Fitbit // 1 year anniversary

thanks to Elise, i fell IN LOVE with my fitbit. 
i wear it religiously. day in, day out, when I'm awake, when I'm asleep. when i went swimming and sooometimes (but not really) when I'm in the shower.  the only time its ever off for sure its when i charge it. 

id never heard of it before until this post  (actually that's a lie! my roommate had the baby version i just never asked) but i didn't buy it until March 9th, 2015. when i stopped by target on a whim to buy it before heading to the movies with Andy. 
i remember thinking "fuck. $100 is a lot for something i miiiight regret buying shortly.(you know buyers remorse? ya. hello, i have that up the wazoo!!! i regret EVERYTHING i buy.) but i kept it and i surely fell in love. 

that first day, because i got it like 5pm and then went to the movies, i only hit 5,908 steps and i was like woooah. 
seeing those little dots light up made me all sorts of happy. i have it set to a 10k a day goal so every little dots ='s 2k. 

then Elise did a 1 year recap and i was even more in love!!!!
i loved the idea of seeing a years worth of walking. 

hers looks different...but anyways, its very freaking awesome to me to see how much i did in a year. 
it should be noted that i HATE exercising. i love running but I'm lazy. i cant even begin to tell you so that's another reason i love my fitbit! because if i see that i am thisclose to hitting my 10k you can bet your butt i get up to get them. 

you can also do daily/weekly/weekend challenges with other people and that also motivates the hell out of you.
usually I'm very chill about those and when i do get 1st place its because i do the weekend ones when i happen to go hiking. that and when my coworker challenges me because i know it BUGS her that i beat her. hey! what ever motivates you!
like for example, this one time we had a whole week one, Friday night, 10 minutes left, neck to neck kinda, i was running like an idiot up and down my block trying to get those last few steps. it paid off!, but I'm pretty sure i looked like an idiot. 
the fitbit syncs to your phone via blue tooth and as long as you have it on, it refreshes so you can see your numbers. because of that, we'd only update like every 8 hrs so we couldn't see anyone else's numbers unless they refreshed. (you can never see anyone else's numbers unless you're doing a challenge) 

by far my best day has been December 12, 2015 with 33,112 steps. 
B and i went hiking at the Bridge of Nowhere (i have yet to still upload those -_____-) 
i was pretty shocked cause i didn't think it'd be that many. 
and i got a "congrats on 30k steps in one day badge" haaay!

in the very beginning, you get badges for mostly anything. hitting your first 5,000 steps, then 10,15, 20, 30 and so on. there's also badges for lifetime miles walked (Italy, on.) depending on the fitbit you have (i have the flex) you can also get flights and a bunch of other stuff. 
its kind of cool getting all those badges but they become less and less over time. at least for me. its just nice to have a little "hey!, you're awesome" reminder. 

I'm trying to upgrade to the Alta BUT i don't need a new one so ill just hold off a bit on that. 
other than that, this has been the best $100 ive ever spent. and luckily if you're not one to want the brand new model, you can get the flex for a very good price on amazon or even at target. heck even the HR Charge or whatever is called is on sale for the price of a "basic" fitbit. 

basically all of this just to say i love my fitbit. 
so if you read all of that, thanks!
also, if you have a fitbit, let me know!, lets be friends!


  1. Love my fitbit too. And they have really good consumer service! The battery was defective in the first one I got and I could charge it all night and it would die by the end of the day it was so annoying. I emailed them and they sent me a new one for free!


    1. luckily i havent had any problems with mine.
      except for this weekend when i was in vegas and after many times of being in the water with me, it decided to crap out on me.
      i have never been soo sad in my life lol. i didnt want to walk anywhere because it wasnt being counted.
      luckily, it was still alive; it just needed to be connected to the charger (and when i was leaving my house i was like I FORGOT MY FB CHARGER!!!!...nah, i wont need it. jokes on me huh)
      unfortunately, i couldnt freaking wait at all so i went and bought the alta that i didnt need and then felt too bad returning bc i fell in love with it (im a mess i know) but i love it!
      i loooove the fitbit!
      and i love all the challenges!

  2. Well done girl, keep up the great work! My boyfriend has a fitbit and is actually obsessed with it. No wonder though, they're such clever little things xx

    1. thanks!!!
      ive tried soo hard to get my boyfriend to let me buy him one but hes not for it.
      theyre the best thing ever!
      specially when you get a little group and do challenges. motivation is the best!


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