meet Benji!

meet Benji! ....he's bundled up in there somewhere. 

i am fostering that little chicken nugget and I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!
i came across him through instagram. 
I'm that person that follows like 100 different ig dog pages and he popped up on my feed. 

now don't get me wrong, there have been several dogs that have popped up on my feed that i have wanted to rescue but i haven't because i don't have the space and we already have 2 dogs. 
but for some reason, Benji kept tugging at my heart strings.

then, Bichon Fur Kids rescued him BUT he needed a foster. 
a few days went by and he kept popping up. i still wanted to adopt him but i knew i couldn't. so when i saw that he was up for fostering, i took the plunge and did it. 
i decided to foster Benji. 

and here we are a month later. 

he was "owner" surrendered. i say "owner" because his actual owner passed away and the owners family didn't want to care for him. (btw: that must suck! to be left behind as a pet and not know whats going on. i swear, IF i have a dog when i pass away, I'm staying around spiritually to make sure that fool is in a safe and loving home!!! and i'm pulling the legs of those that dare mistreat them.) 

anyway, they rescued him and now hes at home with me! <3
its been about a month and he's just the most calm and chill dog ever!
everywhere i go, he follows. he knows where his little corner in my room is at. he gets along well with the other 2, even though Chester has major macho man syndrome and hes starting to discover he can bark (maybe he wasn't allowed to before? iduno) he even howls some times. he does all these little weird sounds that just drive insane in love! (insert heart eye emojis.)

I've been battling with the idea of adopting him. 
my brother and sisters are okay with keeping him. in fact they want too. its my mom that's kinda iffy about it because we already have two. 
but also because, while i love my other 2, this one solely depends on me and while everyone at home helps, its still scary knowing that everything falls on me. 
idk how my sister does it. although, Chonch & Chester are more independent. 

so this fostering trip has made me realize that a) im not ready to own a dog. its scary! but maybe i feel that way because hes not completely mine. (we still love him, play with him, hug him and mess around with him like he was indeed ours.) but its also made me realize that b) im DEFINITELY not ready to be a mom. 

4th of July weekend, this little chicken nugget got into the trash and probably ate about all of the food we threw away so hes been puking his bean guts out (both ends actually) in my room and sometimes all over the house....and its not fun to clean up that mess from both ends. 

all in all i don't mind cause i really do love that little chicken nugget lots. 
i always find myself smothering him with hugs and kisses and belly rubs. 
and if there's one thing i love about him, its that the patting and rubs are never over. because as soon as you move your hand away, he's right back at it with his head under your hand. 

oh benji! you've been the best. 
i hope we find you a great home that will love you more than we all already do! 

<3 - Les

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