Fitbit // 1 year anniversary

thanks to Elise, i fell IN LOVE with my fitbit. 
i wear it religiously. day in, day out, when I'm awake, when I'm asleep. when i went swimming and sooometimes (but not really) when I'm in the shower.  the only time its ever off for sure its when i charge it. 

id never heard of it before until this post  (actually that's a lie! my roommate had the baby version i just never asked) but i didn't buy it until March 9th, 2015. when i stopped by target on a whim to buy it before heading to the movies with Andy. 
i remember thinking "fuck. $100 is a lot for something i miiiight regret buying shortly.(you know buyers remorse? ya. hello, i have that up the wazoo!!! i regret EVERYTHING i buy.) but i kept it and i surely fell in love. 

that first day, because i got it like 5pm and then went to the movies, i only hit 5,908 steps and i was like woooah. 
seeing those little dots light up made me all sorts of happy. i have it set to a 10k a day goal so every little dots ='s 2k. 

then Elise did a 1 year recap and i was even more in love!!!!
i loved the idea of seeing a years worth of walking. 

hers looks different...but anyways, its very freaking awesome to me to see how much i did in a year. 
it should be noted that i HATE exercising. i love running but I'm lazy. i cant even begin to tell you so that's another reason i love my fitbit! because if i see that i am thisclose to hitting my 10k you can bet your butt i get up to get them. 

you can also do daily/weekly/weekend challenges with other people and that also motivates the hell out of you.
usually I'm very chill about those and when i do get 1st place its because i do the weekend ones when i happen to go hiking. that and when my coworker challenges me because i know it BUGS her that i beat her. hey! what ever motivates you!
like for example, this one time we had a whole week one, Friday night, 10 minutes left, neck to neck kinda, i was running like an idiot up and down my block trying to get those last few steps. it paid off!, but I'm pretty sure i looked like an idiot. 
the fitbit syncs to your phone via blue tooth and as long as you have it on, it refreshes so you can see your numbers. because of that, we'd only update like every 8 hrs so we couldn't see anyone else's numbers unless they refreshed. (you can never see anyone else's numbers unless you're doing a challenge) 

by far my best day has been December 12, 2015 with 33,112 steps. 
B and i went hiking at the Bridge of Nowhere (i have yet to still upload those -_____-) 
i was pretty shocked cause i didn't think it'd be that many. 
and i got a "congrats on 30k steps in one day badge" haaay!

in the very beginning, you get badges for mostly anything. hitting your first 5,000 steps, then 10,15, 20, 30 and so on. there's also badges for lifetime miles walked (Italy, on.) depending on the fitbit you have (i have the flex) you can also get flights and a bunch of other stuff. 
its kind of cool getting all those badges but they become less and less over time. at least for me. its just nice to have a little "hey!, you're awesome" reminder. 

I'm trying to upgrade to the Alta BUT i don't need a new one so ill just hold off a bit on that. 
other than that, this has been the best $100 ive ever spent. and luckily if you're not one to want the brand new model, you can get the flex for a very good price on amazon or even at target. heck even the HR Charge or whatever is called is on sale for the price of a "basic" fitbit. 

basically all of this just to say i love my fitbit. 
so if you read all of that, thanks!
also, if you have a fitbit, let me know!, lets be friends!

this weekend // 2 things

I'm reusing this picture because i did not take a single one on Easter. 

I've been blogging now for....2 years? no, 3!
in that time, I've written a lot or random stuff and a lot of my old stuff got deleted BUT from what i can remember, THIS is my fave post. i love, love, LOVE it!
I'm not sure what it is. maybe its because i can recall things clearly, i don't know but its by far my most favorite so i wanted to do the same for this weekend. lets get to it but this time I'm starting from Thursday!

-i applied for the part time job at and i got an interview (!!!!!). I'm still waiting to hear back. I'm okay if i don't get it cause it is part time and its less than what i make now and that scares me. BUT if i were to get it, I'd try to move things around to make it work since its only for 3 months and they'll eventually need me less and less. (although I'm secretly hoping it could turn in to a full time.) but we'll see. i have yet to hear from them which I'm supposed too today. if i don't, ill be okay and ill send them an awesome thank you for even interviewing me card. 
by the way, their new location is so cool! lots of bright light and it wasn't fully set up but it looked like so much fun! and just to interview, I'm completely thankful for. 

- i was supposed to have date night with B but as soon as i got there, Evelyn wanted to go to some paint nite event where we painted (they did good, i murdered mine!) an owl. sooo much fun! you get to paint and drink. tell me being an adult isn't fun! (minus the bills and responsibilities)  we did that for 2 hours and then we played a couple of games since it was inside a Dave & Busters. then we went home ate and passed out. haha. 
it was so much fun because since the 9 months I've been with B, this is the first time i do something with JUST his sister and Evelyn. so much fun to have a girls night. B was making fun of my owl BUT he proudly hung it up in his room. so much love. i told him if we ever move in together, he's putting that thing in the garage. or his man cave. 
now, i should note that we got there 1/2 hr late eeek. that's why mine is all aeuthhflkja. i was hurrying to catch up and i was following the lady next to me which is my feathers go side to side instead of up and down. lol 

-we did end up leaving work early. but like dumb. 
i went in at 7 thinking, we'll do 4 hrs and leave but no, i got to leave like 45 mins before i was off and then i spent a stupid hour waiting at the dentist. 

- we went on a double date to go see Batman v Superman. 
have you seen it? whatcha think? 
i LOVED it. but then again i don't know my comic book history. i cant even tell you who's DC or marvel, erm sorta. but i liked it. i think people complain because it wasn't action heavy until the end. and i also think Ben did an awesome job. 
it is an extremely long movie so go early. we went at 1135 and didn't get out until 2am. 

-we went to big bear
and i further proved that when a woman is angry, just feed her. (sorry B.) 

-first triple date. super fun!!!

- spent Easter with B's family. i love em all!!!!

we went to his sisters house and i spent the entire day with the kids in the pool! 

i cant remember the last time we did Easter all together with my family. its been a long while and my mom usually always works so as hard as it may be to believe, i had forgotten all about Easter baskets and the whole looking for eggs deal. 
i went with B to target and we made the kids Easter bags (6 in total so more cost effective) and that was sooo much fun to put together. i don't have any god children so i have NEVER made a gift basket and didn't know how fun they could be. 
the day of, when they were looking for eggs, it was soo much fun to see all the little kids go crazy looking for them. 
i told them all there was an egg with a $20 (there wasn't) and that seemed to boost em up. 

things i want to remember about Easter with B's family: 

1// andy finally saying hi to me. like he actually shook my hand and then i went in for that awkward hug deal. you know how it is lol. i have been around all the kids for a while now and so far the boys have been a little bit hesitant towards me.  i wonder why. the girls all seem to like me lol.  and then i threw his ass in the pool. ha!

2// getting in the pool and all the kids being super excited about it. mads starting cheering and that melted my  heart because she's cool with me but that little chant was the cutest thing EVER!!!!

3// swimming all day with all the kids and hanging out in the pool with nessa the entire time basically. swimming back and forth with her and "teaching" gemma how to swim. and then that one time i tried getting into the jacuzzi but i basically just fell all the way in. everyone was laughing. 

4// little teo and juji talking to me non stop! teo is very shy with me and hes talked to me before but its the cutest thing!!!! and then i'd tell him to flex his muscles and he would and it was the cutest thing EVER!!!! haha. that little boy is the cutest thing ever!

5// not wanting to get out of the pool. at all. B begged me to get out. and it wasnt until nessa's dad told her to get out that i got out lol. don't get me near a pool. you'll fight to get me out. 

6// when they did look for eggs, teo was mad cause we'd tell him where to go. so his nina went to go grab him to show him and he got mad. so he dropped his bag and then found an egg and launched it at her. it was THEE funniest thing ever. luckily he missed. looks like all that baseball is paying off. 

overall it was a very good holiday with them all! <3
im honestly so lucky to be a part of that family. 

i woke up with a bruise inside my thigh. and for a while after i got out of the pool, all the lights had a rainbow ring around them because i had my eyes open underwater the entire time but it was the best. 
i cant wait to continue partying with this bunch. 

thanks for reading. 

Big Bear 3.26.16

get ready for a butt load of pictures of trees and some snow.
on Saturday we were invited up to a cabin in big bear to spend the night and just hang out. 
i cannot remember the last time i went to big bear but for some reason I'm thinking 7. anyways, I'd been bugging B about going up there for a while so this was a perfect opportunity. 

there was snow on the ground on the drive up and i was freaking out. 
love love looooove it!!!! (but like the chill CA kind. not the hardcore kind everyone else gets. I've never been in it, so i don't know how i would handle it.) 
i climbed up as high as i could but i was wearing cheap shoes so i couldn't go that far and i was starting to slip. and come to think of it, had i gone higher, id probably still be up there. 
the drive up was beautifully breathtaking and i think this might have just dethroned Big Sur. HOWEVER, that drive from BS was some soul searching kind of drive so that's still up on the faves list. 
back of cabin
front of cabin
left of cabin. lol
 as i mentioned, every single time I've been camping, I've done the real thing. in my 28 years of life, this is the first time i stay in a cabin and its not that bad. im starting to wonder where exactly in Big Bear i've stayed at before though.
i loved, loved, LOVED where we stayed!!!! 
it was like a block behind a busy street but it was quiet enough. and if we kept going up it was nothing but beautifully tree lined streets with peaks of snow peaking out in between 'em. 
beautiful beautiful beautiful!

we arrived around 2 i believe and then we started off with some drinks and the final party arrived around 5/6. we continued with drinks and then headed out to a Mexican restaurant right in front of our cabin. we were already a few drinks in so we were pretty loud but very civil. we were all having fun so if anyone was bothered by it, oh well. (we were NOT obnoxiously loud. trust me.) 

lulu, zoe and I. haha and our waiter in the back. dude was pretty cool.
zoe and I. 

i want to remember all the fun we had in the restaurant. 
how there was a serve yourself salsa bar and all the guys went to get themselves salsa, all while doing a dance up there. haha. best tripple date ever!
just talking about life and everything. 

i love meeting all of his people! its the best. 

after dinner and a few more drinks, we went back to the cabin and just hung out. 
we were all pretty exhausted and ended up going to bed at 1045pm!!!! yes, we go crazy! 
haha. i woke up at 1245am to go get water and i was shocked at how early it was. 
(by the way, i had to go upstairs for that. i was so scared cause scary movies. lol) 
all i remember after that is that i fell asleep cuddling b with my head by his ear and i could hear myself snore. and it was SO loud that in my deep sleep i thought to myself  "Les you're snoring super loud right now! wake up and stop!" but i was so tired that i just fell asleep. even more. 
he later on told me that it was the loudest he's ever heard me snore. oops. sorry!!!

the next day we woke up sorta early. 
we took our stuff to our car and then snuck (sneaked?!) in a quick little walk which is where all the tree pics above came from. 

after we all said goodbye, i drove us around trying to find the snow mother-load and hello! 
i now want to live in big bear as soon as possible for forever!!!!
before we left home for good we hit up the lake. I'm hoping we can go back for summer with his family and mine. all the little kids running around in the water would be the best! 
i love this stupid picture. 
i had been bugging him to take one but he was over it. 
i love his silly little face! 
i don't even know why i insisted. the sun kept screwing me over i couldn't see anything. 
but also, notice our shirts. mine says butts and his says CSULA. lol you can tell who's thinking what. 
he drove us there so i got stuck driving back but honestly, I'm not even mad. 
he fell back asleep and i got to sing out loud in the car to my music and enjoy the nice, beautiful drive home.

Big Bear, i love you. and we will DEFINITELY be back. 
in the summer and hopefully, in the winter. 

thanks for reading!  

LA Arboretum

Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden, 301 N Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007, USA

as we come to another end of another week, I'm sitting at my desk at work bored out of my mind bummed that we're stuck here all day vs a half day like we've done every single year for the last 8 year because we're all of a sudden "corporate"..... so I've decided to post all these pictures from last weekends trip to The LA Arboretum so that i can beat the "I'm stuck at work because we suck" blues. 

anyways, i cant believe that a) i have never been (although the Huntington Library is kinda similar) and most importantly that b) these little gems are hidden so near me!

B took me on Sunday cause we needed to be out and about walking and I'm sooo glad he brought me here. this place was beautiful and i cannot wait to go back. 

hope you guys have a great Easter weekend! <3

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