snapshot sunday

hey guys!
im here with a late night post. 
let me ask ya something...hows the weather out where you're at? 
its so freaking humid here its DUMB!
we FINALLY got some rain out here in California (what a beautiful sight i might add) but its sooo humid its dumb. 
its so humid, a spider crawled out of my door and just gave up on life right outside my door. literally!
i got home from work, all the lights were off and my brother was passed out in the living room. 
so hot that i wish we had a tub so i could fall asleep in a tub full of cold water! ice cooold. okay maybe not that cold. but still...

k' lets get to it!
i literally cant even! 
my mom and sis are "training" him how to sleep on the floor so we can buy him a bed so he can sleep in my moms room. eeek!
oh pho, how i love you so! 
but lately ive been on a "i only want spring rolls" kick. which if you remember, that was the very first thing i had when i first had pho. like as in ever. how ironic!
also, i think they closed the very first pho i ever went too. oh well! old chapter
wooah! all deep over pho over here!
my sis and i FINALLY went to six flags!  and i FINALLY got on twisted colossus. 
"its going to be soo funny if you end up not liking it." -sister. 
bitch jinxed it! i didnt hate it but in my opinion its not better than the first one. 
however we did get on the orange car first and that sucked. the purple one was maybe it just depends on the little car whatever that you get.  
also, we got on all of the water rides cause it was SUPER hot!
yikes. give us a break california sun! please and thanks!
my cousin also said i looked like the villain in the incredibles. lol 
from when i did b's giant jenga set
i had kept the brushes for a bit. i love how they looked. 
if you would have told me even a year ago that id be a fan of gold i would've said hell no but i am now and i love it!
-the little mini book i bough so i can put all of the small instax pictures of adventures that B & i go on. 
-notes is a sugarla 12 month calendar that has a BUTT LOAD of just plain notes sheets that i LOVED cause that's how i balance my money and take care of my bills but...
- i dont even know why, i bought the agenda and i LOVE it! im an emotional attachment kinda person so it hurts to stop using my notes book when there is still good use to it BUT i love this agenda and im very excited to start using it. 
its super cute! and even though it doesnt start until July 27 (ive had it since may!) ive already filled out slots for august. im going to make it work for me! eeek!
but i will say this, as much as i love the gold design of the agenda, id maybe go for another pattern. only because any mark or scratch or anything, its very noticeable. also, i saw they had a special edition design over at nordstroms 
crafting for the mini book for B & I. 
i used to love scrapbooking but then i stopped. 
then i tried the becky higgins way and i cant. those 4x4's kill me. 
this is super cute because it fist the pictures perfectly fine and i can FINALLY start using all my washi tape. 
a rare shot of my clean room. 
I LOVE IT!!!!! 
"it looks like a kids room!"- my coworker. 
who cares! i LOVE it!!!
can you spot all the diy's? ;)
rain rain please stay! but humidity GO AWAY!
this was by my job but all i kept thinking was how i wished i was in BIG SUR. how i wish i could be in Big Sur while it rains. 
b left for cabo today at 5 am. i spent the night at his house but before i passed out, we had a mean o' Saturday game night. we played hangman, tic tac toe, connect the numbers, dominos and i forgot what else but it was so much fun! i then proceeded to pass out and snore up a storm. haha. 

anyways, how was your weekend? hope it was great!
have a great rest of your week! (: 

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