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woman crush everyday!!!!
i LOVE this look on her. (when dont i?)
my sister is taking her drivers test this Friday and she's using my car so i gotta let her drive a bit.
i guess she can drive me to H & M today to see if i can still grab that gorgeous dress! (:
(SHE PASSED!!! :D ) 
strawberry nail tutorial by Keiko.
super cute!
i love all of these!
i wish my mom would text me more often!!!
oooh, what a pretty lady! and i love those shoes!
Tied Crop Top DIY (click through for tutorial)
when i grow up i want to be a pretty lady like Laura.
id also want to make this crop top! :D
DIY floral love sign |
love this as a cute simple gift idea!
DIY Taco PiƱata
make your own taco pinata!!!!!!!

this coat is EVERYTHING!
i love it!
too bad theres only one left in an xs! -.-

these pictures are simply beautiful. 
read the story behind this here
Make Your Own Rope Rug-so cute! (click through for tutorial)
Laura, you are talented!
make your own rug! :D

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