Snapshot Sunday {265-271}

hello Sunday! (: 
i love you so. 
woke up late, did some birthday shopping (for Tess!) and now im watching Gilmore Girls (im on season 6 so you wont have to hear much more about that i promise!) and waiting for my mother to get home and finish her soup!!! curse you Ross for being so close! bahaha
lets get started!
265 // 
finalizing some placement for things in my room. decided to clean up my boards so i can find them homes. 
cleaned this one up and made it my "concert board" (!!!) can you believe it?! this is in a 2 year span and im still missing some on here that i have framed up. 
several concerts // several raves // several festivals. 
life is great!
266 // 
this is what its like to be one of my books. 
i loooove tagging pages!
267 // 
i love all this pink going on. 
....and its not even my favorite color!
268 // 
found rick james in my sisters bed. 
269 // 
"leslie! we're on fire! run!" 
she then proceeds to sit in her car for 10 minutes as i leave for school. 
oh mother. 
270 // 
socks should never match. specially not on a Friday!
(also, i lost their other halves so ya know! ;)
271 // 
mk. so im doing this pen pal thing with a few of my blogging friends. this is from Joleen. 
can i just take a moment and say WOW!!!!
this is amazing!
i love it! 
im still working on yours J. those 5 places are a mission lol 

thanks for reading. 
enjoy the rest of your weekend :*

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