Date Night: Snow Monster

its amazing how hard it is to get people together when life is happening!
i have been wanting to go to Snow Monster for foreeever!!!!

i heard about this place through a friend when he went on a date night with his girlfriend and ever since then I've been trying to get Andy & Jaydeen to go with me but its been one thing after another and it wasn't until last night that we were able to go. 
in my opinion, best way to say goodbye to summer. with some ice cream and drinks.
...but we live in California so hey. fall for us is a cool 80 degrees now. 
i got a Thai tea and a cookies and cream scoop in between a sprinkles macaroon. 

i loved the Thai tea buuuut unless you're going to be eating Thai food to go along with that drink, i don't think I'll be ordering it again. it was TOO much and i ended up having a huge sugar crash afterwards. 
you know when you eat too much frosting and you can fell it in your throat? that's how i felt. 

the mason jars are $6. but you get to take them home! and you can always take the jar back and they will refill it for you at the regular drink price which i think is $3 and change. win win for me!
us 3: before and after. 
Jay and Andy both got strawberry lemonade. simply delicious!!!!
Andy got a waffle sandwich with vanilla ice cream. one waffle was cinnamon and the other was another flavor. 
Jaydeen got the waffle with mint chocolate chip. 
we fell in love with our spoons!!!!
when we got them they first white of course. it wasn't until after a few bites that we noticed they turned blue because of the cold. we had a little TOO much fun with that. 
the pen marks on my hand are from trying to write our names on the jenga piece.
note to self: take a marker next time! and note to you: read the jenga pieces. some are HIGHLARIOUS!

after eating our dessert we played a game of jenga aaaand  i lost. i lost because i stupidly grabbed a block Andy said was about to fall (insert face palm). 
then after that we played Uno (my first time) i think we played about 7 times and i lost every single game. I LOVED IT!!!

perfect way to say "goodbye" to summer. 

that i am aware of there are 2 locations; one in Huntington Beach and the other in Westminster
if you're in the area, you should stop by!
they also have shaved ice cream and i think you can pick certain toppings but either way...take plenty of people with ya because those are HUUUUGE!


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