Snapshot Sunday

hi guys!
im back with a snapshot sunday. 
i would've done this yesterday but my phone has been trippen. well not my phone but the uploading on blogger has. it will just say saving for forever and ill refresh like crazy but nothing. 
and since i basically did what i never said id do (did: get a galaxy s6 // will never do: get an iphone. get it? cause its now the same crap) i can no longer just pull out my memory card and just do it that way. 

aaanyways, enough rambling!
lets get to it!

i won those stickers in a locker. thanks time warner cable!
about 100 pictures of me and b. (this is us doing the YMCA!) 
my company bought us tickets to a dodger game Friday and we made a date of it. 
our first game! (: 
he's a huge dodger fan. i was just there for the free food and fireworks. 
by the way, Petco Park STILL blows the dodger stadium out of the park hands down. 
Chester living the life
J O K E !!!
i got home one day and saw Chester wearing a scarf. i thought it was my mom playin' a fool and making him fashionable or something. 
turns out the little dude has (or had actually) hotspots. (google it) we bought him medicine and hes better now but prior to knowing what it was he kept biting at it hence the fashionable scarf. ahhh!!!
date night with the sis at the best place ever! <3
ihop had their $.57 pancakes sale last week. tell me why it came out to $8 all by myself! ._. orage juice itself was $4. eeek
my coworker LOVES me!!!
i have been in love with Nychos for a good minute now! im so glad he came to DTLA! i love this piece. cant wait to see his other one in Culver City!
his and hers wings! <3
we met up at Angel City brewery before we left to the dodgers game. i love that place! if ya know me by now, you know i love me some street art and they're all about that vibe! im definitely going back!
we met a really cool couple (i just remember her name, Gloria) and we played a couple of games and then headed out to the game. so much fun!

Saturday i came home from work and passed out at 1030. i didn't wake up until 9am the next day. i had work from 10-3. came home snuggled chonch and i ended up sleeping another 3 hours. went to B's for sunday bbq and met the rest of his family. i dont want to jinx myself but i think im a hit! jk jk. all the little kids like me so that's good! :D 

anyways, i hope you had a good weekend. i know i did! (sleep > everything!) and then these news made it all the better! best of wishes jacki and dan! <3 i know Ry is up there smiling! (: 

thanks for sticking around!
have a great week! (:


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend :) The game looked really fun, i've never been to an actual game before!
    I've tagged you in the Love/Hate tag. You can find it on my blog if you're interested :)

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. it was a great weekend! (: thanks!
      this is my 3rd game but only 2nd time actually staying. i have no idea what was going on but it was fun! (:

      thanks! ill check it out!

  2. Those art on the walls wowed me! It's rare in my country to see something like those. I mean I see some art graffiti on the walls but not as big as those you have in your city! :) Hope you're having a wonderful week x
    p.s. I just followed you on Bloglovin. I hope you can check out my blog <3

    xo, J | La Petite Fawn Blog

    1. arent they awesome!? i love all the art we have down here in DTLA and i love that its always changing. i hope you stick around. i havent been often but i love taking pictures and posting them on here. i hope to get back to it soon! (:

      and yes i just checked out your blog! love the pictures!


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