Red Balloons for Ryan

what i love about the blogging community is that it doesn't matter if you've ever met everyone that is reading what you publish. 
when needed, its a community that bonds like no other. 

i have never heard of baby boy bakery up until yesterday and i hate the way that i found out about her and her family because it's a tragedy that should have never happened. 

Their son Ryan Cruz passed away on Friday due to an accident that as stated was simply, wrong place wrong time. 
i don't want to say anymore because its not my place but you can head on over here to read more about this situation from someone who is close to the family. 

i do ask that you take a moment of your day and pray from Jaqui & Dan. 
for their family and their beautiful baby boy that is now up in heaven. 
no one should ever have to endure this. 

i love that this entire community has rallied up together to help in anyway possible. 
there are several IG accounts set up to help raise funds for their family at this time of need. 
please help in anyway possible. 
(#RedBallonsForRyan on instagram)
but most of all pray for them. 

and hug your loved ones a little closer today and everyday!

Rest in Peace, Ryan Cruz Saldana 5.2.2014

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