Vegas: Happy Birthday Chach!

chach, chach, chach. 
happy (hella late) birthday chach. 
to celebrate his 21st, we did what all 21 year olds do (except for me, i went to disneyland) and went to VEGAS!
here are a couple of pictures. 
haha the memories. 
me, josh (all the way from Oregon in the back) and Ross! 
car 1 of like 4 that drove to Vegas!
the view from our bathroom!!!
(ill buy you a donut if you tell me where that's from!) 
walking the strip!
me and chach. 
this dude is my mechanic. 
what he does on my car i have no idea but its his job. 
that's what cousins are for! :D 
as soon as we got there and settled in we headed out to eat. 
Pin Up's pizza is the best!!!
$5 a slice is the best because that slice is about the size of both of my hands stretched out in front of me.
and of course right after we went to grab the most important thing you can ever buy in Vegas: A Fat Tuesday! 
for my birthday, a coworker of mine gave me a bottle of Patron 1800 silver. i took it to my last trip to Vegas but i couldn't! smelling it alone....gross. 
so of course i took it to Vegas this time around and well everyone had a shot. 
before and after. 
that bottle does NOT mess around!!!
now the plans were, get to Vegas and hang out Friday night and party all night Saturday. 
welp, we partied a little TOO hard on Friday. 
lets just say that every time i now tell chach we need to go back, he tells me to get lost!
he did Vegas the right way! :D
heading out. before it got crazy!
Edwin, Chach, Chris, Danny & Jose. 
hating life at this very moment!
we were busy taking care of someone else in the group that i didn't even realize chach was wasted until after!
there's a tram that connects the Vdara,  the Aria and i forgot what other hotels. 
once we managed to get everyone in, chach ran back out. 
that's when the following pictures happened. 
the brothers!
the brothers and a sister!
i know it probably wasn't the greatest time to take a picture, BUT i had too!!!
haha. i haven't been that drunk in forever. 
welcome to 21 chach!
we missed the tram i think 3 times so everyone was just hanging out. 
this is Danny and my cousin Chris. 
what they were talking about i do not know. 
i just remember "Dos minutos perrito doggy!" 
bahahaha that had us going the entire night. 
im sad i no longer have the video!
so i won't embarrass him TOO much, well, the picture speaks for itself. 
we missed the tram like 4 times. 
then the sober dude became the one that needed that bag the most!
i will say this; once we crossed the bridge to get to our hotel, Jose's wife was carrying the bag which my cousin then grabbed from her and flung it off the was the funniest thing to see the bag fly away sloooooooowly
me, vero, clauds, ross & josh! 
Saturday night was the night we hit up the AMAZING Rio buffet. (i keep hearing that's the best one there is out there!) and we were supposed to go out partying after. 
but as you all know, there is no way in hell one wants to go partying when you have a full stomach. 
that and well pretty much we were all hungover from Friday night!!! :D
so we all just did some gambling and ended up doing our own things. 
we ended up hunting down another fat tuesday at 1 am only to make it to the place by 2 to see they were closed. so to another location we headed where we caught a show. and by that i mean we saw the cops arrest 2 different people. 
i always found it odd that in Vegas cops wear yellow shirts. 
i guess they have to stand out somehow!

i cant wait for Vegas with this group again!
when is it happening, i don't know but it was always my dream to go with my cousins to Vegas!
and i honestly cannot wait for it again!!!!

this & that!

know that you are important and you are significant. you may be but one drop in the ocean, but without that drop, the ocean would be missing something. 


just a little reminded that you my fren (pardon my french) ARE THE SHIT!

these engagement pictures by Katie Day!
i don't even have a boyfriend but she's already (in my head) hired to take my engagement photos!
love them!

Love is not always easy. But when it is, it's the absolute best
Happy Birthday Popup Letters | Oh Happy Day!
ooooh la-la.
i likes!!!!
Pillow Tutorial
cute cute cuuuuute kitty pillow!!!
i need to take my sewing machine out.
floral ice!
yes please! :D

my condolences to Keiko and Bobby and their fam.
Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace
everyone is getting homemade necklaces this year for xmas.
don't wear necklaces? too bad! :D
oh Wendy, you never cease to amaze me!
i LOVE  these shoes!
and the skirt.....shocking! i own it too!
i have something Wendy has!
DIY Vintage Twist Scarf
cute diy vintage twist scarf
i have short-ish hair and a sewing machine...lets do this!!!!

Snapshot Sunday {111-117}

Even the outside of my door gets decorated. I really loved that happy b-day sign I made so I brought it home. It wasn't getting any more love so heeey!!!!
My electricity bill this month.  I saw that and I was like 😮
My coworker told me to call just to verify, I didn't want to just in case you know, error. But apparently they will be doing this every April & October!  Eeeeeeek!!!!! Love it!
(A $40 credit will be applied those 2 months,  I just have to pay the difference)
I swear this is the last that you'll hear of that dog I didn't get but as I was leaving seaaca this lady was like "I love your frame! I'm a huge Disney freak" & then she tells me to check out her license plate. I thought that was awesome!
Every other other Friday, a coworker from another company of ours comes over to check out our computers and make sure everything is running well.  And that Friday that he comes he gets excited because he gets to go eat at Shakeys. I was trying to get him to steal me some brownies or something (it's a buffet kinda place) he said he didn't have a way to bring it to me and he felt bad stealing it so he bought me a honey bun. I was laughing pretty hard.
Whatever it is I'm advertising in the 1800's I'll take it! (Well no. it depends) Gladys saw this and was like "Leslie!" Lol
My mom just gave me a small sized Robinsons May store jewelry box (remember those?!) full of these kind of pictures of me as a baby! How awesome! I posted this to IG and my quote was: "I guess I knew at a young age I wouldn't be going to Disneyland as often as other kids which is why I was sad wearing this outfit!"everyone thought that was a riot!
I might be going back to Disneyland sooner than I thought!  😻
I had my very own "treat yoself" moment.
My new baby.
I love it.
I'm actually typing up this post on my phone right now.
Blogger definitely does NOT suck on this thing!!!!
(Which is why it's probably on a different layout!)

Thanks for reading.
Hope you had an amazing weekend!
I know I had a great one! (:
Here's to this new week!
Let's make it awesome! ♡

Just Remember...

(source unknown. but grabbed from my ig feed)

im not sure that it was Wu Tang that said this. i mean they could have, but a million other people could have said this as well. 
basically, this is just a reminder. 
when shit hits the fan, you have to remember that you are your #1 fan. 
you do you and work for you and take care of yourself. 
everything that is meant to be will simply be. 
leave all the negativity alone. 

this is a good reminder for me personally right now. 
specially after last night. 

everything happens for a reason. 
this just means that everything from now will only look up. 
......and i cannot wait. 

have a great Saturday everyone. 
off to clean my room and watch Bob's Burgers. (yes im H O O K E D!!!)
thanks for hearing my little baby rant. 

Q & A {4.18 to 4.25 2014}

I'm starting to love this little thing. 
i think its a love and hate. 
mostly, i just hate having to type it all up. but its not cause i hate it because it sucks but just because I'm just being lazy which i NEED to stop.

let's do this!

April 19, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: what famous person would you bring back from the dead to have dinner with? 
A: eeeek! you would think i would say Edison given my previous answer but this is too much pressure. idk. selena! that's who. 
that was my final answer because well, i was under pressure!
i still don't know who. 

 April 20, 2014 {Sunday} --HAPPY EASTER!--
Q: how many times did you curse today? 
A: i curse like a sailor. 
i don't think that number exists yet. 
LALOCHEZIA: (n.) the emotional relief gained from using abusive or profane language. 
basically, my life summed up in one word!
how funny that they would ask this question. on Easter. 
yes. i LITERALLY just saw the irony in that. 

April 21, 2014 {Monday}
Q: what do you want to say when someone asks you "what do you do?"
A: that i live my life with no regrets. 
yes. its that simple. 

April 22, 2014 {Tuesday} -- HAPPY EARTH DAY! --
Q: you wish you could stop ___________ from happening. 
A: this wont even make sense but stray dogs or letting your dogs get away. shit breaks my heart.

April 23, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: how would your parents describe you? (you can call them and ask.)
A: my mother: "you're a joke." but i think she'd come around and say helpful. (hopefully!) as far as my father. I'm not sure. 
saw that movie into the wild. holy smokes. 
currently reading the book. 

April 24, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: is life fair? yes? no? sometimes? not today? 
A: life is simply what you make it. but i think no. if life was fair we'd all have what we want and no stories to tell. 
plus we wouldn't reap the benefits. 
also, had i answered this after i left seaaca id honestly truly say FUCK NO. 
i went to go see that dog i turned in because i was seriously considering adopting it. 
the way these dogs cry and shiver and stare at you. holy bahjesus. my heart was breaking. 
i had to leave running out of there because i was crying that bad. 
i don't think I've cried that much in a while. 
i still have a chance to adopt him and i really want too but i dont think that i am. 
we already have 2 at home. we got rid of 2 already. and i dont think we can handle another one. 
the very next day i saw another dog just running on the streets and it breaks my heart because it had a look of happiness on its face like nothing in the world was wrong. 
i seriously need to get involved with some animal vet stuff the way this stuff gets me. 
(sorry didn't mean to get long and emotional about this.) 

April 25, 2014 {Friday}
Q: who do you need to call? 
A: for the millionth time my mom so i can triple check if i can keep the dog. meeep!
also, my brother so i can wake him up to go to school. ( i was late making that call!!!) 
i forgot to wake him up!

I've recently acquired this fear of hitting the "publish" without re-reading a post like a hundred times like i usually do and so far, I've been great about it. 
until today!
i accidentally published this post before i even typed up anything!
I'm not a huge computer wizard so there's no way to reverse that i just find it really funny!
at least it wasn't something that's NOT supposed to go out into the werld. ( yea i see the e!)

thanks for reading 
hope you have a great weekend!!

UPDATE: i decided not to get the doggy. 
i think i felt that i had to adopt it solely because i knew it wasn't going to go to its home. 
this is the first dog i rescue that i don't find a home for or return to its home once found. 
i feel really bad but the vet dude was telling me all the things required in order to take care of it. because i work m-f in the morning and my sister goes to school there's no one to take care of it. specially since he's getting neutered. he cant be around our other dogs. 
i feel bad but it didn't feel right. 
and while i do know that there's a huge chance it will get euthanized at least it wont be on the streets hurt or starving. it sucks i know! :(
please adopt when deciding to get a dog!!!

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

{pink nails not pictured!}
isbn: 978-0-7653-32118-5 (but there are several)
published 2004
read from: 4/8-16/2014

i LOVED this movie!!!! (and book!)
but then again i saw the movie before i read the book so I'm probably biased because of that. 
(i HATED the Safe Haven Movie but looooved the book. it so happens that i read the book then saw the movie so you know, i think it depends how you jump in to it.)

i saw this book on my last trip to B&N. As i was aimlessly wandering around for something to jump at me, i saw this book and at $4.98 i couldn't say no!
since my last read, i tried reading 2 other books that!
then i went through my "to read" pile and stumbled upon this book (again.)

i was set. 

I'm the kind of person that always has a book at reach (currently right now 3. this one to write my post, my new book to start reading and my 365 Q & A book!) so i had this book with me everywhere. i even read this book in Vegas while i was swimming in a very warm bathtub at the very nice Vdara hotel.
because of school it took me a while to fully commit but once i did i was HOOKED!!!!

I'm sure you've seen the movie or even read the book so i won't go into too much detail but here we go. 

Rachel & Darcy have been best friends since elementary. 
Rachael is the kind of girl that obeys all the rules, does what's expected of her and rarely falls out of line. 
Darcy is the free spirit wild child. what she believes she deserves she gets. 

Rachel moves to New York to attend law school and becomes a lawyer whereas Darcy one day decides to move and ends up with a nice PR job. 

Dex was a colleague of Rachel's and while she did feel something for him 7 (!!!) years ago, as did he, she (he tried a liiiiitle bit) never made a move because she believed that a guy that "good looking" was way out of her league. so of course she introduces him to Darcy and the rest is history.

Happy · Birthday ♥

what a hottie! and yes i know i look like a cracked out rabbit! :E

Happy Birthday Gladys !!!!

i just wanted to take a quick second to say happy birthday in this little blogosphere world to my best fren Gladys!
I've known this chick since middle school (even though we didn't start talking until high school.)
you know that saying "true friendship is not being inseparable, its being separated and even with time nothing changes."(or something like that. i really need to get my quote life down man!) .....well that's what she is to me! <3
i love this chick!
we don't always talk and we rarely see each other because LIFE but when we do its like no time has passed. 

welcome to 26 my friend. 
26 has neva looked better. 
and quite frankly i cannot wait to see what life has in store for us. 
i cannot wait for Ethan to be 16/17 so i can go over and embarrass him with you in front of his friends! :D

I LUH U FREN!!!!! ♥
many happy birthdays and wishes because you deserve them all!!!!!

and simply because my friends are total babes! 8 year friendships in the making! i love these girls!
Jess, Gladys, Me the cracked out rabbit and Carla!
happy bday again and again!
cant wait to go eat chinese food tomorrow! :D
(its actually the best chinese food! and it was her wish so haaay!) 

thanks for reading! 

Happy Easter 2014!

just wanted to stop by and say Happy Easter from my babies to you and yours. 
hope you have a great holiday! 

Snapshot Sunday {104-110]

Happy Easter everyone! 
hope you are having a great time with family and loved ones!!!
how can i be mad about being forced to go to another register when seeing this sign at school? 
luckily i wasn't buying anything, the lane wasn't closed, i was just snapping a picture!
family portrait.
brother .. chester .. chonch 
watching parenthood on my brothers smart tv. 
can you believe its over!? ...hopefully just the season and NOT the series!!!!!
every episode this season I've watched it with tears in my eyes and this one, the last one.....not a single tear!
Sarah and Hank!!!!Aand amber...a baby!? with Ryan? 
and Drew's in Oregon!? 
and Julia and Joel! whats going on!? 
and the new house! i was heart broken when they were deciding to sale it!
i was attached to that house myself!
and Haddie! shes back and she has a girlfriend and i love that Kristina welcomed here with open arms. 
but Adam. i love the moment Adam realizes Haddie's friend is more than a friend. 
please NBC if there is one good deed you do this year, please let it be having Parenthood back!
(wow that was a long one...but still!)
if you have not seen parenthood, get your girls, open up netflix and be prepared to have a marathon. 
i think to cope with the loss in my life, I'm going to watch all my seasons of Gilmore Girls! <3
Captain America. 
H O L Y - S M O K E S 
guys, fun Leslie fact #285728374: I'm not a comic book nerd ( i need to change that). 
and movies, I'm more of a comedy or chick flick person. 
my friend frank brought up the idea to go see it and i told him i was down. 
i - n e e d - t o - s t o p - n o t - s e e i n g - t h e s e - k i n d - of - m o v i e s !!!
i was at the edge of my seat. it was awesome!!!!
 i looooooooved it!!!!
i meant to send this as a snapchat and i find it super awesome that it of course would catch the image that it did! (:
guys!!!! D:
on Thursday i was heading to work (late like always) and while turning on the main street by my house i saw this cutie!
he was crossing a main road and i of course had to stop had i not who knows where this little guy might have ended up. 
i stopped in the middle of the street and he walked right to my car. 
i was surprised because dogs usually tend to run away. 
he was sooo tired that he didn't even fight it. as soon as he got under my glove compartment he passed out. 
i ended up taking him to seaaca. i REALLY want to keep him but the correct thing for me to do was to take him to see if he was chipped. 
of course he was not and of course he didn't have a collar. 
I'm first in line to adopt him. 
the only thing its $110 to get him out and additional fees with registration and so on. 
I'm really heartbroken because i want him but we already have two!
i don't know what to do. 
guys, please please PLEASE chip your dogs! or at least have a collar with your info on it. 
please. please do it yourself and tell your family and friends. 
i know if i lost my babies and i couldn't find em because of something so small I'd be really upset with myself!
did you guys catch the red moon? 
i went to Santa Monica beach and caught the process. 
it wasn't red until i got home at like 1 am. 
picture wise i couldn't see it on my phone but person wise it was like a burgundy color around 1. 
i heard it wasn't until almost 330 that it was in full red mode. 
i caught chonch asleep like this on Thursday before i left to work (hence me being late but hey! everything happens for a reason!) 
i find it sooo funny that her butts in the air while her upper half is toasty warm under the blankets. 
i loooooove her!

its so weird. 
its already back to work tomorrow but i feel so at peace even though i worked yesterday! 
this coming weekend, if all works out, i will be in San Francisco!
cannot wait!

thanks for reading.
hope you have a great rest of your weekend. 


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