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hey guys!
just popping in for a suuuper quick diy! 

i know emojis were the thing last year but i REFUSE to let them go. 
they're too cute not to use them all the time!

B's sister is having a huge bday bash this upcoming weekend and i somehow ended up in charge of a few props (not these). 
i wanted to make some emoji faces for her but i was 100% too lazy to try to cut perfect circles. or at least sorta perfect circles so i was going to let the idea go.  
luckily, i ended up at ikea with my mom and i saw these and ding ding diiing! idea lights went off!
from then on it was suuuuper easy to finish em!

-cork boards (the link above is for amazon. i couldn't find them on the ikea website but they are waaaaaay cheaper in store. like $3 and change.) 
-brush. (brushes?) i used the one in the picture and a smaller one and would rinse in between colors. but really the big one was only used for the yellow and the small one was used for everything else.
-craft paint in colors needed. (i used yellow, red, black, baby blue. for the white i used a chalk ink marker cause i didn't have the paint)

super easy to make. 
i painted them yellow and let them dry overnight. 
then i just free-handed everything with pencil (except the hearts. i had a little cut out for those). the mistakes i made were easy to erase and you cant really see them once you erase them. 

i made faces in both the front and back 
I'm horrible at drawing so this was the best that i could do. 
i cant wait to see how many people like these!!!
I'm super excited for that photo-booth. 
and I'm not even kidding but I'm bringing a few of these back with me cause i love em! 

thanks for stopping by!
(#lesdiys on ig)

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