i saw this on Elise's instagram and maaan....think about it. doesn't it hit the spot? all the spots! doesn't it make you feel great!

whatever is going, know that stressing like crazy over it wont change what the outcome already is.
instead, appreciate it for a lesson learned, memories made, and the life learning experience that it is/was. 

thanks for this Elise!!!!
couldn't have come at a better time. 

good night everyone! love, 

ps. i love this commercial! i miss the rain and i want a prius! (: 


  1. I love Elise and saw this on her instagram too now it’s my phone wallpaper so I can remember to chill the eff out!

    1. right!? i currently have a reminded as my wall paper to go get my library book but its changing to this today.
      i love it!!!


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