We Are Scientists

Pandora!, i love you so!
Pandora? how so? 
back when i first heard about it (and it was still cool) i first heard We Are Scientist's It's a Hit and i instantly fell in love with them.
i got an email that they were going to be in town and for $20 i wasn't going to pass that up!
I'm glad i didn't because holy shoes ....
i am definitely catching them again. 
it is amazing how good they are live. 
and just when you thought "okay their sets done." Boom!!! out they come out again and play a trillion more songs!!! 
(okay maybe not a trillion but def a good amount!)
the opening band Paws was pretty cool!

as always, here are a couple of (read: A LOT!) of pictures. 
i ain't even mad!
these guys are total babes!
i don't know why i wanted a picture of the drum set i just did. 
when i snapped the picture the bassist walked in front of it and little leslie was laughing at me. 
my phone was faster though!
ha! in yo face!
this shot!!! ^^^ i looove it!
the singer of Paws (dude with the red beanie) jumped in to play guitar while the singer jumped in to the crowd to party with us!
this is the night i fell in love!
look at him!
what a babe!
it was keith's birthday (well May 10th) but they came out with a cake at 1130. 
i guess they werent planning to play for that long but they did. 
we all sang happy birthday to him! (: 
apparently May 10th was also the 20th year anniversary of Weezer's blue album so of course they had to sing a couple of their songs. 
this is the whole gang ( We Are Scientist & Paws) singing the chorus to "sweater" by Weezer!
man that was awesome! 
the crowd went wild!!!
when we thought they were over (the 2nd time) they ended up coming back out again!
this time i caught them on the side of the stage!

these guys are amazing!!!

I'm definitely seeing them again!

and you should definitely catch them yourself!!!
i have 2 videos that ill post on here as soon as i can!
(and by that i mean as soon as i learn how to)

go catch their album With Love and Squalor over on Spotify (or YouTube as linked)
that one is my favorite!!!
I'm actually about to go buy it over on Amazon. 
or maybe i need to make an Amoeba's run!
eeek! (: 

thanks for reading!

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