Snapshot Sunday {111-117}

Even the outside of my door gets decorated. I really loved that happy b-day sign I made so I brought it home. It wasn't getting any more love so heeey!!!!
My electricity bill this month.  I saw that and I was like 😮
My coworker told me to call just to verify, I didn't want to just in case you know, error. But apparently they will be doing this every April & October!  Eeeeeeek!!!!! Love it!
(A $40 credit will be applied those 2 months,  I just have to pay the difference)
I swear this is the last that you'll hear of that dog I didn't get but as I was leaving seaaca this lady was like "I love your frame! I'm a huge Disney freak" & then she tells me to check out her license plate. I thought that was awesome!
Every other other Friday, a coworker from another company of ours comes over to check out our computers and make sure everything is running well.  And that Friday that he comes he gets excited because he gets to go eat at Shakeys. I was trying to get him to steal me some brownies or something (it's a buffet kinda place) he said he didn't have a way to bring it to me and he felt bad stealing it so he bought me a honey bun. I was laughing pretty hard.
Whatever it is I'm advertising in the 1800's I'll take it! (Well no. it depends) Gladys saw this and was like "Leslie!" Lol
My mom just gave me a small sized Robinsons May store jewelry box (remember those?!) full of these kind of pictures of me as a baby! How awesome! I posted this to IG and my quote was: "I guess I knew at a young age I wouldn't be going to Disneyland as often as other kids which is why I was sad wearing this outfit!"everyone thought that was a riot!
I might be going back to Disneyland sooner than I thought!  😻
I had my very own "treat yoself" moment.
My new baby.
I love it.
I'm actually typing up this post on my phone right now.
Blogger definitely does NOT suck on this thing!!!!
(Which is why it's probably on a different layout!)

Thanks for reading.
Hope you had an amazing weekend!
I know I had a great one! (:
Here's to this new week!
Let's make it awesome! ♡

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