Snapshot Sunday {125-131} an extra one!

Happy mothers day everyone!!! <3
give yo momma an extra awesome hug on my behalf!
lets get this show on the road!

i finally went to Donut Friend
the awesome ms. kelly lanza had a survey over on her blog about what we wanted to read more of on her blog so of course i jumped in on that. 
along with the survey she had a little survey winner (in la only because that's where donut friend is at)  and I WON!!!!!!
eeek! i won a few months ago but i finally made it out last weekend. 
i went with my fren George!
i got the gorilla biscuit and G got a star wars themed donut. 
may the fourth be with you ;) 
my Tina shirt finally made its debut. 
i LOVE Bob's burgers!!!!
"for the beer & the bitches!" 
haha. saw this leaving the girls restroom at school . 
strategically placed!
i LOVE it!!!!
my sister started work this week and chonch was in heaven!
she had the bed all to herself. 
friggin cutest thing ever!
ahhh!!!! yellow pedicure! 
never did i think but i love it!!!!!
my sister her friend and i caught We Are Scientists on Friday night. 
they were AWESOME!!!!!!
if you ever have the chance. 
actually, catch em on spotify!
listen to their "With love and Squalor" album.
love that album!!!!
taking my brother to school the other day (tuesday to be exact!)
he was making fun of techno tuesday because of the music that was playing!
and a bonus because looook at that face!
i want to eat her up!!!
i am in love!!!!
<3 <3 <3

as a mother's day gift i told my mom i'd help her cook so i have to go now! :(
wish us all luck!!!
Happy mother's day! <3

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