Profanity Pop - José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros

War Dirty

this one's a heavy picture post guys! my favorite kind of post!

as you all know by now, i am a HUGE Disney lover.
well to an extent. my house isn't covered in it and i don't have it in my everyday you know. 
i love it as much as i can. 
actually, its just Disneyland. 

anyways, last month my mom was watching the news (in Spanish!), in my room when i saw that the gallery La Luz De Jesus had an exhibition by José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros named "Profanity Pop".  (fun fact, i didn't know where the gallery was at exactly til i went the first time. turns out, i had been in front of it before!)
of course, everyone that came out on the news was saying that it was of bad taste and that it should be shown but i said to myself "Les, you better go!" 
so i went. 
the first time i went with my sister and because i wasn't sure if i could take pictures or not, i tried sneaking 'em with my phone. turns out you can take pictures so the next time i went with Mon i took my camera. 
they're not the best but they're better than the ones on my phone. if you'd like to see them a tad bit better you can see them here

jump on over to catch the rest of the pictures! 
you wont be disappointed!

Paloma Negra
--my mom said the picture above was me and my cousins vera, ross and josh...because we were all drunk at Marilyn's wedding. lol! --
I'm not a Sinner I'm just Drawn That Way
Poor Unfortunate Souls 
Saint Daisy and Her Pregnancy
Who Am I to Judge Him
Stay Happy
Mirror Mirror on the Wall
It's a Girl Thing
The Incredulity of Saint Donald (Caravaggio Tribute)
The Veil of Clarabella
Hate & Love
Dreams Come True (Daisy & Minnie) 
Cinderella Revenge
--probably one of my favorites.  Cinderella finally tells evil step mom to shove it! score one for the little person!...and I'm not a smoker but i love how she has a cigarette in her hand.--
Dreams Come true (Grumpy & Dopey) 
It's Never Too Late
Painting the ROSSes Red

--i LOVED this one. sadly when i went back I'm thinking the purchaser had gone to pick it up because it was no longer there. this one was $3,800. can you believe that!? ...had i had the money, i would have gotten it myself!--

I'm so happy that i made myself go because this is one of those things i tell myself i will do and then don't. 
personally, i don't find anything offensive about any of the pictures but that's just me. 
as the saying goes "to each their own." 
what do you think? 
let me know. 

thanks for reading! 

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