Gilmore Girls is coming back!!!!!

I'm not sure why i forgot that i have a blog that's not completely serious so i can post as i please! 
did you guys hear!? 


thanksgiving just got about 23042897342738748127384712374 times better. 
so as soon as it strikes midnight, wherever i am (cause i might be with the bf's family), consider me checked out. i do not exist to the world that day and i might need the rest of that weekend to recover cause I'm sure ill be crying. 

"but les, how do you know you'll be crying?" 
uhm, a) because its freaking Gilmore Girls and B) because i saw the teaser 5 times the day it released and about 5 more today. and every single time, I LEGIT CRIED! (and no I'm not ashamed to admit it)
and yes it might have to do with the fact that I'm a freaking pms'ing hot mess right now but its Gilmore girls. 

the pop tarts, the coffee, RORY! and Lorelai!!!! and Luke.
and please let it be Jess!
and those 4 words!
i vow not to skip ahead and cheat myself BUT i want to go on record and state that i think the last 4 words are "it was always you" or something like that. idk something along those lines. 
Rory to Jess (I FREAKING HOPE) or maybe even Lorelai to Luke!

sorry i need to let this excitement out somewhere. 

but yea. 
I'm currently re watching the show. 
Jess just made the outline of the dead body in front of Doose's market and the move in to the new inn is starting to take place. 
i cannot wait. 


NOVEMBER 25, i love you, BUT HURRY UP!!!


published: 2016
pages: 386

isbn: 9781481432542

read from: 7/19-20/2016
rating: 1) hated it 2) liked it 3) LOVED IT

SYNOPSIS ((amazon))

A summer in Italy turns into a road trip across Tuscany in this sweeping debut novel filled with romance, mystery, and adventure.

Lina is spending the summer in Tuscany, but she isn’t in the mood for Italy’s famous sunshine and fairy-tale landscape. She’s only there because it was her mother’s dying wish that she get to know her father. But what kind of father isn’t around for sixteen years? All Lina wants to do is get back home.

But then Lina is given a journal that her mom had kept when she lived in Italy. Suddenly Lina’s uncovering a magical world of secret romances, art, and hidden bakeries. A world that inspires Lina, along with the ever-so-charming Ren, to follow in her mother’s footsteps and unearth a secret that has been kept from Lina for far too long. It’s a secret that will change everything she knew about her mother, her father—and even herself.

People come to Italy for love and gelato, someone tells her, but sometimes they discover much more.


Lina is sent to Italy due to her mothers last request in order to get to know her father, Howard, who turns out is not her father at all. 

While living in Italy for school, her mother was dating a teacher who she completely fell head over heels in love with but he wasn't returning the same kind of love. 
after heartache and heartbreak and school being done, Hadley (Lina's mom) ends up with Howard. she eventually realizes that its been him all along and shes in love with him. 
this comes months after heartache with Matteo. 

their mutual friend Francesca comes back to Italy to visit with both Hadley and Howard and she lets her know that Matteo wanted to get in contact with her so she decides that she will in fact meet with him. 
so she can tell him that she's pregnant. 

she goes to Rome and she waits a couple of days. 
the reason he wanted to meet with her was to tell her that he wanted to open up his own business and he basically wanted her to work for him because he knew just how valuable she was. 
that's when she breaks the news and he goes ape shit on her. 

so she leaves Italy. 
she leaves Italy because she knew that if she stayed, even though Matteo wanted nothing to do with the baby, he could go after her and keep Lina because of Italian laws. (is that real?) 
so she flees. 
and even though she's in love with Howard, she doesn't tell him because she knows that he'd leave his dream job and leave it all just to be with her. 

so now its up to Lina (with help from Ren) to figure out her mothers story. 

along the way, you meet the rest of the friends (they go to a small school so everyone knows everyone and they get very excited when someone new comes along) 
Originally, Lina was all about Thomas and Ren was all about Mimi (never make a dude wait 2 years. your shit ain't all that) but you KNEW, you just KNEW that somehow Lina and Ren were going to end up together. 

ahhh!!!!! the way she kissed him in Rome and the way she spilled her guts at the party. 
all of me was hoping it would happen and all of me was sad (but had accepted that it wasn't) and all of me times 100 more was so freaking happy that it did. 

eventually she talks it all out with Howard and he knew all along he wasn't her father but he still offers to have her stay if shed like to. 
so of course she does. 

and you want to know what i love about it all? 
that all this happened in like a span of a week. 
(so fake but so <3 <3 <3) 

(just thoughts on the book itself) 

i gotta say. 
i freaking love instagram for all of the #bookstagrams that there are. 
i found this book randomly and the cover caught my attention. 
I'm at the point where if i see a book i like, i take a screenshot and i save it in to my newly created folder aptly named "books to read." 
i headed to the library because they were open til 8 and i didn't want to head home and guys!, i scored. i got 3 books. all from my BTR pile. 

I've said it before, I'm saying it now and i will definitely say it again, I'm a huge believer that a book will call you to read it when its meant to happen. of the 3 i got, this one was not on my high to read list but the one that i just had to read. 
and i don't regret it. 


i loved this book. its been a while (since i can remember) that I've devoured a book in 24 hours. i stayed up way past my bedtime and i read it during lunch, i was so hooked that i basically read it from lunch (230p) until i was off work (5p). 

i absolutely LOVED this story. 
as far-fetched as some of the plot may seem in the sense that a week, really?!, it absolutely sucked me in and i want to go to Italy like right now!!!! (that and i kept thinking of Carlee who is in Italy!)

i fell in love with Lina and Howard because i feel like they weren't over the top. and Howard, ugh! he was just so lovable. 
even the side characters were fun! Marco and Elena and Mimi and Thomas and everyone else.  
i love how she was well know before she even arrived. (that scene when she first gets to Elena's house! <3)

I'm 100% in love with this book. 
i loved it so much I'm not even mad i don't own a physical copy. ...but its on my to buy liat.

cant wait to dive in to the next two books i got. 
hopefully i tear in to them just as quick.

and so, i leave you with this: 

"turns out there's a reason they call it falling in love, because when it happens ---really happens---- that's exactly how it feels. there's no doing or trying, you just let go and hope that someones going to be there to catch you." 
-Lina pg 376 

"when we're together, we make one whole Italian." 
-Ren pg 385

thanks for reading!
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Available // Matteson Perry

published: 2016
pages: 2787 (read as an ebook)
isbn: 978-1-5011-0145-8 (ebook)
read from: 5/21 to 7/18  2016
rating: 1) hated it 2) liked it 3) LOVED IT

SYNOPSIS ((amazon))

Matteson Perry is a Nice Guy. He remembers birthdays, politely averts his eyes on the subway, and enjoys backgammon. A serial monogamist, he’s never asked a stranger out. But when the girl he thought might be The One dumps him, he decides to turn his life around. He comes up with The Plan: 1. Be single for a year. 2. Date a lot of women. 3. Hurt no one’s feelings. He’s not out to get revenge, or to become a pickup artist; he just wants to disrupt his pattern, have some fun, and discover who he is. A quick-witted Everyman, Perry throws himself into the modern world of courtship and digital dating, only to discover that even the best-laid plans won’t necessarily get you laid. Over the course of a year he dated almost thirty different women, including a Swedish tourist, a former high school crush, a born-again virgin, a groupie, an actress, a lesbian, and a biter.

In Available, award-winning storyteller Matteson Perry brings us into the inner sanctum of failed pick-up lines, uncomfortable courtships, awkward texts, and self-discovery, charting the highs and lows of single life and the lessons he learned along the way. Candid, empathetic, and devastatingly funny, Available is the ultimate real-life rom-com about learning to date, finding love, and becoming better at life.


none really. 
not sure how there could be any spoilers in this book. 
but i guess i can say that he does end up marrying his friends ex-girlfriend. but they had been broken up 9 years prior. and he was okay with it. 
he was even the witness at their courthouse wedding so it was all good. 

(just thoughts on the book itself)

I'm not sure why it took me so long to read the book. i guess i just didn't make time for it because this is actually the kind of reads i like. 
this past weekend i picked it back up and i couldn't put it down.

anyway, this book basically walks you towards Matteson's decision to become an unattached, unemotional serial dater. After getting dumped by Kelly, he realizes that he needs to stop being a commitment guy and decides to take on the dating world one lady at a time. 
he decides that for an entire year he will not embark on any new relationship. strictly just dating and sex. a year because he wants to go to Burning Man (which, BUCKET LIST!!!!) a single man. (there might have been other reasoning to that but its been 2 months.) 

so he sets on all sorts of weird dating adventures with all of these women. 
all in all to end up with the one woman he'd already knew, one of the first women he actually hit up on okcupid but had actually known for years. 
hmm. interesting. 

there were little lines here and there that reasoned with me that i wanted to share buuuut alas, i cannot find them on my kindle app to share with ya so...we'll just leave that out there in the universe. 

this was a super quick read that i definitely recommend if you like reading about "life" stuff. its like sex in the city, the guy version. 
his stories were funny, they were "i cant believe hes actually doing that / that's actually happening" funny without being too over the top crazy. 
but most of all, it makes you think. there really are those type of women (and men) out there. 

its a tough dating world for everyone out there. 

thanks for reading.
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(it should be noted that i received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.) 

meet Benji!

meet Benji! ....he's bundled up in there somewhere. 

i am fostering that little chicken nugget and I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!
i came across him through instagram. 
I'm that person that follows like 100 different ig dog pages and he popped up on my feed. 

now don't get me wrong, there have been several dogs that have popped up on my feed that i have wanted to rescue but i haven't because i don't have the space and we already have 2 dogs. 
but for some reason, Benji kept tugging at my heart strings.

then, Bichon Fur Kids rescued him BUT he needed a foster. 
a few days went by and he kept popping up. i still wanted to adopt him but i knew i couldn't. so when i saw that he was up for fostering, i took the plunge and did it. 
i decided to foster Benji. 

and here we are a month later. 

he was "owner" surrendered. i say "owner" because his actual owner passed away and the owners family didn't want to care for him. (btw: that must suck! to be left behind as a pet and not know whats going on. i swear, IF i have a dog when i pass away, I'm staying around spiritually to make sure that fool is in a safe and loving home!!! and i'm pulling the legs of those that dare mistreat them.) 

anyway, they rescued him and now hes at home with me! <3
its been about a month and he's just the most calm and chill dog ever!
everywhere i go, he follows. he knows where his little corner in my room is at. he gets along well with the other 2, even though Chester has major macho man syndrome and hes starting to discover he can bark (maybe he wasn't allowed to before? iduno) he even howls some times. he does all these little weird sounds that just drive insane in love! (insert heart eye emojis.)

I've been battling with the idea of adopting him. 
my brother and sisters are okay with keeping him. in fact they want too. its my mom that's kinda iffy about it because we already have two. 
but also because, while i love my other 2, this one solely depends on me and while everyone at home helps, its still scary knowing that everything falls on me. 
idk how my sister does it. although, Chonch & Chester are more independent. 

so this fostering trip has made me realize that a) im not ready to own a dog. its scary! but maybe i feel that way because hes not completely mine. (we still love him, play with him, hug him and mess around with him like he was indeed ours.) but its also made me realize that b) im DEFINITELY not ready to be a mom. 

4th of July weekend, this little chicken nugget got into the trash and probably ate about all of the food we threw away so hes been puking his bean guts out (both ends actually) in my room and sometimes all over the house....and its not fun to clean up that mess from both ends. 

all in all i don't mind cause i really do love that little chicken nugget lots. 
i always find myself smothering him with hugs and kisses and belly rubs. 
and if there's one thing i love about him, its that the patting and rubs are never over. because as soon as you move your hand away, he's right back at it with his head under your hand. 

oh benji! you've been the best. 
i hope we find you a great home that will love you more than we all already do! 

<3 - Les

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