Happy Birthday Antman! ♥ {4/2/2014}

Angel, Tony (my bro) & Kay
i didn't get to post this yesterday because I'm currently sitting up front at work being receptionist so i had limited access to the Internet because the computer has Internet explorer so i couldn't even fully use blogger without it crapping out on me. it wasn't until today, like LITERALLY right now that i thought to myself  "hey! why don't you download Google chrome!?" and voila! here we are. 

like i was trying to say before i got easily sidetracked.....

H A P P Y 
B I R T H D A Y ! ! !
to my little big brother. 
he's now the big 1-6!!!
i asked him how it feels to be 16 and he said he was excited to finally be able to get a job. 
what a kid! he cracks me up. 

i also couldn't post this because i have no current photos of the kid. 
well i do but they're all of him asleep with chonch. 
creepy? lol no, i mean look at how cute chonch looks!? 
cant argue with that. its not my fault he was in the way...in his own bed lol!!!!

we've started traditions of going out to eat for birthdays (with the exception of mine...i always just want my moms homemade chicken soup!!!) i asked him where he wanted to go and he said Denny's. i almost slapped him because Denny's is...well Denny's!
so we ended up at Hometown Buffet (obviously a step up from Denny's!) 

whenever i get home i can always count on either Angel or Kayden on being there (or both.)
so its only fair that they went with us to celebrate his bday. 

its funny because my mom's the one that requested that they take pictures. 
not even a family one. 
just the dudes. 
love it. 

happy birthday once again Ant!
i love you!

I'm glad you get to be my annoying little brother. 
i wouldn't have it any other way!!!
"smile for the camera like you mean it or im going to start yelling!!!" -me.
this is the shot i get!

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