Gilmore Girls is coming back!!!!!

I'm not sure why i forgot that i have a blog that's not completely serious so i can post as i please! 
did you guys hear!? 


thanksgiving just got about 23042897342738748127384712374 times better. 
so as soon as it strikes midnight, wherever i am (cause i might be with the bf's family), consider me checked out. i do not exist to the world that day and i might need the rest of that weekend to recover cause I'm sure ill be crying. 

"but les, how do you know you'll be crying?" 
uhm, a) because its freaking Gilmore Girls and B) because i saw the teaser 5 times the day it released and about 5 more today. and every single time, I LEGIT CRIED! (and no I'm not ashamed to admit it)
and yes it might have to do with the fact that I'm a freaking pms'ing hot mess right now but its Gilmore girls. 

the pop tarts, the coffee, RORY! and Lorelai!!!! and Luke.
and please let it be Jess!
and those 4 words!
i vow not to skip ahead and cheat myself BUT i want to go on record and state that i think the last 4 words are "it was always you" or something like that. idk something along those lines. 
Rory to Jess (I FREAKING HOPE) or maybe even Lorelai to Luke!

sorry i need to let this excitement out somewhere. 

but yea. 
I'm currently re watching the show. 
Jess just made the outline of the dead body in front of Doose's market and the move in to the new inn is starting to take place. 
i cannot wait. 


NOVEMBER 25, i love you, BUT HURRY UP!!!

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