TMI....or not enough!

me wearing said blazer backwards although you cant really tell.
also, someone gift me new (old school) iPhone headphones for Xmas or my bday. the old ones not the new ones that go in to your brains!

you know i looove these! just found this here and thought i should just go and play along.
here are some more Leslie Fun Facts!

What are you wearing? 
-my blue work shirt. my blue blazer backwards, jeans and chucks! (: casual friday at work rules!
oh! and as always, mismatched socks! (: 

Ever been in love? 

- yes.
one simply does not bite in to a white chocolate stripes donut and NOT fall in love. 

Ever had a terrible breakup? 
- i think at the moment you are living them, they're all terrible. but luckily nothing too crazy. 
im still here kickin' butt! ;)

How tall are you? - i think im 5'2  but some say 5'0

Any tattoos? 

a star and a music note on my wrist // 4 stars on my wrist //4 on my waist // a sparrow on my left side rib cage. 
i had a star phase as you can tell but the way it started was; my cousin Vera has a star on her wrist. i wanted one but the dude who tatted me said no because of work blah blah so i got the one on my waist. a friend of mine Alan, gifted me the one on my foot. the one on my wrist, i was watching LA ink and i said screw it im getting my original tattoo. STILL another artist said no. so we went higher and i added a note. 
the sparrow. kids, this is why that saying exists "cheap tattoos are not good and good tattoos are not cheap." of course i intend to fix it but im not in a hurry its been years so its obvious im not. im guessing because its hidden and no one sees it. ill eventually fix it buuuuut.....

Any piercings? 
- just my ears. i had the that's what its called? i took care of that sob but it hurt to sleep on it. 
girls gotta make choices. so its gone. 
i wanted to get my tongue pierced but i didnt. 
moral of the story is....ALWAYS WAIT!!!! if you're so sure, you can wait. it wont make a difference.  

OTP? (i had too google this. apparently it means one true paring!) 

- considering im a love of lover i don't know. but if i had to say: 
elsie & jeremy 
emma & trey
grace & darren 
jen & kev
yea i dont know them personally but based on their instagrams and blogs, you can tell they truly love each other and i love that. 
thats what i mean about love. but she rocks!

Favorite show? 

- Gilmore Girls & The Nanny. a lot of other great shows but those two are and forever will be my favorite. 
oh and Parenthood!!!! gah! 6 seasons and its over. curse you NBC!!!

Favorite bands? 

- The Strokes
and a lot more....but lets get a move on ya know. 

Something you miss? - chili cheese fries at jacks! (curly fries with chili cheese on em) do you remember those? gah! my childhood! then they were gone. they came back just to leave again. curse you jack! maybe i should tweet them but i don't have a twitter so therein lies the dilemma. 

Favorite song? 

- Monsoon by Jack Johnson
"you tell me time never waits, well that's okay cause i don't wait for time." 
believe it or not, i want to get that lyric tattooed. 
i actually have been since i first heard it in 2008 but I've waited this long because its forever so i want it to be great. 

How old are you? 
-26 and 9 months

Zodiac sign? 


Quality you look for in a partner?

- trust. honesty. loyalty. 
and dudes gotta cook. because i cant. but i will wash the hell out of all those pots, pans and dishes. 50/50 ya know! ;) 
and be funny! 
Favorite Quote? 

- like i said above "you tell me time never waits, well that's okay cause i don't wait for time." its not a quote per say but i looove it. 

Favorite actor? 

- actress. Fran Drescher. 
the say i met her was the day my life was complete. 

Favorite color? -green. 

Loud music or soft? 

-depends on what im doing. i like it all. but im not a huge fan of country or that screamo stuff. 

Where do you go when you're sad? 

- on a drive. usually along the beach. i love the beach. 
specially at night. 

How long does it take you to shower? - i hate showering!!!! because it takes me for freaking ever! a body shower can take me like 45 minutes. i don't know why. i try to cut it down but i cant. once im in i don't want to get out. 

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

- im  not a girly girl so not that long. maybe like 10 - 15 minutes. 

Ever been in a physical fight?- yes. it didn't last long though. she kept trying to hit my boobs so i was covering them the whole time. i think the only one time i took a swing i somehow got my finger stuck in her spaghetti strap and necklace so when i pulled my hand back i ripped her stuff off and her boob came out. 
haha. karma. 
but seriously im a lover not a fighter. 
that's my one and only time!

Turn on? 

- intellectual conversations about books or life or just a passion in something in general. if i don't know something and you teach me something new, man!!!

Turn off? 
- misspelling basic shit. your you're // too to two // than then (although i am guilty of that one) // there their the're. ahhh! i know i miss stuff here and there but that bugs me. also, don't be a cheap ass when tipping. you can afford a $100 meal but not leave a good tip? (I've never experienced that 1st hand but i just HATE BAD TIPPERS!!!!)  

Fears? - spiders. and being away from my family if anything huge where to happen like an earthquake or something of that nature. 

Last thing that made you cry? - Gilmore Girls. 

im hooked. i know, i need a life. but when Luke told Loralei that he couldn't do it anymore, JESUS! if you didn't cry then you have no heart!

Last time you said you loved someone? 

-i i dont member. probably chonchies. im always telling her and she just looks the other way .

Last book you read? 
- you're not doing it right by Michael Ian Black. 

The book you're currently reading? 

- perks of being a wallflower. 
JESUS! so far, i think i prefer the movie. 

Last show you watched? - Gilmore Girls by dvd choice and House Hunter on HGTV  by tv choice

Last person you talked to?- phone call: this lady from Lowes. text: Marco. 

The relationship between you and the person you last texted? 

- friend. 

Favorite food? 

- soup. pho. wonton. egg soup. miso. you name it, im down. i love soup. if there was one category of food i had to eat for the rest of my life, it'd be soup. ALWAYS!

Place you want to visit? 

- big sur. and i really want to go back to New York!!!

Last place you were? - at home in my room getting ready for work. 

Do you have a crush?

- not at this moment. 

Last time you kissed someone?
-haha. last weekend. unexpected and awesome.  

Favorite flavour of sweet? 

- i dont know. im not a huge sweets person.  

What instruments do you play? 

- none but i used to know how to play the accordion. and i would love to learn how to play the drums!!!!

Favorite piece of jewelry

- i don't think i have a super favorite one but if i had to chose I'd say that $2.99 bracelet i gold bracelet that had a diamond shaped cut out on it. im not describing it well but its kinda like this. except with no bling and a straight band. 

Last sport you played? 
- running. does that count? lol because if not then legit-ly, id say volleyball in high school. if not then basketball with my brother. swimming not that long ago. 

Last song you sang?

- Joss Stone on Spotify. currently stuck on her so pick any song on there and i was probably singing along to it. 

Favorite chat up line? 

- i like that (insert whatever the person is wearing) you're wearing. 

Have you ever used it? 

- yea. this dude had an awesome shirt with sunglasses on it. it wasn't a pick up line i was just being honest but ya see what i mean! ;) 

you're welcome. 

Last time you hung out with anyone? 

- Jaydeen, Andy and i went to snow monster! (: 

Who should answer these questions next?
-anyone who wants to. but leave a link on my comments if you do so i can read it! (: 

thanks for reading along! (: 
...and if ya find more let me know. i love em!

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