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what a hot momma!!!!

you know, different strokes for different folks. 
im currently working on billing and man this one site is kickin my butt. 
i decided hey let me listen to some Golden by Jill Scott and it led to this cd cause you know, spotify hooks it up!

ive seen it around before because its been out a while but i finally gave it a chance today and man!
it got me in the mood!
i finished that billing super quick

isnt that whats amazing with music!
all sorts of different genres and sounds and melodies and rhythms and just about everything gets you going!
this definitely did it for me. 

hop on over to spotify and catch this cd!
it has Paul Wall on it. 
i mean, if that doesn't get you listening then i don't know what else will!!!!

but no seriously, just like the Lianne La Havas cd, i want to bump this one on blast and just lounge around the house drinking some wine (and i hate drinking wine!) 

let me know what you think if you catch it!
have a good night!, 

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