Big Bear 3.26.16

get ready for a butt load of pictures of trees and some snow.
on Saturday we were invited up to a cabin in big bear to spend the night and just hang out. 
i cannot remember the last time i went to big bear but for some reason I'm thinking 7. anyways, I'd been bugging B about going up there for a while so this was a perfect opportunity. 

there was snow on the ground on the drive up and i was freaking out. 
love love looooove it!!!! (but like the chill CA kind. not the hardcore kind everyone else gets. I've never been in it, so i don't know how i would handle it.) 
i climbed up as high as i could but i was wearing cheap shoes so i couldn't go that far and i was starting to slip. and come to think of it, had i gone higher, id probably still be up there. 
the drive up was beautifully breathtaking and i think this might have just dethroned Big Sur. HOWEVER, that drive from BS was some soul searching kind of drive so that's still up on the faves list. 
back of cabin
front of cabin
left of cabin. lol
 as i mentioned, every single time I've been camping, I've done the real thing. in my 28 years of life, this is the first time i stay in a cabin and its not that bad. im starting to wonder where exactly in Big Bear i've stayed at before though.
i loved, loved, LOVED where we stayed!!!! 
it was like a block behind a busy street but it was quiet enough. and if we kept going up it was nothing but beautifully tree lined streets with peaks of snow peaking out in between 'em. 
beautiful beautiful beautiful!

we arrived around 2 i believe and then we started off with some drinks and the final party arrived around 5/6. we continued with drinks and then headed out to a Mexican restaurant right in front of our cabin. we were already a few drinks in so we were pretty loud but very civil. we were all having fun so if anyone was bothered by it, oh well. (we were NOT obnoxiously loud. trust me.) 

lulu, zoe and I. haha and our waiter in the back. dude was pretty cool.
zoe and I. 

i want to remember all the fun we had in the restaurant. 
how there was a serve yourself salsa bar and all the guys went to get themselves salsa, all while doing a dance up there. haha. best tripple date ever!
just talking about life and everything. 

i love meeting all of his people! its the best. 

after dinner and a few more drinks, we went back to the cabin and just hung out. 
we were all pretty exhausted and ended up going to bed at 1045pm!!!! yes, we go crazy! 
haha. i woke up at 1245am to go get water and i was shocked at how early it was. 
(by the way, i had to go upstairs for that. i was so scared cause scary movies. lol) 
all i remember after that is that i fell asleep cuddling b with my head by his ear and i could hear myself snore. and it was SO loud that in my deep sleep i thought to myself  "Les you're snoring super loud right now! wake up and stop!" but i was so tired that i just fell asleep. even more. 
he later on told me that it was the loudest he's ever heard me snore. oops. sorry!!!

the next day we woke up sorta early. 
we took our stuff to our car and then snuck (sneaked?!) in a quick little walk which is where all the tree pics above came from. 

after we all said goodbye, i drove us around trying to find the snow mother-load and hello! 
i now want to live in big bear as soon as possible for forever!!!!
before we left home for good we hit up the lake. I'm hoping we can go back for summer with his family and mine. all the little kids running around in the water would be the best! 
i love this stupid picture. 
i had been bugging him to take one but he was over it. 
i love his silly little face! 
i don't even know why i insisted. the sun kept screwing me over i couldn't see anything. 
but also, notice our shirts. mine says butts and his says CSULA. lol you can tell who's thinking what. 
he drove us there so i got stuck driving back but honestly, I'm not even mad. 
he fell back asleep and i got to sing out loud in the car to my music and enjoy the nice, beautiful drive home.

Big Bear, i love you. and we will DEFINITELY be back. 
in the summer and hopefully, in the winter. 

thanks for reading!  

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