Same Difference

last night i noticed our wifi (thingy located in my room) wasn't working buuuuut i left it alone because my sister is the one with the magic touch. 
apparently no one fixed it because it was still blinking orange today in the morning. 

while my sister was getting ready for work in the restroom i yell out: "what's wrong with the wi-fi!?" 
to which she replies: "who slept with a white guy!?" 

i love our selective hearing. 

someone was telling me about that game Telephone where basically in a large group, you whisper something in someones ear and it travels from ear to ear and you see what you end up with at the end. 
i think my and my sis could do that just the two of us yelling down the hallway. 

i have further proof as my co-worker just said she was having a cholo party and i could have sworn she said she's having trouble farting! (someone else heard she was having trouble parking!) 
this is her sitting like 5 feet away from me!


happy tuesday! <3

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