Joss Stone // 7/23/2015

first, i gotta give a hella shout out to Instagram. because if it wasn't for them i would have never known about this show. 
i follow the fonda theater on IG and they posted about the joss stone show so of course i went nuts. 
i asked if they had tickets still and then said screw it and went to look for myself. 
sho' nuff, they still had tickets! so i got myself one and when Jesus wants to bless you, HE DOES! because this concert was on a Thursday and while i ALWAYS work both jobs on Thursday, i miraculously had this Thursday off. 
what did i do to hit the concert jackpot this year!!!! insert about a hundred happy crying emojis right now. 

have you heard of Joss Stone? 
i fell in love with this woman back in 2004? when fell in love with a boy came out. my first thoughts were "eew leave the white strips alone." and then, i fell in love!

as always, about 40 horrible pictures that i LOVE! 
you know i love me a blurry picture! 

i know they're practically all the same but i cant bring myself to just pick one. 

let me tell you this, and this is super serious!, i have never in my life seen a more beautifully gorgeous human being on earth. this woman is just, wow. now i know i have not seen every single human being on earth but this woman. my jaw literally dropped. she is so beautiful i cant even begin to describe it. and her accent! shes the cutest thing ever! and live! her voice on cd's do her no justice. shes soooo good live on her own without her band. her voice is that good. 
you know how i said i love Kimbra? i do but i think Joss just bumped her to 2nd place. 
if you ever have the chance, do yourself a favor and catch her. 
this was her only show in the US (besides Rockin' Rio in Vegas which i did want to go to just to see her but didn't) but if she's ever near to you, please go. you'll thank me!

i gotta say Fonda, i love you for bringing her out here. 
whats even better? her new album comes out 7/31/2015 (so does Lianne LaHavas...already pre-ordered) BUT we were able to purchase it at the show so you best believe that's all i have been hearing in my car and I'm currently listening to it right now. 
Jill Scott's cd dropped last Friday as well so its been like the best music week for me! its been heaven!!!!


The Divorce Party by Lauren Dave

isbn: 978-0-670-01859-8
published: 2008
read from: 10/29-31/2013

Isn't it funny how things happen in a series of  events at times?

I just finished reading The Divorce Party and right now on my lunch break at work, I'm watching the Friends episode where they all traveled to Vegas to support Joeys movie career after Chandler doubted him and:
a) Rachel and Ross are arguing about getting an annulment and...
b) Monica & Chandler are freaking out about all the signs they are getting that they should get married although they're thinking they're not ready.

The Divorce Party is based on Maggie & Gwyn.

Maggie is to marry Nate & Gwyn is his mother. 
Maggie has never met Thomas & Gwyn  and Nate is taking her to meet the parents on their 35th wedding anniversary which happens to also be the night they will be celebrating with a huge party.
Their Divorce party.

Maggie is starting a new journey in her life as a soon to be wife and restaurant owner. Meanwhile Gwyn is trying to figure out how to live her life as one now that after 35 years her husband has decided that he no longer see's her as a part of him.

i've never (not that i can remember)  read a book with a title that gets right to the point.
what im trying to say is, i guess, the divorce party, boom! thats all they, well thats what its all centered around.

this was the quickest read EVER.
read it in 2 days.
would have been one had i not been playing chauffeur to everyone.

if youre looking for a good, quick "hey im stuck waiting for a flight or just waiting around for someone" this is your book.

by the 4th-5th chapter i was like whats going oooon!!!!

its good story.
i like how she points marriage from two points of view.
the "going in to marriage" and the "leaving marriage" views.

as always, please see below for spoilers....muahahaha. okay its more like notes.
if you read, enjoy!
"SPOILERS" begin

-not aware that Nate is practically a billionaire.
-she is also not aware of his first marriage and his first restaurant.
she finally gets to find out his past although its through Georgia (Nate's sister)
-shes always been the one to run away from a relationship with any little given excuse.
now that she knows she chooses to leave she gets sidetracked and ends up staying.

Georgia (Nate's sister):
-more of a daddy's girl
-pregnant with Dennis' baby girl. she is afraid to tell him because he had said he wanted a boy. (he doesnt show up til the end of the book and he is ecstatic to be having a girl!)
-feels that her mother projects her relationship with Thomas as her and Dennis.
-she also feels that her family thinks that her and Dennis will never make it in a relationship nor as a family because they've been dating for 9 months and have been pregnant for 8 months.

-does not want to divorce Thomas.
-knows that Thomas isnt leaving her because of his new found religion but because of Eve.
-plans the party and hires Eve as the caterer. the only thing Eve has to do is show up with the Red Velvet cake (Thomas' favorite) right after their toast.
-FINALLY realizes that Thomas is no longer in love with her when, at the time of the party, a thunderstorm hits and Thomas looks to Eve for her safety instead of hers or his children.
-she hold a lot of anger towards him that goes back and forth depending on her mood. for example they are over, they no longer sleep together but at the time of the party planning with Eve so many feet away they sleep together.

-has been cheating on Gwyn with Eve for a while now.
-is actually studying Buddhism. just with Eve and her church.
- stays with Eve for a while and actually considers marrying her (although i dont think it happens)


....well not so much as spoilers more like key notes!

based on my notes, im sure ill 'member enough to be like "oh thats what happened!"

i didnt fell that this was a long enough book to get in to a full story rant.
but yes, i did like this book. ( i still miss valentina and julia. although looking back now, creeeepy! ha!)

if you happen to read it let me know what you think!

thank yo for reading!

The Average American Male - Chad Kultgen

Isbn: 978-0-06-123167-4
published 2007
Read: 12/2/2013

you know how you know you REEEALLLY like a book!? 
when you finish it in a day! Nay, in like 8-9 hours (246 pgs. i started at work on my 1/2 lunch so cut me some slack!)
this is coming from me, the person who took like a week and a half to finish a 38 pg short story. 
what. a. joke. haha. 

any who, i bought this book off amazon (he has the married one too!) only because his book inspired 
that one last book i read and me being a nosy person, i wanted to see what it was about (didn't hurt that it was $4 either.)
i wasn't a huge fan of her version but his book was pretty awesome!

no one really knows what goes on in a  relationship except the two people in it. 
lets face it, women make the men look like jerks to their girlfriends and guys make their women look like B's to their guy friends. 
its just the cycle of life!
what i love about his book is, it gives you insight as to what happened in their relationship and you find out tidbits of stuff she clearly didn't state!

in her book, she says they dated for 4 years, never mentioned an engagement, a fake pregnancy, and the whole dumping story was completely different. 

in his book, Chad talks about the whole engagement and how it happened even though he just wanted to get laid. how she tricked him in to crapping his pants about her being "pregnant" (and how she tried to get him to really get her pregnant). how he met Alyana and all that transpired in to the relationship he'd never knew he wanted and basically a whoooole lot of masturbating and porn.
i mean i know it happens, i just wasn't aware it happens that often. 
in a day!

its funny because while he was with "Casey" all he could think about was Alyana. 
once he manages to get Alyana (in the beginning and after she leaves) he realizes that he had settled with Casey because he wasn't aware that there was anything "better" out there and after things start winding down with Alyana (sex wise) he realizes that in a lot of ways Alyana is just like Casey and all his other ex's. (muahaha, i laughed at this!)

i really liked this book. 

there are several things that made me laugh out loud and think holy shiz!
for example, in the beginning, he goes to a book signing for Marie Osmond that they casually happen to stumble upon after Casey had begged him to go out shopping! (she knew!)
in line he's just hearing all these women's conversation about Marie and Oprah and all this nonsense. 
my favorite lines (of that chapter): 

"Cloning and stem cell research is evil because they have to murder babies to do it. ....if Oprah was sick or dying it would be worth sacrificing one child to save her though...." 
"Carney Wilson wrote a courageous book about her lifelong battle with took amazing courage to have her stomach reduced to the size of a thumb."

i was laughing soooo hard!!!!

i don't want to make this a super long post but i do want to say that i recommend this book. 
i loved it and i am purchasing the marriage one so ill be back with that one.

ill just leave you with a few of my favorite chapters: 

5. Groundlings Party: when you can pretend to be someone else, do so. but only if having anal sex is on your to-do list. 

some chapter Hobo (pg 73): because if special-ed people can obtain a job, then so should the homeless. 

18. Casey's Parents: nothing says i don't want to marry you like picking up her parents and dealing with them for a weekend. 

some chapter Blood Cock (pg 91):  because if she's going to deny blowing you while she's out of service, then revenge you must get!

23. The Griddle: because when you decide this is the end, you should always do it in front of her mother. in her mom's fave restaurant! (ive been to the griddle once, its good but eeexxxpensive!)

"i do actually feel kind of bad about the whole thing but i am glad i ruined Casey's mom's favorite breakfast place in L.A. by dumping her in it."

some chapter UCLA Party (pg 130): some girls are just plain evil!

some chapter Subway Whore (pg 180): if you ride the subway in LA and you come across an old lady with a teddy bear!, get off! (unless that's yo thing!) 

40. Carlos Gay Party: because sometimes gays always have the answer you would have NEVER thought of!

41. The Test: thank you gay guy! best chapter EVER!!!

47. The End: not a fave but its more like the HAHA moment! you gave Casey all this shit and BOOM. 

also, who doesnt like big butts!? 
sir mix a lot is not proud of you sir!

like i said, i didnt love it but i definitely liked it. 
these kind of books (even though raunchy) are my kind of read!!!

let me know if you pick it up and what you think of it. 

thanks for reading! (:

happy birthday snail mail!

i haven't really been writing cards lately. 
mostly cause no birthdays and i've honestly been lazy. but July came around along with a lot of birthdays so i finally send out a batch. well only 3. but still!
i sent this card to Abel! and this time i remembered to add a stamp before i sent it out lol. 
this card is from the ABM line a couple of months back. i didnt have  a bro to give it to (it says happy birthday bro in the back) so this was a perfect card to send to him. specially since he has a beard! 
i loove it!
this one is for Carol!
im not a fan of the darker colored envelopes cause its hard for me to decorate specially since my calligraphy is non existent but i used washi tape and i saw these stickers Danielle sent me so i had to use them!   
this card is for Shan out in London (!!!!) that is so awesome to me still. 

basically, all these cards of from past abm happy mail packets but still i love them so! 
all blank on the inside so i can color them however i want! (: 

sorry for the crappy pictures but i have no natural light in my room so this was the best i could do. 

what are you sending in the mail? 

snapshot sunday

hey guys!
im here with a late night post. 
let me ask ya something...hows the weather out where you're at? 
its so freaking humid here its DUMB!
we FINALLY got some rain out here in California (what a beautiful sight i might add) but its sooo humid its dumb. 
its so humid, a spider crawled out of my door and just gave up on life right outside my door. literally!
i got home from work, all the lights were off and my brother was passed out in the living room. 
so hot that i wish we had a tub so i could fall asleep in a tub full of cold water! ice cooold. okay maybe not that cold. but still...

k' lets get to it!
i literally cant even! 
my mom and sis are "training" him how to sleep on the floor so we can buy him a bed so he can sleep in my moms room. eeek!
oh pho, how i love you so! 
but lately ive been on a "i only want spring rolls" kick. which if you remember, that was the very first thing i had when i first had pho. like as in ever. how ironic!
also, i think they closed the very first pho i ever went too. oh well! old chapter
wooah! all deep over pho over here!
my sis and i FINALLY went to six flags!  and i FINALLY got on twisted colossus. 
"its going to be soo funny if you end up not liking it." -sister. 
bitch jinxed it! i didnt hate it but in my opinion its not better than the first one. 
however we did get on the orange car first and that sucked. the purple one was maybe it just depends on the little car whatever that you get.  
also, we got on all of the water rides cause it was SUPER hot!
yikes. give us a break california sun! please and thanks!
my cousin also said i looked like the villain in the incredibles. lol 
from when i did b's giant jenga set
i had kept the brushes for a bit. i love how they looked. 
if you would have told me even a year ago that id be a fan of gold i would've said hell no but i am now and i love it!
-the little mini book i bough so i can put all of the small instax pictures of adventures that B & i go on. 
-notes is a sugarla 12 month calendar that has a BUTT LOAD of just plain notes sheets that i LOVED cause that's how i balance my money and take care of my bills but...
- i dont even know why, i bought the agenda and i LOVE it! im an emotional attachment kinda person so it hurts to stop using my notes book when there is still good use to it BUT i love this agenda and im very excited to start using it. 
its super cute! and even though it doesnt start until July 27 (ive had it since may!) ive already filled out slots for august. im going to make it work for me! eeek!
but i will say this, as much as i love the gold design of the agenda, id maybe go for another pattern. only because any mark or scratch or anything, its very noticeable. also, i saw they had a special edition design over at nordstroms 
crafting for the mini book for B & I. 
i used to love scrapbooking but then i stopped. 
then i tried the becky higgins way and i cant. those 4x4's kill me. 
this is super cute because it fist the pictures perfectly fine and i can FINALLY start using all my washi tape. 
a rare shot of my clean room. 
I LOVE IT!!!!! 
"it looks like a kids room!"- my coworker. 
who cares! i LOVE it!!!
can you spot all the diy's? ;)
rain rain please stay! but humidity GO AWAY!
this was by my job but all i kept thinking was how i wished i was in BIG SUR. how i wish i could be in Big Sur while it rains. 
b left for cabo today at 5 am. i spent the night at his house but before i passed out, we had a mean o' Saturday game night. we played hangman, tic tac toe, connect the numbers, dominos and i forgot what else but it was so much fun! i then proceeded to pass out and snore up a storm. haha. 

anyways, how was your weekend? hope it was great!
have a great rest of your week! (: 

P.s. I still love you by Jenny Han

published 2015
isbn: 978-1-4424-2675-7 (ebook) 
read from: 7/10-15/2015 (3675 (ebook) pages) 

i just re-read the post i wrote for the first book in this series and i am laughing my ass off; i am a joke. 
i also stand by what i said in the end, about how this book or series or whatever could have ended JUST FINE in the first book (oh i how i pray she doesn't flip this and makes a third book.)
now, don't get me wrong. what the author did in the first book, which was flip my emotions like a banana in a blender, she did once again with this book. but i mean let me cut to the chase, so super mega spoiler alert...she ends up with Peter. 

if ya wanna read the book definitely go for it i don't think you'll regret it. BUT if you want the gist of it, here it goes. 

in the first book she ends off with Dear Peter.... translation: they break up. 
in this book, she finishes the letter, she goes to his house but doesn't give it to him and finally talks to him. by the way, remember when i said i wish she'd just talk instead of write letters, i take it back. anyways, they both play hard to get. they bullshit, he sees the letter in her pocket, he takes/reads it and they decide "hey lets make this work." 

for most of the book from there on, its "somebody released a "sexy" video of us making out in the hot tub at the ski trip sooo its time to find out who did it." turns out Peter was supposed to meet up with Gen in the first place but of course we all know that LJ beat Gen to the hot tub hence the video recording and their relationship starting. 
of course LJ knows it was Gen and tells Peter but she plays the stupid part when he denies it on her behalf. and yes Peter eventually verifies that it was in fact Gen that shot and sent the vid to Anonybitch on ig buuuuut does nothing to you know, set the record straight.

so they break up and LJ i wouldn't call it dates but goes out with John (the model UN student towards the end of the last book.) and he's freaking everything we could have ever wanted but nooooo.
she becomes all miss independent, dumps Peter when she realizes that he's not over Gen and starts, i duno, living life. 
all that and she still ends up with Peter. 
i think what bothered me about that was that Peter was always team Gen. she did all this nasty shiz to harm LJ and he never once defended her. (YES i know its a book. i told you i get attached.) 
all this dumb ass drama over a freaking boy! 
and you know why he never defended her? cause Gen's dad has been cheating on her mom with someone who's basically their age so she's ya know, a little bit torn up about it (i wouldn't say a little but i wont spoil it all for you! i have some heart.) and i guess he's being the good guy and all but ya know (yes i's still a fake story) defend your woman!

anyways, yea they end up together. 
the end. 

okay the end for that but yea. 
i don't know. 
uhm im mixed. 
i still 100% believe this could have been a 1 book story buuuuut i am not an author so what do i know. 
i guess she did a good job if i feel all sorts of everything about this book. 

have you read this book? 
what did you think? 
you think im basically crazy huh? looks like we're friends now! :D
and uhm, there's still some stuff that i left out cause you know, i like to mess with your emotions! (: 

Snapshot Sunday

hi guys!
im back with a snapshot sunday. 
i would've done this yesterday but my phone has been trippen. well not my phone but the uploading on blogger has. it will just say saving for forever and ill refresh like crazy but nothing. 
and since i basically did what i never said id do (did: get a galaxy s6 // will never do: get an iphone. get it? cause its now the same crap) i can no longer just pull out my memory card and just do it that way. 

aaanyways, enough rambling!
lets get to it!

i won those stickers in a locker. thanks time warner cable!
about 100 pictures of me and b. (this is us doing the YMCA!) 
my company bought us tickets to a dodger game Friday and we made a date of it. 
our first game! (: 
he's a huge dodger fan. i was just there for the free food and fireworks. 
by the way, Petco Park STILL blows the dodger stadium out of the park hands down. 
Chester living the life
J O K E !!!
i got home one day and saw Chester wearing a scarf. i thought it was my mom playin' a fool and making him fashionable or something. 
turns out the little dude has (or had actually) hotspots. (google it) we bought him medicine and hes better now but prior to knowing what it was he kept biting at it hence the fashionable scarf. ahhh!!!
date night with the sis at the best place ever! <3
ihop had their $.57 pancakes sale last week. tell me why it came out to $8 all by myself! ._. orage juice itself was $4. eeek
my coworker LOVES me!!!
i have been in love with Nychos for a good minute now! im so glad he came to DTLA! i love this piece. cant wait to see his other one in Culver City!
his and hers wings! <3
we met up at Angel City brewery before we left to the dodgers game. i love that place! if ya know me by now, you know i love me some street art and they're all about that vibe! im definitely going back!
we met a really cool couple (i just remember her name, Gloria) and we played a couple of games and then headed out to the game. so much fun!

Saturday i came home from work and passed out at 1030. i didn't wake up until 9am the next day. i had work from 10-3. came home snuggled chonch and i ended up sleeping another 3 hours. went to B's for sunday bbq and met the rest of his family. i dont want to jinx myself but i think im a hit! jk jk. all the little kids like me so that's good! :D 

anyways, i hope you had a good weekend. i know i did! (sleep > everything!) and then these news made it all the better! best of wishes jacki and dan! <3 i know Ry is up there smiling! (: 

thanks for sticking around!
have a great week! (:

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