The Divorce Party by Lauren Dave

isbn: 978-0-670-01859-8
published: 2008
read from: 10/29-31/2013

Isn't it funny how things happen in a series of  events at times?

I just finished reading The Divorce Party and right now on my lunch break at work, I'm watching the Friends episode where they all traveled to Vegas to support Joeys movie career after Chandler doubted him and:
a) Rachel and Ross are arguing about getting an annulment and...
b) Monica & Chandler are freaking out about all the signs they are getting that they should get married although they're thinking they're not ready.

The Divorce Party is based on Maggie & Gwyn.

Maggie is to marry Nate & Gwyn is his mother. 
Maggie has never met Thomas & Gwyn  and Nate is taking her to meet the parents on their 35th wedding anniversary which happens to also be the night they will be celebrating with a huge party.
Their Divorce party.

Maggie is starting a new journey in her life as a soon to be wife and restaurant owner. Meanwhile Gwyn is trying to figure out how to live her life as one now that after 35 years her husband has decided that he no longer see's her as a part of him.

i've never (not that i can remember)  read a book with a title that gets right to the point.
what im trying to say is, i guess, the divorce party, boom! thats all they, well thats what its all centered around.

this was the quickest read EVER.
read it in 2 days.
would have been one had i not been playing chauffeur to everyone.

if youre looking for a good, quick "hey im stuck waiting for a flight or just waiting around for someone" this is your book.

by the 4th-5th chapter i was like whats going oooon!!!!

its good story.
i like how she points marriage from two points of view.
the "going in to marriage" and the "leaving marriage" views.

as always, please see below for spoilers....muahahaha. okay its more like notes.
if you read, enjoy!
"SPOILERS" begin

-not aware that Nate is practically a billionaire.
-she is also not aware of his first marriage and his first restaurant.
she finally gets to find out his past although its through Georgia (Nate's sister)
-shes always been the one to run away from a relationship with any little given excuse.
now that she knows she chooses to leave she gets sidetracked and ends up staying.

Georgia (Nate's sister):
-more of a daddy's girl
-pregnant with Dennis' baby girl. she is afraid to tell him because he had said he wanted a boy. (he doesnt show up til the end of the book and he is ecstatic to be having a girl!)
-feels that her mother projects her relationship with Thomas as her and Dennis.
-she also feels that her family thinks that her and Dennis will never make it in a relationship nor as a family because they've been dating for 9 months and have been pregnant for 8 months.

-does not want to divorce Thomas.
-knows that Thomas isnt leaving her because of his new found religion but because of Eve.
-plans the party and hires Eve as the caterer. the only thing Eve has to do is show up with the Red Velvet cake (Thomas' favorite) right after their toast.
-FINALLY realizes that Thomas is no longer in love with her when, at the time of the party, a thunderstorm hits and Thomas looks to Eve for her safety instead of hers or his children.
-she hold a lot of anger towards him that goes back and forth depending on her mood. for example they are over, they no longer sleep together but at the time of the party planning with Eve so many feet away they sleep together.

-has been cheating on Gwyn with Eve for a while now.
-is actually studying Buddhism. just with Eve and her church.
- stays with Eve for a while and actually considers marrying her (although i dont think it happens)


....well not so much as spoilers more like key notes!

based on my notes, im sure ill 'member enough to be like "oh thats what happened!"

i didnt fell that this was a long enough book to get in to a full story rant.
but yes, i did like this book. ( i still miss valentina and julia. although looking back now, creeeepy! ha!)

if you happen to read it let me know what you think!

thank yo for reading!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting read! I just read Diary by Chuck Palahniuk. Obviously there's a twist at the end of most books but this one really got to me. :]

    // ▲ ▲


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