Joss Stone // 7/23/2015

first, i gotta give a hella shout out to Instagram. because if it wasn't for them i would have never known about this show. 
i follow the fonda theater on IG and they posted about the joss stone show so of course i went nuts. 
i asked if they had tickets still and then said screw it and went to look for myself. 
sho' nuff, they still had tickets! so i got myself one and when Jesus wants to bless you, HE DOES! because this concert was on a Thursday and while i ALWAYS work both jobs on Thursday, i miraculously had this Thursday off. 
what did i do to hit the concert jackpot this year!!!! insert about a hundred happy crying emojis right now. 

have you heard of Joss Stone? 
i fell in love with this woman back in 2004? when fell in love with a boy came out. my first thoughts were "eew leave the white strips alone." and then, i fell in love!

as always, about 40 horrible pictures that i LOVE! 
you know i love me a blurry picture! 

i know they're practically all the same but i cant bring myself to just pick one. 

let me tell you this, and this is super serious!, i have never in my life seen a more beautifully gorgeous human being on earth. this woman is just, wow. now i know i have not seen every single human being on earth but this woman. my jaw literally dropped. she is so beautiful i cant even begin to describe it. and her accent! shes the cutest thing ever! and live! her voice on cd's do her no justice. shes soooo good live on her own without her band. her voice is that good. 
you know how i said i love Kimbra? i do but i think Joss just bumped her to 2nd place. 
if you ever have the chance, do yourself a favor and catch her. 
this was her only show in the US (besides Rockin' Rio in Vegas which i did want to go to just to see her but didn't) but if she's ever near to you, please go. you'll thank me!

i gotta say Fonda, i love you for bringing her out here. 
whats even better? her new album comes out 7/31/2015 (so does Lianne LaHavas...already pre-ordered) BUT we were able to purchase it at the show so you best believe that's all i have been hearing in my car and I'm currently listening to it right now. 
Jill Scott's cd dropped last Friday as well so its been like the best music week for me! its been heaven!!!!


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