Happy Mother's Day! ♡

Happy Mothers Day everyone!!!!
take the time to tell yo momma you love her and give her a huge hug!
i had to work yesterday as did my sister and my brother left to go play football so my mom treated herself to a mani/pedi. 
i had it in my mind to go buy her flowers so i did when i got off of work. 
i came home and noticed she had flowers in her vase. 
turns out she told my sister to go buy her some because she was sad that no one was going to buy her any. 
she really liked the ones i gave her so im happy that she liked them as much as she did. 

i wanted to catch a picture of her with them but she kept insisting that we all take a picture together. 
we asked the lady that lives with us and the picture above is the best picture we could get. 
i love it though!!!!
it made a great background for the mothers day message. 

one set of flowers that i got for her. 

her favorite artist is Marc Anthony so my sis and i got her concert tickets. 
its safe to say she was happy!
she was really happy. 
she jumped up and down and i think she still is. 

happy mothers day mom!
i love you. 
thank you for being the person that you are!
i cant wait to grow up to be just like you!!!!!

happy mothers day everyone!!!
thanks for reading!

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