Currently listening to: Justin Nozuka

i know this album has been out since 2010 but if I'm being honest after i saw his music video (and i fell in love!) for After Tonight on VH1 i didn't really keep up with him much. 

don't i feel like a dummy now!
like Homer says: "d'oh!"

i looked him up on spotify and saw he had this album, You I Wind Land and Sea (2010) and Ulysses (2014) and I've been hooked on this CD for a while now!
from my previous "currently listening to.." posts, you can tell that when i find something i like, i stick to it til the end!!! (for a few good months!!!!) 

off of this album, i am hooked on: 3) Carried You & 4) Heartless
i linked em live because he's just that oh so good!!!!
confession time: 
he played in San Francisco last night. 
you bet your butt i was tryina get tickets for that. 
actually i did, erm i could've, but i didn't because i didn't wanna drive all the way out there by myself. 6 hrs to be exact. and not that i wouldn't go by myself because ill definitely go to a show by myself (re: Lianne La Havas) but its just that its friggin expensive! and i don't know. i was dumb!
i didn't even think to check for shows out here and sure enough he was here at Hotel Cafe. 
Frigging Hotel Cafe!!!! (re: nick frigging hexum!
man! tickets were sold out and it said there MIGHT be a few at the door so i went to Monday's show. 
no dice so i didn't even bother going on Tuesday. 

i will see you live Justin!!!!

any who, take some time and listen to this dude!
let me tell you, there's nothing better than driving down the freeway heading home from the beach listening to his soulful voice!!!! <3 <3 <3 

take a listen!
truuust me! 
(ill buy you a donut! ;) ) 

thanks for reading! <3

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