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know that you are important and you are significant. you may be but one drop in the ocean, but without that drop, the ocean would be missing something. 


just a little reminded that you my fren (pardon my french) ARE THE SHIT!

these engagement pictures by Katie Day!
i don't even have a boyfriend but she's already (in my head) hired to take my engagement photos!
love them!

Love is not always easy. But when it is, it's the absolute best
Happy Birthday Popup Letters | Oh Happy Day!
ooooh la-la.
i likes!!!!
Pillow Tutorial
cute cute cuuuuute kitty pillow!!!
i need to take my sewing machine out.
floral ice!
yes please! :D

my condolences to Keiko and Bobby and their fam.
Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace
everyone is getting homemade necklaces this year for xmas.
don't wear necklaces? too bad! :D
oh Wendy, you never cease to amaze me!
i LOVE  these shoes!
and the skirt.....shocking! i own it too!
i have something Wendy has!
DIY Vintage Twist Scarf
cute diy vintage twist scarf
i have short-ish hair and a sewing machine...lets do this!!!!

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