Snapshot Sunday {139-145}

its rare that i start a book and then give up. 
ive done it but its rare. 
this is one of them. 
i picked this book up at the library because as soon as i saw the cover it reminded me of a reoccurring dream i used to have as a kid. 
i read like 2 chapters and i returned it. 
i skipped towards the back. but i just wasnt feeling it. 
my fren gladys was away in texas this week so i was on babysitting mode!
she is the cutest thing EVER. 
super sweet, super chill. 
she went with me everywhere. 
she was my little security guard dog. 
but she was really excited to go back home!
monday night, i got a free margarita. 
tuesday i got a free starbucks (NOT this one!) 
wednesday i got free yogurtland and then thursday i got another free starbucks!!!
ahh! this movie! ive been wanting to see this since it came out. 
i dragged my sister and i looooved it!
i have a huge crush on Rogen. 
but when he's dressed up!
finally got a mani!!!
i got really nervous when my sis took her drivers test using my of course i bit down my nails. 
i cant wait for them to grow out again!
drinks at the V bar in long beach with Z for his co-workers bday!
i had a huge blast that night. 
i offered to host a wedding in my back yard aaaand i have to write David Tutera a letter to help me host a wedding!!!
if you have connections, let me know!!!!
i know this is 3 pictures but i had too!
andy and i went to Buffalo Wild Wings on Monday had some catch up time and then had some karaoke sessions on the way home!
i love that dude!

its sunday evening. 
all my laundry is done, Victoria Secret had a sale going on so i went super early and bought a crap load of chonies and bra's and im excited about that!
we had an early family dinner and although i want to strangle my siblings 97% of the time, i love em lots and i wouldnt change em for the world!

now to shower and to party with claudia and matt!!! <3

have a good memorial day weekend and thank those around you for the freedom that you have! 

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