Hello May!

its May May Maaay!!!!
happy may day!

yesterday i posted this meme on my fb because its just TOO good not too!
then today my sister asked me me what it meant. 
this was after i had heard on the Woody Show (98.7fm) that all the itty bitty babies that are going to start high school this year are graduating 2018. which means they are from the era that only knew the last 3 Harry Potter books. 
Nsync & the Backstreet Boys are older than they are as a band. 
they will never know what it was like to have to watch your text messaging data plan. 
they don't know the struggle of having to fight for your tape back and having to rewind it with your finger or a pen!

ahhh! I'm so glad I'm an '88 baby! (: 
I'm glad I'm from an era where ipods didn't exist til i was older. 
I'm glad that my childhood consisted of me sliding on cement which left me awesome scars! 
I'm glad in consists of my kneeling in the corner on my knees when i misbehaved. 
that my mom would make me do standards when i misbehaved and i would go up to her beaming all proud because i wrote them in a straight line!
i LOVE my childhood!!!!
...but isn't that the beauty of it? 
your childhood will be yours and those memories will be yours only!
so it doesn't matter when you were born!

last Friday was a change for the good! and if the rain doesn't say that then i don't know what will!
out with the old and in with the new!
and those who dont want to be in your life dont need to be. 
it wasnt meant to be your path!

mother's day is almost (because lets face it time flies!) upon us! 
24 hr Disney day is almost upon is too!!!! i need to get my pass asap!
i might be heading to San Fran this month!!!!
and i have a show coming up!
cannot wait to catch We are Scientist with my sister!!! :D

May, you are going to be great!!!! :D


also, the last few days: 99/100 degree weather. 
ugh! i HATE heat!!!
hurry up winter! :D
not like super fast but a little bit! ;)

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