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im eventually going to have to cave in and buy a new fridge because ours just sucks...
so to celebrate the new fridge, these would be cute!!!
Add some fun flair to your refrigerator door with these handmade word magnets.
(or even these!!)

THIS is genius!!!
starburst letters!
imagine giving someone a cake and eating the "decorative" candles without them knowing theyre actually starburst!!! :D
something like this for my mommas birthday!! :D

make your own shaped crayons!!! :D perfect for easter maybe!!!
Summer Nights-12
i love her!

for the patriotic folks out there and the holidays coming up!
lets make a patriotic beer pong table.
im 26 and barely played my first set last last weekend.
it was awesome!!!
we lost but it was fun!

for those of you who know me know I AM A DISNEY FREAK!!!!
ok no. not a disney freak but i do love that a lot!
it has been my friggin dream to go there on a date. it would be the perfect date for me.
this post just proves to me that it'll all the more sweeter when it happens! (:
How to Print Mini Instagrams
a good way to print tiny insta's. 
i would love to do this but my computer sucks and im lazy!
but still might come in handy! (:
meanwhile for all my prints, i use postalpix!
Finished Paper leaf party garland
i want to make this really cute paper leaf garland!!!!!

fabric backsplash.....hhhmmm....inneresting!

i should really STOP posting diy's i WANT to try and just DO THEM!!!
this is going to be a long weekend! so maybe ill bust one out! 
i know im super excited to DEEP clean my room thats for sure!!!

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