happy birthday snail mail!

i haven't really been writing cards lately. 
mostly cause no birthdays and i've honestly been lazy. but July came around along with a lot of birthdays so i finally send out a batch. well only 3. but still!
i sent this card to Abel! and this time i remembered to add a stamp before i sent it out lol. 
this card is from the ABM line a couple of months back. i didnt have  a bro to give it to (it says happy birthday bro in the back) so this was a perfect card to send to him. specially since he has a beard! 
i loove it!
this one is for Carol!
im not a fan of the darker colored envelopes cause its hard for me to decorate specially since my calligraphy is non existent but i used washi tape and i saw these stickers Danielle sent me so i had to use them!   
this card is for Shan out in London (!!!!) that is so awesome to me still. 

basically, all these cards of from past abm happy mail packets but still i love them so! 
all blank on the inside so i can color them however i want! (: 

sorry for the crappy pictures but i have no natural light in my room so this was the best i could do. 

what are you sending in the mail? 

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  1. Such lovely cards! I like the ones you sent to Abel. That beard art though :D I miss sending out mails. Last time I sent a mail was four years ago(?). I had a penpal back then.

    xo, J | La Petite Fawn Blog


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