ya find more let me know. i love em!

this & that

happy 4th birthday Ryan. 
this is beyond beautiful. prepare to cry.
Giant Bow Gift Wrap DIY | Oh Happy Day!
id create this and then gift someone a teeny tiny gift! >:D
Felted Ball Garland
I've always wondered how felt balls were made.
wonder no more!
and lets make some garlands!!!
DIY Emoji Balloons
seriously, Kelly is out of this world! <3
emoji ballons? why not!

who wants to have a pineapple gift bag giving party because THESE ARE CUTE!!!!
ah, this is just brilliant! i love cork everything!

i was thinking to myself that at the age of 26  i have yet to catch a sunflower patch and then i saw this post and man, they are beautiful.
i need to find me one soon!
oof. i LOVE these. i want one sooo bad!!! im currently anti-purse so these are great!
elise, i love them all!!!

this skirt is EVERYTHING!
Make your own paper door for a party invite or menu (click through for template)
cutest invitations (menu's) ever!
good for a house warming party.

thanks for browsin the webs with me! 

Street Art: The Linq at Las Vegas

a couple of weekends ago i took my mother and sister to Vegas to catch the Marc Anthony concert. 
Friday, we got there, checked in, had dinner and walked the strip. 

The Linq opened up earlier this year (hotel later on in Oct) and while i have been to Las Vegas several times this year this was the first time i got to go. and truthfully the ONLY reason i wanted to go was because i wanted to see the street art they have there. it was a mission to get there because i have no idea where the parking is for this place so we parked at the very beginning of the strip at the MGM and worked our way down. 
its was worth it. 
we saw Leslie Chow (the hangover. "street artist" of course) in a thong.
my mom was amazed at all the practically naked women and she had a blast at Ross (-.-) and all the little souvenir shops. i just wanted to go to The Linq. 

it was worth it once we got there. 
jump on over and take a look!

You're Not Doing It Right // Michael Ian Black

published: 2012 
isbn#: 978-1-4391-6785-4 
read from 9/12-19/2014
no nail polish. i have given up!

i LOVE Michael Ian Black!!!
do i know any of his work? not a lot, but i do know him as the guy from vh1's best week ever and apparently he also wrote the screenplay for Run, Fatboy, Run. 
i LOVE that movie!!!
this is also i believe his second book and he's written several children's books. pretty awesome. I'm about to look up his first book so i can check it out. 

its been a while since my last read. i went to the library looking for this book but had to wait a bit since they had to get it from another library. 
i found out about this book through Carlee. once i saw she was reading it and who it was, i had to grab it!
i will say i regret not having bought the book because i loved it!

i cant really spoil anything because its just short stories of his life involving the wife and kids but its pretty highlarious.
what i love about this book is how honest, if that's what you want to call it, he keeps it, about life and marriage and kids. 

I'm just going to do bullet points like last time. seems easier that way for these kind of books. (and yes pictures are still missing but I'm working on it!) 

jump on over for more good stuff on this book!

Date Night: Snow Monster

its amazing how hard it is to get people together when life is happening!
i have been wanting to go to Snow Monster for foreeever!!!!

i heard about this place through a friend when he went on a date night with his girlfriend and ever since then I've been trying to get Andy & Jaydeen to go with me but its been one thing after another and it wasn't until last night that we were able to go. 
in my opinion, best way to say goodbye to summer. with some ice cream and drinks.
...but we live in California so hey. fall for us is a cool 80 degrees now. 
i got a Thai tea and a cookies and cream scoop in between a sprinkles macaroon. 

i loved the Thai tea buuuut unless you're going to be eating Thai food to go along with that drink, i don't think I'll be ordering it again. it was TOO much and i ended up having a huge sugar crash afterwards. 
you know when you eat too much frosting and you can fell it in your throat? that's how i felt. 

the mason jars are $6. but you get to take them home! and you can always take the jar back and they will refill it for you at the regular drink price which i think is $3 and change. win win for me!
us 3: before and after. 
Jay and Andy both got strawberry lemonade. simply delicious!!!!
Andy got a waffle sandwich with vanilla ice cream. one waffle was cinnamon and the other was another flavor. 
Jaydeen got the waffle with mint chocolate chip. 
we fell in love with our spoons!!!!
when we got them they first white of course. it wasn't until after a few bites that we noticed they turned blue because of the cold. we had a little TOO much fun with that. 
the pen marks on my hand are from trying to write our names on the jenga piece.
note to self: take a marker next time! and note to you: read the jenga pieces. some are HIGHLARIOUS!

after eating our dessert we played a game of jenga aaaand  i lost. i lost because i stupidly grabbed a block Andy said was about to fall (insert face palm). 
then after that we played Uno (my first time) i think we played about 7 times and i lost every single game. I LOVED IT!!!

perfect way to say "goodbye" to summer. 

that i am aware of there are 2 locations; one in Huntington Beach and the other in Westminster
if you're in the area, you should stop by!
they also have shaved ice cream and i think you can pick certain toppings but either way...take plenty of people with ya because those are HUUUUGE!


Phone Case of the Month: September

what kind of phone do you have? 
a Samsung Galaxy? 
...oh I'm very sorry. 
"but why Les, you have a galaxy s5 and you love it!" 
yes i do i wouldn't change it for the world. (okay maybe the 6 or id even wait for a 7! the way, when do you call it quits? is apple going to go up to like iPhone 7835451?) 

anyways, why did i say that? because if you're like me and you own an KNOW how hard it is to find a case!
its not until now that i have the 5 that I'm finding ridiculously cute cases for the s3!
and most of the homemade stuff you find on etsy (I'm sorry but...) sorta sucks. its an empty case with a metal cutout glued to the case.  

for the 3 & the 5 i just bought the case at t-mobile and I've always gotten the same one because i loooove it soooo! and because lets face it, at $30 a pop i might as well get a case that will hella protect my phone! and let me tell you, it has saved my phone a million times. 

anyways, all of that to tell you basically that i found a website that for the LOW price of $10 ($5 if you use this link! ;) sends you a case once a month for your phone! (both droids and iphones!) 

Septembers case: 

isn't it cute!? 
its only $10 so don't expect it to be all super uber protective but a case on your phone is better than none. (and all those broken iPhone screens prove my point!)

it comes in the little red bag (seen above) with goodies! i didn't picture it on the post but i got a sticker and something else (i forgot!) 
i loved it!!!!
i love that its wearing a scarf! (what!) it's super light as well so it was good since the other cover on my phone usually makes it heavier.
i cant wait to see what i get next month. 

like i said, if ya want $$$ off use this link.
and if you get one let me know what you got! (:
....and lets share links! (:
obviously the more you share your personal link the more you get $ off so most cases can even be free. lets do each other a favor and gift each other free cases! 
oh, and shipping is free so win win win!!!

ps: no they are not sponsoring me in ANY way. 
i just like sharing goodies! (: 
all opinions are my own 

Snapshot Sunday {258-264}

perfect Sunday.
woke up at 1130 am (oh so good!), slightly hungover, cleaned (ish) my room and im now watching Gilmore Girls. Jess is back and Luke just asked Lorelai out to his sisters wedding. 
yes, i know. i need a life. 

lets get started!

258 // 
sometimes lunch breaks consist of chocolate cake and a good read outside while its (FINALLY) a little bit windy. 
report on that book coming right up. spoiler: i loved it!
259 // 
picked these babies up in Vegas last weekend. 
cant wait to use them. 
(yes ive had them a week and no i have not used them yet! shame on me!) 
260 // 
clouds on the way home from Vegas. 
261 // 
i have ALWAYS wanted to go to Downtown LA at night and walk around but being the huge chicken that i am there's no way that i'd go by myself. my friend Dan hit me up, we went and i got this beautiful shot! insert heart eyes emoji. isnt she a beauty! 
thanks for taking me dan.  love ya ya jerk. 
262 // 
i mean c'mon!!!
all right im over him, he bit my nose. 
263 // 
no life changing reason for this picture. i just love how AMAZING this picture looks. 
gah! i love my s5!
264 // 
im sorry if this offends anyone (but i mean, is it lying?) i saw this last night and man, i was laughing for about a good 30 minutes. i was buzzing it so maybe that added to the factor. im not going to lie, im still laughing. 

time to go do some more nothing. i love it. 
thanks for reading.  (: 

Q & A { 9/13 to 9/19 2014}

my coworker has taken to leaving me almond kisses on my desk by surprise from time to time and i loove it! (:  those kind of kisses are the best. 

you see my name written up there? the one that looks like a 2 year old asleep  wrote it? that's me! :D
i think sometime the year before last i decided that i wanted to learn how to write with my left hand (i mean how cool is that!?) i used to have to go to these boring work meetings every Thursday so instead of paying attention, id practice. i know it doesn't look the best but let me tell you; its the best its ever been! :D

i know I've been quiet on the book front but i was off it a bit and then i picked up a book i didn't end up caring for while waiting for the one i just finished to come in from another library. i laughed, i cried, i looked like a weirdo because i was laughing and crying at the same time in public. i cant wait to write about it!
i have a Las Vegas street art post, old room post, and another one lined up i cant wait!
just, let me take a nap and then ill be ready to kick {bloggin} butt!

lets get started!

September 13, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: write down a minor, but chronic, problem. 
A:  this heat. we need some rain. plain and simple. also, this cut on my palm. some crazy glue would help.
seriously, this week we hit 100 basically every day since Monday. it calmed down yesterday but jeez. id get home and put my dog in the freezer because she was so hot. luckily the ac at work is always running and by the time i was out it wasn't as bad. and by wasn't i mean, i only had 2 more hours of sun to deal with. 
take it down a notch sun!, you ain't gotta keep it one hundred no more!

September 14, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: who can help you?
everyone. anyone. 
everyone contributes one way or another. 

September 15, 2014 {Monday}
Q: who are the most important people in your life?
family. also, i LOVE my cousins. we're all a bunch of jokes. 
cant wait for the LA fair trip!

September 16, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: what would you want to study at school? 
A: if money wasn't an issue...then a little bit of everything. 
but honestly, i have NO IDEA what i want to major in. 

September 17, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: whats your favorite snack food?
i don't really snack on food. weird now that i think about it. but lately all I've been wanting is fruit. 
no i am NOT pregnant. 
1) you gotta do the deed to get the reward and b) I'm currently paying the price for not being active with pain if ya catch my drift. 
TOM you sob. i HATE you. 
tmi?  yea probably, but we're all grown ups here. 

September 18, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: a decision that you made today ________________. 
A: will not post answer. 
but.....i had class on Thursday that ended up being cancelled. we had to turn in our tests at the math lab. i made the decision to stay and do 1 hr of lab. (i have to do 3 hrs this semester. i don't have a choice! its like 6% of my grade) instead of leaving (also the fact that i had paid $2 for a parking pass played a huge motivation part in that decision) i stayed and got my hour. i would have stayed for 2 but mother nature said "Les, get your butt to walmart!" so yea. that still counts no? 

September 19, 2014 {Friday}
Q: what's a new place you have recently been to?
i know there's a place. or several even. but at the top of my head i cant remember. 
although today i went to Cudahy (not exciting i know) but memories. been a while since I've been there. 

i just got a new pen pal and im super excited about that!
im going to go home and whip something up for her to send on over! (: 
its weird because at work all i want to do is go home and sleep but when i get home all i want to do is craft. merp. 

thanks for reading! :*
have a fantabulous weekend!!!!

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