Vegas: Happy Birthday Chach!

chach, chach, chach. 
happy (hella late) birthday chach. 
to celebrate his 21st, we did what all 21 year olds do (except for me, i went to disneyland) and went to VEGAS!
here are a couple of pictures. 
haha the memories. 
me, josh (all the way from Oregon in the back) and Ross! 
car 1 of like 4 that drove to Vegas!
the view from our bathroom!!!
(ill buy you a donut if you tell me where that's from!) 
walking the strip!
me and chach. 
this dude is my mechanic. 
what he does on my car i have no idea but its his job. 
that's what cousins are for! :D 
as soon as we got there and settled in we headed out to eat. 
Pin Up's pizza is the best!!!
$5 a slice is the best because that slice is about the size of both of my hands stretched out in front of me.
and of course right after we went to grab the most important thing you can ever buy in Vegas: A Fat Tuesday! 
for my birthday, a coworker of mine gave me a bottle of Patron 1800 silver. i took it to my last trip to Vegas but i couldn't! smelling it alone....gross. 
so of course i took it to Vegas this time around and well everyone had a shot. 
before and after. 
that bottle does NOT mess around!!!
now the plans were, get to Vegas and hang out Friday night and party all night Saturday. 
welp, we partied a little TOO hard on Friday. 
lets just say that every time i now tell chach we need to go back, he tells me to get lost!
he did Vegas the right way! :D
heading out. before it got crazy!
Edwin, Chach, Chris, Danny & Jose. 
hating life at this very moment!
we were busy taking care of someone else in the group that i didn't even realize chach was wasted until after!
there's a tram that connects the Vdara,  the Aria and i forgot what other hotels. 
once we managed to get everyone in, chach ran back out. 
that's when the following pictures happened. 
the brothers!
the brothers and a sister!
i know it probably wasn't the greatest time to take a picture, BUT i had too!!!
haha. i haven't been that drunk in forever. 
welcome to 21 chach!
we missed the tram i think 3 times so everyone was just hanging out. 
this is Danny and my cousin Chris. 
what they were talking about i do not know. 
i just remember "Dos minutos perrito doggy!" 
bahahaha that had us going the entire night. 
im sad i no longer have the video!
so i won't embarrass him TOO much, well, the picture speaks for itself. 
we missed the tram like 4 times. 
then the sober dude became the one that needed that bag the most!
i will say this; once we crossed the bridge to get to our hotel, Jose's wife was carrying the bag which my cousin then grabbed from her and flung it off the was the funniest thing to see the bag fly away sloooooooowly
me, vero, clauds, ross & josh! 
Saturday night was the night we hit up the AMAZING Rio buffet. (i keep hearing that's the best one there is out there!) and we were supposed to go out partying after. 
but as you all know, there is no way in hell one wants to go partying when you have a full stomach. 
that and well pretty much we were all hungover from Friday night!!! :D
so we all just did some gambling and ended up doing our own things. 
we ended up hunting down another fat tuesday at 1 am only to make it to the place by 2 to see they were closed. so to another location we headed where we caught a show. and by that i mean we saw the cops arrest 2 different people. 
i always found it odd that in Vegas cops wear yellow shirts. 
i guess they have to stand out somehow!

i cant wait for Vegas with this group again!
when is it happening, i don't know but it was always my dream to go with my cousins to Vegas!
and i honestly cannot wait for it again!!!!

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