Vegas: Pin-Up edition

sometimes ditching school does pay off!!! :D
(and by ditching i mean leaving after lab!)
one day, after lab, i decided screw this I'm heading always i log on to instagram and i see a picture of the lovely Claire Sinclair on my feed of her wearing a new corset and then saying to email a certain address to win tickets to her show!
i mean, what else did i have to lose? (besides my identity had it been a false account which luckily it wasn't)
so i email the email address, i think i went by a few days without checking my email (i don't even know how to turn the notifications on on my phone so you know) i had forgot and BOOOM!!!! low and behold....
W O N 
T I C K E T S !!!!!!!
all i said in the email was that i REALLY wanted to go. that i had been begging ANYONE and EVERYONE to go with me to no avail! that if i had to id go by myself (which lets face it....hell yea i would have!) 
i won tickets...i won tickets...i won tickets!!!!
so i picked a date, hoped and prayed that it wasn't a scam and took my butt over to see the show!!!
(insert emojis with hearts as eyes!!!)

i looooooved it!!!
not only did i win tickets but i got tickets HELLA UPFRONT!!!!
talk about a win win!
this has been the year of winning for me! first with Kelly then with Rachel and now with pin-up!

I'm not sure where i first heard of this to be honest....but i have been wanting to see this show for forever so i was really happy when i won! (Obviously!)
the show is based upon a 12 month calendar and the ladies act up what goes on month by month. 
its a swing kind of show. 
i loved every minute of it. 
Claire doesn't come out on all the months but the ones she does come out in are worth it!!!
i loved October's costume. 
of course she was always wearing pasties....i just loved that they were spider shaped!!! haha

she came down from the stage and gave some dude in front of me a shirt and she told him she'd sign it for him after the show. she also said we'd all get to meet and greet her and the cast after the show. 

that guy ended up leaving but i met her. 
and got her autograph so hooray for me!!!

only dude in the show (besides the band) what a lucky guy! ;)
the girl to my right (or left...idk depends on how you look at it) was the singer for the entire show....what a voice!
a "funny pose" picture!
this is me telling her she is a total babe!!!
and her being all "why thank you!!!!" haha
i looove her!!!!

this is the year of Vegas!!! and i love that!
and if i go back anytime soon, i will definitely try to catch her again!
just an fyi....follow her on ig for a chance to win because along with me, several other people won too!!!
and also, if you stay at The Stratosphere you can get 2 for the price of 1 tickets!
win win win!!!

im so happy i won!!!

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